Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 11.3

Chapter 11 – Don’t ask, it’s based on his intuition (3)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Gu Xi stood by the window, his figure bathed in golden streaks of sunlight. His eyes looked as clear as glass. Xun Jiarui saw this scene when he came over. His heart was quickly moved by this glass-like beauty who could not be moved.

“Gu Xi, you were looking for me, right…” Xun Jiarui said as he watched Gu Xi in fascination.

Gu Xi returned to his senses, his soft-looking persona dedicated to the public coming back. Feeling Xun Jiarui’s sticky gaze, a frown appeared on his face before it disappeared without a trace.

It really isn’t just my illusion. He really looks creepy! Oh Gu Xi, you shouldn’t judge a person through colored lenses.

“Did you take the subway when you came here today?”

“How did you know my car broke down today? I took the subway with my staff today,” And I almost got recognized. Fortunately, I rode the subway during rush hour, Xun Jiarui thought sullenly to himself.

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Gu Xi told himself that he didn’t have to hurry. Such a thoughtful person was worthy of his diligence.

Xun Jiarui seemed to have been enlightened. By the way that Gu Xi was looking at him, he became certain that Gu Xi was interested in him. He had already found a paparazzi to take ambiguous photos of the two of them. There were already so many people that were rumored to be dating Gu Xi. What was wrong with adding another one? He wouldn’t let go of an opportunity as great as this.

So why was Gu Xi asking him that question?

In fact, from the first time they saw each other, and with Gu Xi’s sudden shock, he realized that Gu Xi was looking for someone and had mistaken him for that person.

If that was the case, it was important that he answer his questions correctly.

Xun Jiarui was a man who knew how to use his cards. He had even taken a shortcut to be where he was now.

He took two steps towards Gu Xi. Before Gu Xi could retreat, he made sure that the paparazzi was able to get photos of them before he backed away with a smile. “I was at Maya Shopping Mall last night. I actually saw your new product launch.”

Actually, he was with his lover that night but he remembered that Gu Xi’s post were trending for a few hours then. There were also some comments about his itinerary so he was able to quickly come up with an answer. 

Gu Xi noticed that Xun Jiarui’s eyes flitted for a moment. He realized that something was up.

“I see.”

He smiled warmly.

Xun Jiarui couldn’t help asking him out, “After your shooting is over, why don’t we go out for a drink?”

Gu Xi refused without much thought, “Maybe next time. I have something to do this evening.”

Xun Jiarui felt disappointed when he saw Gu Xi was about to leave. Did he just come to me to ask that?

He stepped forward and grabbed Gu Xi’s wrist. The feeling under his palm was delicate and smooth, and as beautiful as jade. However, before he could even feel more of it, Gu Xi already turned around without a word, clasping his wrist and his arm. Gu Xi twisted his wrist in reverse and pushed him down to the ground.

Xun Jiarui groaned in pain. He saw his arm was twisted at a strange angle. He couldn’t move at all. He could feel that Gu Xi was much stronger than a normal Omega.

He turned pale as he uttered, “Le-let go.”

Gu Xi’s cold eyes receded. He quickly apologized after he loosened his hold. “Sorry, Senior Xun. I reacted by reflex.”

Xun Jiarui stretched out his aching joints. Thinking of the staff around them, he couldn’t react badly to Gu Xi. He whispered, “No, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have touched you all of a sudden. But what was that? A martial art?”

That moment when Gu Xi subdued him, he became unable to move his body. However, now that he was free, he could feel that his body didn’t get any injury. When Gu Xi attacked, he used a complex joint lock technique that could make the other person feel pain without actually causing any injury. In other words, it was kind of like a warning.

However, his eyes were clear, as if he didn’t know what he had just done.

“Xing Yi Quan’s joint lock technique. Didn’t your martial arts teacher teach you that for acting?” It was an ancient Chinese martial art that has long been in decline. Gu Xi wondered if he had only studied a little.

Xun Jiarui stared at him wide eyed. Movie actors really did study these kinds of martial arts so that it would really look good on camera. 

He felt so angry and miserable but seeing Gu Xi’s expression that seemed that he was about to cry, he couldn’t even scold him. He could only keep his calm demeanor even though an Omega just subdued him. He didn’t even want to speak further.

