Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Ah, I want to see that

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

“Hey Jin. Look at him! He doesn’t look like someone who has failed the exams!” The other students said to Lu Jin.

Lu Jin’s anger also finally cooled down and said nothing. He also had the same feeling as them. Seeing Rong Jing’s never changing expression, he had thought of the possibility of that too. His face turned dark when he imagined himself running naked. 

Oh heck no.

Regardless of what they thought about Rong Jing, there were already a lot of people who came to the library, waiting for their turn to check their results in the postgraduate examination. 

It was like when people flock to the library when there are exams. They preferred to study in the library where the atmosphere was different compared to other places.

After registering, Ji Leping also turned on a computer.

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“Ls oyu, ewel, vbspl pnsalp! Mss bktb!”

“Let me absorb some of your powers!”

“English, 88! Are you still human?!”

Those male students who hadn’t dared to turn on their computer noticed the commotion and also came over.

Four subjects, with a total score of 425. This was a Film Academy, not the Academy of Science and Arts. This was already an amazing achievement.

Lu Jin blankly stared at his results at the computer screen. His complexion didn’t look good.

An Alpha’s cellular activity was higher than normal. He was even quite spirited and active than the average alpha too. If he didn’t get accepted into the Film Academy, he’d probably end up in a sports institute. It was precisely because he was so active that he was so irritable and hot-tempered.

When Rong Jing looked over, he got so nervous he turned quiet, fearing that Rong Jing would ask him to take off his clothes. When he thought of what he mentioned a while ago, that the loser has to run naked, buck naked, he couldn’t help but smack his head for making such a bet!

Since his sweat glands were well developed, he immediately began to sweat profusely.

W-what do I do?

He still wanted to be an actor. He still wanted to act. If he did the bet, he would definitely get recorded and that would ruin his future career.

However, what he said a while ago was definite, so why would Rong Jing let him go?

Lu Jin and the other students looked at Ji Leping, who had always loved to be the arbitrator. However, he said that he wouldn’t be able to help. They had all seen what happened. If Rong Jing could endure all the bad things that had happened to him for the past few years, then he should act like a man too.

At this time, because of his current aura of luck, several students wanted Rong Jing to help them check their results. He didn’t refuse and left Lu Jin and the others waiting for him. It took a long time before he finished. 

After thinking hard, Lu Jin finally surrendered. “I’m gonna…”

Just so he could escape, he’d eat his own words, even if he had to kneel down.

Rong Jing stared at him as if he had had enough. He interrupted Lu Jin, walked towards him and took out his phone, where the video of their bet before was recorded.

Lu Jin thought he was going to embarrass him in public. However, Rong Jing didn’t play the video. With a somber expression, he asked, “What do you think would have happened if I sent this video in our group chat? Or if I posted this on the school forum?”

Lu Jin knew what the consequences were. Those consequences were the reason why Rong Jing didn’t want it to be shared to their group chat. Did Rong Jing know this was going to happen?

Lu Jin wanted to beg Rong Jing to let him go, but with the others watching them, he knew that  he would never. However, when he was just about to become desperate, Rong Jing immediately deleted the video and even deleted it from the recycle bin under Lu Jin’s piercing gaze. 

“Rong, Rong Jing…” The video was obviously a good card for blackmail. Lu Jin gaped at him, speechless.

“I wanted to take a video not so I can threaten you.” Rong Jing still acted polite and amiable. “‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you’. Right?”

Ji Leping watched the whole scene and wanted to give Rong Jing a round of applause.

Hit them with a stick then give them carrots. Instant strike.

Now that things had ended up this way, Lu Jin would be able to save his dignity. He would be too embarrassed to make things difficult for other people again.

“Wait, how about running, buck naked…” Lu Jin shouted when Rong Jing attempted to leave.

“Forget it, hot head,” Rong Jing said, as if to say that he had no interest in looking at the body of a man with a high libido.

There were six genders in this world. A male Alpha and a male Omega being together was normal, but a female Omega and a female Beta couple was nonexistent? Wasn’t that too unreasonable? However, no one would probably be able to answer this question at the moment.

Rong Jing didn’t look back and simply waved his hand.

“If you really want to do something, there’s a new batch of books in front of the library. Go help arrange those.”

Lu Jin was surprised. “He’s just going to let me go?”

“I think so?”

Ji Leping thought of the mountain-like pile of books in front of the library, the librarian, and the former arrogant Lu Jin. Rong Jing was too lazy to teach the guy a lesson so instead he was giving him a taste of being badly beaten by the society.

After they checked the results, Rong Jing had remained silent and waited for Lu Jin’s decision. If Lu Jin decided to cheat, he wouldn’t need to be polite to him because that kind of evil mind would never change.

However, though Lu Jin was a jerk, he was still a man of his word.

“You need to learn how to control your temper. You know yourself how much your hot-headedness has caused you trouble over the past years. You’re lucky that Rong Jing was kind. What if something like that happened again to you? What are you going to do?”

Lu Jin, who had finally calmed down, scratched his head. His whole family also acted like this, that was why he was the same as them: hot-tempered. He used to look down on Rong Jing, always being gloomy and cowardly-looking. Especially after their class’ performance where he messed up big time. He didn’t even apologize to them, as if everyone owed him.

“He wasn’t even so good at talking before. But I like his current temperament now!”

Ji Leping didn’t even want to reply. He still didn’t like the guy.

