Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Six toilets, does that even make sense?

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

The warm, yellow rays of the afternoon sun wafted through a large French window and shone on a man taking a nap. Fine dust fell gently on the floor like layers of fragmented silver filters.

The man was quite tall, so he struggled to sit properly on his seat. He was wearing an old T-shirt paired with slippers. There were also some holes present in his socks yet he didn’t look like someone having a hard time in life. Instead, he looked quite chill and nonchalant.

But under the light, the shadows under his eyes showed that he wasn’t sleeping well.


When a waiter passed by him, he unconsciously tiptoed not wanting to disturb him. Yet suddenly, several little guys inside the café scrambled to jump on his lap. Awakened by their furry touch, Rong Jing opened his eyes and saw several cats mewling at his feet.

He was in a cat café, where cats with all kinds of beauty and personalities stayed. If a cat lover came over here, they might not be able to resist calling this place a ‘heaven’.

But for someone like Rong Jing who was allergic to cats, this was simply plain torture.

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Because, who wouldn’t want to take a look at such a cold-looking, super handsome guy?


From the outside, Rong Jing looked cold and reserved. Many people would get confused by his frosty appearance but he’s actually just a bit sluggish by nature. He didn’t have much expression on his face, and only answered people with short sentences.

The quality of his sleep for the past three days was quite worrying, thus his nerves reacted more slowly than usual. Rong Jing waited until the waiter refilled his glass before he understood what the waiter was saying. He then touched his red earlobes.

He picked up his phone again and looked at the time. The other person was already more than an hour late.

His phone was the most valuable thing he had on him now. All his other belongings were stolen while he was sleeping in some kind of shed. Fortunately, the original owner survived through this problem by holding on to his phone tightly.

Yes, that’s right. The original owner.

He was not the original owner of this body and he had only transmigrated over to this world.

When he woke up, the original owner was already dead. He roughly judged that it was due to excessive drinking causing the respiratory center of the medulla oblongata to be suppressed, which eventually caused asphyxiation and his death.

As a young man with a well-developed world view, even if he knew about the word ‘transmigration’, he still doubted its authenticity.

He felt muddled for the last three days, not knowing what year he was in, doubting this world and everything around him. 

Until he received a message from the owner’s boyfriend. He simply packed up his things and rushed to this cat café to wait.

The original owner’s boyfriend always had a habit of being late, so he was in no hurry to leave.

He opened a search engine and typed ‘SCL-90’. It’s a self-assessment scale to test the mental health of most people who want to test their mental state.


To put it simply, he wanted to make sure if he had some kind of delusional disorder causing him to suddenly gain someone else’s memories in his head and to view the world somehow as if it had changed.

He suspected that he may have some cognitive disorder. Though this kind of self-assessment test won’t explain what the real problem was, it would at least tell him if his brain was whacked.

Because of modern society’s fast pace, most people’s psychology was more or less affected by the environment. According to some statistics, about 200,000 people die of depression in China every year. Early detection and treatment may be able to save more people, so doing self-assessments became accessible for people who had a hard time sharing their thoughts.

SCL90 contained 90 questions which covered 9 aspects from one’s body to mind, each question worth 5 points.

Rong Jing answered the questions one by one without letting himself get distracted, and the final assessment made him breathe a sigh of relief.

He paid more attention to two things. His depression symptom scored F4 = 1.98. It was considered normal. Perhaps because of the new environment’s impact on him, the value reached only the critical point. If this value became mild or moderate, it would need to be taken seriously to regulate one’s self as soon as possible. One can only rely on drugs if it would become severe.

His psychotic tendency scored F9 = 1.65, which was also considered normal.

The other scores fluctuated between 1.58 to 2.9, ranging from normal or mild to moderate. These were enough to prove that he was in a good mental state and not mentally ill.

He had no problem, which indirectly proves that he had really crossed over to this world.

He was in a real world. This wasn’t just his delusion.

Fine, so he’s not sick, but why did he transmigrate?

The fat orange cat looked at the big, handsome man in front of it that had an expression of horror on his face. The cat cocked its head in confusion: Meow?


