Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11 – Don’t ask, it’s based on his intuition (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

After the program ended, students who were caught on cam of <A Day in the Life of a Star> were naturally overjoyed. It was just a pity that Gu Xi didn’t choose any actor, let alone a student after his speech ended.

Even if the first few rows were filled with good-looking men and women from different faculties and departments, Gu Xi was obviously not interested in adding an extra itinerary for today.

But then again, Gu Xi told them that the audition was open to everyone. Since it would be some time before the variety show gets released, they should just take advantage first of the fact that they knew that the audition was now open.

As Rong Jing went out with the crowd, the group of students who hadn’t seen each other since their graduation decided to have a get-together the following evening. However, because the plan was too sudden, they couldn’t make it work as some had an audition for today or had to go shoot.

In the end, Ji Leping checked everyone’s free time and picked a date from next week to eat at Xie Terrace, a three diamond restaurant listed on the Black Pearl1It’s a restaurant guide in China. They say it’s like China’s own ‘Michelin guide’.

If Michelin stars were used to judge foreign restaurants, then the Black Pearl would surely be a feast for domestic gourmets.

The following parts of the text will be scrambled to prevent theft from aggregators and unauthorized epub making. Please support our translators by reading on secondlifetranslations (dot) com

“Rv’p byae vs xyjl y alplahyvksd yv y vball-ekyxsde alpvs, dsv vs xldvksd vbyv Dkl Mlaaynl kp sdl sq vbl clpv. Nlv’p vau vs xyjl y nyzz qkapv.”

“Mbl Dkl’p cwpkdlpplp yal kdelle sdl sq vbl bsvvlpv vblpl eyup.”

Kk Nlrkdt nyzzle vbl alpvywaydv vs xyjl y alplahyvksd. Gqvla y obkzl, bl bwdt wr vbl rbsdl yde pbssj bkp blye. “Ls yhykzyczl plyvp okvbkd vbkp ollj, sdzu qsa y xsdvb zyvla.”

Mbl rlsrzl qlzv y ckv ekpyrrskdvle. Ssdt Kkdt zssjle yv vbl vaswczle Kk Nlrkdt yde pyke, “R xyu byhl y oyu.”

Ssdt Kkdt vssj swv bkp rbsdl yde oyp tskdt vs nyzz Dkl Nkdt.

Mbl saktkdyz sodla’p obszl clkdt sdzu qsnwple sd Ck Zkdt clqsal. Tl eked’v oydv vs byhl yduvbkdt vs es okvb vbl Dkl qyxkzu yde valyvle bkxplzq yp yd sarbyd.

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Tl yzxspv eaykdle Ssdt Kkdt’p caykd yde qsanle bkx vs xlxsakgl yzz vbl rasrlavklp wdela bkp dyxl. Tl yzps vsze bkx vbyv bl’e nsdewnv y aydesx nblnj sd y altwzya cypkp.

Before he left, Xie Ling had his assistant, Zhou Xiang, prepare a list of all the businesses under his name, with a short summary behind each industry.

Hearing Rong Jing’s words, an Alpha, who had lost face after he saw Gu Xi thanked Rong Jing, finally found an opportunity to get back at him, and said disdainfully, “Have you lost your mind after being dumped by Qi Ying?”

“Lu Jin, don’t talk like that,” a female student said. She didn’t like Rong Jing, who tried to keep up appearances, but disliked Lu Jin more, who only knew how to brag and bully others.

Lu Jin shrugged. “I would like to stop talking like this too but some people who don’t even know what Black Pearl is even dares to open their mouth and say that they may have a way. You think we’re dumb? I just can’t stand it.”

Many Alphas agreed with what Lu Jin said.

Lu Jin didn’t mind insulting such a commoner like Rong Jing. He was bound to see all the big shots in the entertainment industry, so why would he care about a classmate that he would never meet again in the future?

Though they graduated from the same university, he and Rong Jing were worlds apart. 

One of the students said, “Rong Jing, no need to keep up appearances. We all know your situation.”

This comment didn’t mean to look down on Rong Jing. In his four years in college, he lived so frugally that he even needed financial aid. They heard that he had a bad relationship with his family and was living on his own because his family didn’t care about him.

Lots of people had already seen him eat white rice in the cafeteria and work his ass off just so he could buy Qi Ying branded bags.

Everyone in the acting department knew he was poor.

If it was someone else who said what he said, there was a possibility that they were connected to some people, but not Rong Jing, a jobless person who couldn’t even get himself hired. Who would think that he could find a way?

Others also murmured a few words but soon stopped at some point.

They were grown adults. Even if they were pissed, it wasn’t good to tear each other’s faces.

However, the disdain in their eyes just grew. The original owner had the tendency to be depressed. He couldn’t stand the judging, silent eyes of people. Rong Jing was glad that he was the one here now instead.

He knew how to deal with these kinds of events. And so he simply smiled, and put back his phone in his pocket. He no longer mentioned helping again.

Ji Leping realized that Rong Jing had become the focus of attention again, just like it had always been for the past few years.

But this time, it was his fault. He felt a bit guilty. He immediately tried to make a reservation at a restaurant with a good reputation then said, “Okay, okay, let’s set it on the weekend. Inform those who aren’t here so they know. If you can’t come then tell me in advance! This is our first dinner together after graduation so at least try to come!”

Everyone gave face to Ji Leping not because he was smart and sociable. It was because someone learned that Ji Leping, who had been keeping a low profile for four years, was actually a member of the side branch of the renowned Ji family. Though it was only a side branch, it was still considered a connection.

“Where do you plan to go later?” Someone asked Ji Leping.

“I’ll go back to the dormitory to check the results of the postgrad exams.”

“Rong Jing, did you also take the exam?” In everyone’s opinion, only hopeful students with a bright future in the entertainment industry would take the post grad examination

“Yeah,” Rong Jing answered casually.

Rong Jing felt like someone had been watching him for a while now. It was such a unique gaze. It was cool and attentive, like an animal was watching him, observing him.

When Rong Jing was a kid, his parents wanted to make a Hollywood blockbuster. It was set in a tropical forest and the theme was a python. Of course, the python was introduced in the later stages but the rest of the film was all real. 

After they discovered from the surveillance camera that the nanny taking care of Rong Jing had beaten and abused him, they worried about their son’s physical and mental health. So they took the then somewhat autistic Rong Jing with them.

However, they were both busy and couldn’t keep an eye on him all the time so they could only ask some of their staff to take care of him.

What they didn’t expect though was that shooting in a tropical forest would present several mishaps. They even had a shortage in manpower. The staff responsible for him even needed to go help so he had no choice but to tell the five-year-old Rong Jing to wait in place.

Though Rong Jing was young then, he was a good kid. He nodded obediently and waited for the staff to take him back.

However, the staff unexpectedly forgot about him. Rong Jing stood in place for several hours. Soon, the sky turned dark and there was truly no one around him anymore.

Since he couldn’t wait any longer, little Rong Jing could only take out the last piece of his chocolate while wiping his tears.

And then. Hiss—

When little Rong Jing heard this sound, he immediately looked around to search for its source in fear. Not far away from him was a big snake watching him intently for who knows how long.

Rong Jing had always been fond of small animals but he never once thought that snakes would be friendly to him.

Perhaps the memory of seeing a cold-blooded animal was so unforgettable that he never was able to forget the feeling of danger that he felt before, as if he would be bitten at any time.

The only difference now was its gaze. It was only attentive, not aggressive, and didn’t carry any malice. 

But I don’t see anyone looking at me. What’s going on?

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