Lu Jin was not a likeable person but Rong Jing was not mistaken about him being a man of his word.  

Without saying any complaints, Lu Jin began to help arrange the books. At first, the librarian thought that he was planning to mess around. However, seeing the guy sincerely helping him, he skeptically pointed to a storage room behind. 

Lu Jin’s confident face suddenly showed a hint of crack when he saw the pile of books stacked like a mountain. 

Should I have just ran naked?


Rong Jing was aware that the original owner had given him a bad start. Whether it was with his relationship with people, work, family. They were all on the hellish level of difficulty. He knew that if he wanted to live a good life, he had to change the way people perceive him, even if he had to do it slowly.

He was still in the library. He guessed what Lu Jin and the others were doing and decided to stop watching. He followed the recommendations he saw from the internet and looked for a few history books in the library to learn about the history of this world.

In his previous world, humans evolved from apes and only had two sexes from the beginning. 

He read the first few pages of the book with a bit of anticipation and saw a quick glimpse of the theory of evolution in this current world. They had six kinds of apes from the beginning. 

Well, I guess Nüwa1Creator of humans in Chinese mythology in this world was kinda busy. 

Rong Jing was now used to reading the signs when he goes to the toilet. It was just a matter of getting used to it. He knew that he could do it. Sooner or later, he’d be able to enter the right bathroom without looking.

Rong Jing had selected a few history books, both local and foreign. Next, he was planning to check out books about acting. 

“Ugh. We were given so many reference books, but they didn’t even tell us which books we should focus on.”

Several girls were talking and came from the corner. Because they were walking so fast, they accidentally bumped into Rong Jing, who was currently looking for books to read.

When Rong Jing helped pick up one book, he saw its title cover. “You’re in the news media department? You can focus on these books.”

The girl took the books pointed out by Rong Jing such as <Introduction to News Media>, and <Making of a Blockbuster>. Rong Jing thought for a moment and then reminded her, “Most of the books here are theoretical so if you want to ace your tests, you should also consider real life situations.”

Realizing that Rong Jing was talking from experience, the girl was overjoyed. “Thanks, Senior!”

“No problem,” Rong Jing smiled.

When he left, the girls gathered together and squealed. One of the girls suddenly had the courage to ask Rong Jing out to drink tea. However, she was held back by another girl.

“Don’t you read the school forum? He’s that famous person!”

“Has he already debuted? Why don’t I know him?”

In the university, people who were considered famous were people who already had a certain influence in society. 

“No, he’s not famous in a good way but.. Ah, how should I explain this… anyway, it’s not in a good way.”

“I don’t care. Does he have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?”

“According to what the seniors posted on the forum, he just broke up with his boyfriend. Oh heck you guys! He’s single.”

Rong Jing didn’t go that far from them and was able to hear their conversation.

Though the original owner was low-key, because of his bad performance from the past, in a way, he still became famous in the university. He trended every once in a while so the students almost knew everything about him.


Rong Jing loved electronic products in his previous life, so he majored in electronics before. However, just because he liked it didn’t mean he was good at it. Those were two different things. Although he was good at sciences, he still bombed his major.

Just like his family told him, all of his greatness was pushed onto his acting skills. Those skills that he wasn’t good at only showed that God was fair.

At the suggestion of his family, he decided to enter the entertainment industry. He was the last person in their family who joined this industry.

He was good at expressing his feelings, he was good at acting.

However, he has yet to face the camera in this current world. He wasn’t sure if the curse of the original owner would be passed down to him. 

Should I apply to check?

Rong Jing was now in the computer room, checking the school forum. He saw a post about the original owner. The poster said that he would eat a whole keyboard if he continued acting.

Ah, I want to see that, he thought to himself.

He got up and went to look for the nearest bathroom. In order to save space, the university didn’t have many bathrooms. He went to the small bathroom dedicated for university’s staff that the librarian told him about one time. There were only two rooms dedicated for men and women. It was the same kind in his previous world.

Because it was kind of in a remote area, only a few people go there. 

Since Rong Jing was more accustomed to this kind of set up, he found it nostalgic. 

As soon as he went inside, he heard a small knock from the door in one cubicle. He saw a mop against the cubicle door that blocked it from being opened from the other side. He suddenly felt like the original owner was not so bad. Although he could hardly talk to Lu Jin and the other students, he wasn’t this naive: like this person on the other side.

Rong Jing took away the mop, opened the door and saw a wet, fat, pale man. He was like a bun. He was trembling as he stared at Rong Jing.

The little fat man didn’t expect anyone to save him and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Go get changed.”

Rong Jing didn’t find the aggressiveness of an Alpha from him, nor the charm of an Omega, so he assumed that he was a Beta. He was naturally fond of Betas. This fondness was brought on by his previous life.

“Are you a freshman?” Rong Jing remembered that freshmen undergo military training during this time. “Want me to accompany you to your instructor to explain what happened?”

The pale fat man was afraid that he would get the handsome guy implicated so he kept quiet.

A few freshmen who came from good families were being arrogant, so ordinary people couldn’t afford to offend them at all.

The pale fat man was afraid of bringing trouble to Rong Jing. After repeatedly thanking him, he immediately left.

“But you’re drenched. You’ll catch a cold,” Rong Jing mumbled.

Forget it, Rong Jing.

Stop meddling in other people’s affairs. Worry about your soul that has nowhere to go.

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