The cat gracefully jumped down his knee and shouted twice. Rong Jing couldn’t resist the cat’s coquettish behavior. Even though his thoughts were focused on the fact that he couldn’t accept that he had transmigrated here, he still followed the orange cat to a twisting machine. After scanning the QR code, he got a snack for the cat.

He squatted down, rubbed the chin of the little beauties around him and then he heard their soft purr. That put him in a better mood. No wonder so many people like cat cafes. It was kind of healing.

At this time, a burly man came out of the bathroom next to him.

The man saw Rong Jing. Even if he used a spray mist to block the scent coming from him, the man’s momentum still changed after he saw someone that was stronger than him.

Rong Jing’s face looked confused, but his male instinct and the physical stress on his body made him suddenly stand up and look back coldly at the man.

They stared at each other for a few seconds until the other person’s face changed dramatically. Then the man ran away.

Rong Jing looked at the figure of the other party who had fled. He just looked back at him politely. What happened to him?

When he came back to his senses, he noticed that there was a row of toilet rooms from where the man came out.

Like rows in a literal sense. Six bathrooms. For six genders.

The man earlier came out from the one labeled ‘Men A’. The other labels were ‘Men B’, ‘Men O’, and the corresponding three genders for women.

His original world only had two genders which had been fixed for years, and yet he suddenly transmigrated into a world with six genders. This silently shattered the way he looked at the world.

Even for him, this is now hard to understand.


Isn’t this quite unreasonable? 

Rong Jing looked around and watched the other people teasing the cats.

A mix of six of genders, with Omega being the majority.

After discovering Rong Jing’s line of sight, several Omegas blushed. Even one little beauty nodded to him. No one was surprised or confused.

Oh. I see. The one who’s unreasonable is me.

Since people have six genders, then the cats also…

Rong Jing suddenly turned to look at the kittens clinging to him. You guys aren’t Omega, are you?

Rong Jing covered his face and resisted the impulse to take a look. He didn’t want to be regarded as a pervert.

After feeding them some snacks, he went back to his seat. He found that near the round sofa in the middle of the hall, several customers, who were originally enjoying stroking the cats around, pointed their fingers to the TV screen with excitement.

But since it wasn’t allowed to make noise inside the café, they could only keep their voices down. Though it was very obvious from their body language that they were really excited.

Rong Jing also looked at the TV curiously and was a little surprised at the person who appeared. The waiter gave him a refill and looked at the direction of Rong Jing’s gaze. The waiter was stunned to see an ‘A’ like Rong Jing staring at his idol and felt quite proud. 

“Do you also like Gu Xi?”

“Gu Xi?” Rong Jing pondered what that name meant.

ABO world, Gu Xi…

It sounds familiar. Am I forgetting something? There’s something wrong.

The waiter nodded eagerly, “He is a great beauty recognized by all Alphas. Isn’t his beauty out of this world?”

As a man with normal sexual orientation, no matter how beautiful the man was, he was still a man in essence.

Rong Jing, who was used to the concept of only having two genders, expressed that he will never be interested in men. Not in this life nor in his next life.

Since the person he was waiting for had not yet arrived, Rong Jing nodded politely and went along with the conversation, “Is he a recently debuted idol?”

The waiter looked at him incredulously, as if the person he was talking to was some who lived under a rock. “You don’t know him? He’s an actor!”

Well, if an idol can act, fans would prefer to proudly call them actors.

“He debuted as an idol and became instantly famous all over the country. But for some reason, he went off the radar for three years. Last year, he decided to star in <Lou Ta’s 365 Days>. We, his fans, waited for this day to come for three years! He acted as a talented skater in the movie, who loses an opportunity due to a car accident. And in the last scene where he has to portray the feelings of desperation and composure, he looked so tyrannical yet warm at the same time! When he looked at the screen, I felt goosebumps all over my body.”

The waiter couldn’t help but brag about his idol. When he remembered that the person in front of him was a guest, he immediately stopped and bent over to apologize again and again.

Rong Jing smiled and expressed that it didn’t bother him. Yet deep inside his heart, he felt that something about <Lou Ta’s 365 days> was familiar. He seemed to have heard it somewhere, but it was on the tip of his tongue and wouldn’t come out.

Rong Jing turned on his phone and searched up the movie.