When his figure disappeared, Gu Xi’s pitiful expression disappeared as well.

Xun Jiarui’s timing, location, voice, and figure were all in line with what he was looking for.

Gu Xi pulled out the small notebook that he always carried with him. Sometimes, he preferred to take notes rather than just putting it on his mobile phone. He scribbled a few words.

I have to look for that person using factual data.

Xun Jiarui:

Voice: ✔

Location: ✔

Timing: ✔

Figure: 50% (not sure)

Facial features: ?

Personality: ? (a bit creepy)

My intuition: Not him

Overall probability: 40%

Mysterious student from Film Academy:

Name: ?

Voice: ✔

Location: ?

Timing: ?

Figure: 50% (not sure)

Facial features: ?

Personality: ? (Considerate?)

My intuition: similar, he looks similar to him at first glance

Gu Xi paused on the overall probability before writing 79.99999%. Why did he get a high score like that even though he had so many question marks? Don’t ask, it’s based on his intuition.

Did a person’s recognition need some kind of instrument to be considered correct and accurate? There was no need for that. Gu Xi thought this was okay.

Gu Xi put away his notebook, forgetting that he just told himself that he had to use a scientific method to find that person.

When he looked down again, the mysterious student was no longer there. A staff member called him now that his break time was over. They needed to take pictures, and then continue with their itinerary.


A group of people came to the library. Since they were good-looking Alphas, it attracted the attention of many younger students. 

When Rong Jing swiped his library card and went in, he saw a row of students either sleeping or reading. The whole library was quiet. The librarian at the front desk saw him and greeted him.

“You’ve already finished the exam, haven’t you? Are you still here to read? You’re so hardworking.”

Rong Jing smiled and nodded. The library was open 24/7 and many students spent the night here. The original owner often stayed overnight in the library when he was studying for the post grad exam. That was why the librarian knew him.

The librarian was naturally kind to good students like Rong Jing. However, when he saw Lu Jin, his expression immediately dimmed.

It was because he saw Lu Jin grab a girl from an Alpha once, causing a fight to break out. They damaged many public facilities, not to mention, injuring him as well who came to stop the fight.

Lu Jin thought that he would never go back to the library again so he didn’t bother to think about his admonition. However, the librarian let him realize a point: It wasn’t that he let him get away, it was just that the time had not yet come.

“Wait a minute. This student, did you come here to read?” The librarian asked.

Of course he didn’t come to the library to read but to see Rong Jing turn into a joke.

Since Lu Jin didn’t answer, the librarian quickly added, “This is a temple of knowledge. If you’re not here to study then please leave.”

“I’m a student here. I can come whenever I want. Don’t I just have to read a book?!” Lu Jin was filled with anger but recalled the medical expenses he had paid before so he endured.

“Student. Have you forgotten that you have already graduated? Who told you that you can come here whenever you want?”

Lu Jin still had his minions behind him. Wouldn’t it be too humiliating if he couldn’t get in? 

To Rong Jing, the librarian was as kind as the KFC grandpa, but to me he’s giving out a bucket of reproach?

We’re both Alphas! He’s more annoying than me! Is he any better than me?!

The conversation was turning into a fight, attracting the attention of many. Rong Jing saw that the sleeping students were about to wake up because of the noise and lied through his teeth.

“He came here with me to see the results of the post grad exam because I’m scared.”

Lu Jin couldn’t even bear to look at him directly. He’s afraid to see his grades? Who would believe that bullshit?!

But perhaps Rong Jing’s face was too deceiving, the librarian actually let Lu Jin in because of that reason.

Lu Jin: “…”

Do librarians only look at the face now?

Lu Jin stared at the back of Rong Jing’s head in disbelief. He felt like there was something different about him but he couldn’t tell what was.

It was like he was a new person.

Rong Jing suddenly turned around, still looking very indifferent. “How about a thank you?”

Oh damn it.


The author has something to say:

A little bit of the campus life ~

Lu Jin: Does anyone want to team up with me to beat him up?

T/N: Extra chapter this week! Thank you to Hi-Mi for filling up the goal! Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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