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  • How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

    Chapter 4. Not Much to Mention

    At the moment when the round bed shook, Yu Qinghuan was so frightened that he fell directly under the bed, causing pain in his elbows and knees.

    Ren Jian cursed under his breath and hurriedly turned on the light, asking, “Are you alright?”

    “It’s alright.” Yu Qinghuan rubbed his aching head and looked on in shock at the round bed that was shaking like crazy: “How can they play so wildly?”

    Ren Jian fumbled around the side of the bed, trying to find the switch that he had accidentally touched just now, but found that he couldn’t turn it off.

    Yu Qinghuan climbed onto the bed and tried to find the switch with Ren Jian, only to be shaken off the bed once again.


    Unconvinced, he climbed up again and was shaken off again.

    After repeating this three or four times, Yu Qinghuan was so tired that he was out of breath and said angrily, “What kind of broken design is this? You can’t even f*cking lie down. Even if you really do that, how do you use it? “

    Ren Jian said in a faint voice: “If you are pressed down, you can’t be shaken off.”

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    Sld Kkyd:”… Xjyu, bwaau wr yde ts vs pzllr.”

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    Ren Jian was afraid that the alarm clock wouldn’t wake him up last night, so he deliberately didn’t close the curtains tightly. At that moment, he was woken up by the bright sunlight outside the window.


    The alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet, so I can still get some sleep.

    Ren Jian thought dazedly and reached for the blanket, but found that he couldn’t move his arms. He tilted his head in confusion and saw that Yu Qinghuan was lying on top of him, pressing half of his body.

    Suddenly, Ren Jian’s face turned pale as he pushed Yu Qinghuan away with his non-pinned hand. He then jumped out of bed and rushed into the fully transparent bathroom.

    Yu Qinghuan gave a vague “umph” and didn’t wake up, turning around and falling asleep again with the blanket on his back.

    In the washroom, Ren Jian propped his hands on the white porcelain washbasin and buried his head, dry heaving for a while, but he could not easily recover. He puffed his face with cold water, rinsed his mouth, and wiped his mouth before complaining, “What happened to the promised honest sleep?”

    After all this tossing, he couldn’t fall asleep even if he wanted to, so he just brushed his teeth and washed his face to clean himself up. He had just thrown up and hadn’t thrown up anything, so his stomach was uncomfortable. He put his hands against his temples for a long time, and then slowly walked out of the bathroom.

    Yu Qinghuan also woke up. His hair was messy and his eyes were dull. He sat on the bed and rubbed his shoulders, muttering, “This bed is quite soft. Why did it hurt my shoulders? “

    Ren Jian: “……”

    Because you slept on half of my body last night! I’m sorry if my bones are hard and hurt you!

    Neither of them slept well, so it was even. Ren Jian felt much happier when he thought about it: “Hmm? You woke up. I have washed up, so you can go ahead. “

    “Ah, okay.” Yu Qinghuan didn’t notice Ren Jian’s strange appearance. He nodded his head, leapt out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

    Ren Jian was packing his backpack with his team uniform and documents when there was a sudden knock on the door. He zipped up his backpack and went to open the door.


    Gu Zhixiao was outside the door, looking at the embarrassing things inside with a wicked smile on his face. “How was it? Did you sleep comfortably in the erotic room? ” He also accentuated the sound of the words “erotic room”.

    Ren Jian sneered coldly in his heart.

    Who the hell is he teasing?

    Gu Zhixiao thought that Ren Jian was going to reproach him, but instead of being angry, he smiled, hooking up the corners of his mouth with a smile that was indefinably provocative.

    Ren Jian propped up the door of the room with one hand and said, word by word and unhurriedly, “It’s quite good, ah. In order not to waste the design of this room, I also… cough, more talk is inappropriate. “

    Gu Zhixiao rolled his eyes and said, “Why are you being stubborn? Also, more talk would be inappropriate? What? You can still get a date? You, you, you, what the hell is going on here? “

    Gu Zhixiao stammered and his voice broke off as he saw Yu Qinghuan brushing his teeth while dozing off in the room’s fully transparent bathroom.

    Without answering, he picked up the backpack on the bed, put it on one shoulder, and knocked on the bathroom door. Yu Qinghuan, who was inside, didn’t dare neglect him. He hurriedly wiped his face with a towel, then opened the door: “What’s wrong?”

    “I’m going out. Take your time. You can go to the front desk and check out by yourself. ” Ren Jian said.

    “Good, I troubled you this night.” Yu Qinghuan seriously said thanks and bowed slightly.

    “It’s no trouble. Isn’t it just us taking what we can get?” Ren Jian said meaningfully.

    Yu Qinghuan thought Ren Jian was talking about his advance on the room fee, so he smiled cheerfully, “Hm.”


    At the door, Gu Zhixiao was directly frightened out of his mind.

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