Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11 – Don’t ask, it’s based on his intuition (2)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

A few of the Alphas who wanted Rong Jing to end up as a joke told him to go to the library together, even going as far as telling him that they should celebrate later if he passed the exam.

They could still remember on the day of the exam, Rong Jing blocked Qi Ying, only to find out that Qi Ying had already found a new Alpha. Many people saw that scene and even made many posts on the school forum regarding this incident.

With such a situation happening before the exam, Rong Jing would never be able to pass.

As soon as Ji Leping saw this situation, he immediately wanted to drag Rong Jing to his dorm to check his result. Even if he didn’t pass, it would remain a private matter. 

One girl also offered her laptop, saying that it was better to check the results in the dormitory. She was the girl who had unintentionally said too much about Rong Jing’s situation inside the auditorium. She felt embarrassed and wanted to make it up to him.

Rong Jing refused both of their offers, and looked at the Alphas who were waiting for him to make a fool of himself. He had to deal with them now, otherwise they would only continue to treat him like a wuss.

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“It’s useless to get angry at those people. In our freshman year, Lu Jin made his aunt, who was at that time with the Stage Design Department, call a director to watch all our performances. What happened at that time all made us depressed. Besides, he also seemed to have liked Qi Ying then…”

Rong Jing smirked, and poked at Ji Leping’s attempt to make peace, “Yeah, I remember. Later, our class performance for the next few years came out good. But Lu Jin’s performance still didn’t stand out.”

Ji Leping nodded awkwardly, realizing that although Rong Jing was a quiet person, he wasn’t at all easy to fool.

He knew that his classmates just couldn’t accept their own failures so they put all the blame on Rong Jing and ignored him for years, naturally with someone urging them to do so.

Jing Leping stopped trying to be a peacemaker. “Yeah, our next few years made up for our grievances from the first bad one.”

Rong Jing looked at the exasperating Lu Jin, “They just want to look for a punching bag. I wonder if they had forgotten the saying that people who are truly brilliant will always have the opportunity to shine in the future. It’s futile to give opportunities to people who aren’t brilliant enough.”

That was what his parents from his previous life told him.

Lu Jin leaned over and heard the conversation of the two. He couldn’t help but contemplate. He could only get small supporting roles from some TV dramas now. 

After working with more than 30 crews from his freshman year up to now, there was no hope of him becoming popular. Anger rising, he immediately felt like Rong Jing was criticizing him.

There were many hot-tempered Alphas and violent conflicts among them often occurred. Lu Jin realized that he was actually hot-tempered.

Hearing Rong Jing’s words made him want to give him a lesson of a lifetime, so he would never forget to not mess with an Alpha easily.

“Rong Jing, since we’re in the same department, I’m not going to bully you. How about making a bet?” His surging anger was obvious as he almost pounced on Rong Jing.

“Bet on what?” But Rong Jing didn’t seem to feel anything.

Ji Leping’s head almost exploded after seeing Rong Jing’s reaction.

He was so level-headed just a while ago, how can he change in just a blink of an eye?! Rong Jing, aren’t you good-tempered?! Just treat him like air!

Rong Jing slowly looked back at him and blinked, as if to say, ‘We Alphas are not good-tempered’.

Ji Leping couldn’t help but have a facepalm moment.

Aaah, I’m mad, why did I feel comfortable with this Alpha?!

“Well, if you don’t pass the first exam, then you’ll run around the park naked. If you pass, then I will. You have to run. Naked. Buck. Naked.”

Lu Jin specifically explained what he meant about running naked, so that Rong Jing wouldn’t have any leeway. 

Ji Leping was mad, “Lu Jin, are you a kid?!”

“Oh, leave me alone. Rong Jing’s going to agree, right? Don’t you dare run away.”

Lu Jin glared at the Alpha who dared to provoke him. For years, he had laughed at Rong Jing but this coward never once responded. Why was he acting tough today?

He would never let Rong Jing provoke him the second time.

Did this coward want to lose some face?

“No, I won’t,” Rong Jing simply agreed, took out his phone and opened the camera. “To prevent both sides from denying the bet, a video will serve as proof. Say it again.”

In order to get these former classmates of his to stop messing up with him, he didn’t back down.

It was mainly because he was too lazy. If he can solve this matter now at once, then he’d gladly do it rather than fighting separately with a lot of them later.

This was the original’s owner’s problem. Since he got his body, then he should also deal with his problems.

Lu Jin stared wide-eyed at Rong Jing.

He wants a video as proof? He doesn’t believe me?

He suddenly felt like he was being mocked. The way Rong Jing was looking at him also seemed like he was mocking him, as if he knew he was going to win.

So, so mad! Let’s see later who has the last laugh!

Lu Jin said to Ji Leping, “You’re going to be the arbitrator! Send the video to the group chat so everyone would know!”

Rong Jing stopped, “Forget about sending it to the group.”

Lu Jin: “Heh, scared?”

Rong Jing: “Yeaaah, I’m scared.”

His voice actually sounded indifferent.

Lu Jin: “…” Ugggh, so angry!!

When Ji Leping and the other students noticed Rong Jing’s indifferent tone and saw Lu Jin’s face turn purple with anger, they really wanted to laugh but could only hold it back.

It was obvious that Rong Jing was messing with him.

However, as Ji Leping looked at Rong Jing’s face that looked so calm, his eyes seemingly empty, he wondered how a guy such as him could be so sly.

Aah, Ji Leping. You shouldn’t think badly of your classmates, ah. 

With the bet going on, the group of people couldn’t help but quicken their pace. They were originally just nervous about their own results but now they felt so excited to see the exam’s results.


Gu Xi was staring down intently by the window.

His eyes were serious and cold. When he stared at people, his eyes seemed like they were covered in frost. He was like a cold-blooded animal, giving people the illusion that his pupils were vertical, but it also made him look soft and coquettish with a touch of evil.

Rong Jing and his classmates were downstairs. Since they were far from him, he wasn’t able to hear what they were talking about. However, he could feel that most of his classmates weren’t friendly to Rong Jing.

If only a few of them were annoyed at him then it wouldn’t matter. However, if almost all of them hated him, there must be something wrong with his character. Gu Xi also remembered there was another instance where the guy was treated badly too when he was onstage.

He wondered if it was just the guy’s keen observation that he was able to remind him to eat or whether he was really sincere.

He just wanted to take the opportunity to listen to his voice so he called him out even though he didn’t raise his hand but he didn’t expect that the guy would be so attentive, so much so that he realized he was hungry. How could such a person attract the student’s hate?

I better observe him for now.

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