Outside the cafe, a Maserati parked on the side of the road, and in the passenger’s seat sat a stylishly dressed Omega wearing sunglasses and a cap. He smiled prettily at the person in the driver’s seat then got out of the car.

As soon as he arrived at the cafe’s door, he was immediately welcomed by an Alpha waiter. He took off his shoes and changed into soft slippers before he saw Rong Jing sitting by the window surrounded by several cats. He frowned.

Rong Jing was just above to open the search engine when he felt a shadow looming over him. He looked up and saw the person he was waiting for.

When the other person saw Rong Jing looking up, he felt like his temperament had changed. He was known as a pushover and as someone who usually stumbled over his words. Yet today, he couldn’t see the slightest hint of his blunders. A strange feeling of unfamiliarity rose in his heart.

He reprimanded him in a cold voice, “Didn’t I tell you that I’m getting more popular now? Why did you pick seats near the window? Did you do this on purpose?”

What if he gets secretly photographed?

Though he hasn’t yet made his debut, he cares about his reputation.

In the past, Rong Jing would have immediately apologized now. But today, Rong Jing stood up, staggered for a moment, then walked straight forward.

The person was caught off guard. He angrily said, “Wait, where are you going?”

Rong Jing, on the other hand, was completely confused. “You wanna change seats, right?”

The person was the original owner’s little boyfriend, Qi Ying. He was a senior to him back in the Film and Television Academy, one year younger than the original owner. The owner fell in love with him at a dinner party. He launched a fierce pursuit towards Qi Ying, but since Omegas never had a shortage of suitors, he was only one humble Alpha out of all Qi Ying’s suitors.

So when Qi Ying agreed to date him, the original Rong Jing almost felt like he had won the lottery.

Not long after that, Qi Ying started his career as an idol after signing with a brokerage company. Since idols having romantic relationships was considered a taboo, he told Rong Jing that he wanted to keep their relationship a secret. The original Rong Jing was very obedient to Qi Ying and told him that he had no problem with that.

But some time ago, the original owner had a quarrel with his family and ran away from home. He thought of living in Qi Ying’s house for a few days, but when he got there, he witnessed Qi Ying getting into a luxury car and even took the initiative to kiss the owner of the car.

The original Rong Jing went to find some shed to stay in temporarily after receiving multiple blows. But he didn’t expect that the shelter he chose had many water leaks. It rained that day, and he even got his belongings stolen from him, leaving only his cellphone clenched in his hand, waiting for Qi Ying’s explanation.

He sat and waited for an explanation yet he never heard a word from Qi Ying. Then he became very upset and went straight to his second elder brother’s house. Any memories after that were vague and fuzzy.

After that, the original Rong Jing got drunk and died.

Rong Jing was awakened by the cool breeze in the park. When he came to his senses, he saw a bunch of bottles of wine, white and red, scattered around him.

The original Rong Jing’s credit cards were all frozen and the rest of his money was all spent on buying wine. Rong Jing had no money left. When he came into the cat cafe, he looked like someone who was in a predicament.

Qi Ying looked at Rong Jing, who had simply decided to change their seats and acted very nonchalant, and his eyes blazed with anger.

He stubbornly pursued me before, so he might refuse if I ask for a break up now, he thought.

But thinking of the decision he had made, he took a deep breath and solemnly said, “Let’s break up.”

Qi Ying could already predict the expression his face would make. But even if Rong Jing cried blood and begged him, he will not be soft-hearted this time.

His web drama has entered its final review stage and will soon be broadcasted. He will soon gain popularity. Rong Jing, who has just graduated without even passing an audition, will only become a stumbling block on his way to success.

Stumbling blocks are meant to be kicked.

Seeing that Rong Jing didn’t answer, Qi Ying said patiently, “I hope you won’t bother me—”

Before he could even finish, he got a reply the next second.


Honestly, just the thought of maintaining a long-term relationship with a man makes the cells in Rong Jing’s whole body say NO.

His cells were filled with the same straight man’s desire as he was.

Author’s notes:

The SCL-90 is a widely used self-assessment form that can be done online. To a certain extent, it can be used as a reference for assessing your own mental health. Mental health is slowly being taken seriously these days, and hopefully it will get better and better~

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