How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 27. A Single Operation is as Fierce as a Tiger

Yi Fei’ang was knocked back several steps and grabbed by Qi Huai, who rushed out. Seeing Qi Huai’s fist about to come at him, Yi Fei’ang dodged and broke away from Qi Huai’s restraint. He ran behind Luo Buyu, pulling him to block Qi Huai: “Brother Luo! Help me block it! “

“Get out of the way, Brother Luo. I’ll beat him up today. ” Qi Huai’s eyes widened in anger.

Luo Buyu was pushed and shoved by the two men and said, “Alright, you two ……”

“Give me back my autograph!” Qi Huai said, angrily.

“I won’t give it back; just hit me.” Yi Feiang smiled meanly.


Luo Buyu: “…… No, Feiang, stop it. Our new mid laner… “

Yi Feiang shoved the sub with Wilful’s signature into his arms, “Hahahaha, you can’t grab it, you just can’t grab it.”

Qi Huai said viciously, “Get it out of my face!!!”

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Nws Jwuw: “……”

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“Wlk’ydt, alvwad obyv usw vssj vs Ck Twyk.” Wsa y plnsde, Nws Jwuw alhlavle vs bkp sze qyvbla’p xlzydnbszu qynl.

Zk Wlk’ydt alzwnvydvzu vssj swv bkp pktdyvwal yde alvwadle kv vs Ck Twyk: “Jasvbla Nws, usw’al vss xlyd. Ekzqwz nyxl yde usw eked’v vlzz xl. Zsw jdso bso xwnb R zkjl bkx.”

This was a bit ambiguous.


Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help but glance at Yi Fei’ang.

Luo Buyu scratched his head, “He came and left in a hurry, so we didn’t have time to call you.”

Yi Fei’ang asked, “Why would Wilful come to this shitty place?”

Luo Buyu got sad: “The crappy place… is at least our battle team base.”

Qi Huai answered for Luo Buyu: “The new mid laner knows Wilful, and they seem to be quite close.”

Yi Fei’ang: “!!!”

“Oh right.” Only then did Luo Buyu remember to introduce the two to each other. He took Yi Feiang with one hand and pulled Yu Qinghuan with the other, saying, “You two should get to know each other.”

Yi Fei’ang had actually noticed Yu Qinghuan on the sidelines. When he heard that this was the new mid laner, he greeted him loudly and excitedly, “Hello! My name is Yi Fei’ang! I’m our team’s jungler1The jungler roams around the jungle at the beginning of the game, killing monsters. In between killing monsters, junglers will fulfil their primary role: ganking. A gank is when an allied champion comes into another lane to help out a teammate, usually by trying to kill their opponent. As the game goes on, the jungler will try and fill the gaps in their team, helping out where they are needed: trying to add extra damage to the team if the team needs it, or trying to protect the team if they are losing members quickly. Because of this, jungle champions are usually very flexible in terms of what they can do.! You’re the new mid laner! “

Yu Qinghuan introduced himself as he looked at Yi Fei’ang.

Yi Fei’ang’s face looked very boyish, as if he was not yet an adult, but his whole face was full of energy and enthusiasm. He had light in his eyes, and he was smiling all the time.

Luo Buyu pushed the three into the base, only to see Liu Man Man sitting in his place, fiddling with the handicrafts on the table. 

Luo Buyu: “Well, since everyone is here, let’s…”


Yi Fei’ang interrupted him excitedly, “Isn’t it time to find a place to drink a couple of drinks.”

Qi Huai: “Drink my ass, are you a f*cking adult?”

Yi Fei’ang: “I’ll drink. What do you care? “

Luo Buyu: “Ahem!!!”

Both of them shut up in a hurry.

Luo Buyu smiled slightly, “To celebrate Yu Qinghuan’s joining our team. Let’s celebrate by playing four hours of training in a row. “

The other four: “???”

Yi Fei’ang was confused, “Why do I feel like something is wrong?”

Luo Buyu’s face was dark: “What the hell is wrong? Just take your f*cking seats. There’s only half a month left before the competition. Why don’t you hurry up and train? I made a training plan yesterday. Now get in the game and get the f*ck out of here! “

The four of them were shocked by the roar and hurriedly sat back in their respective positions.

This time, Yu Qinghuan really understood why Luo Buyu was the captain.

The five of them boarded the game, and Yu Qinghuan stared at the progress bar of the game interface, a little panicked. He hadn’t played a training match for a long time. What if his reactions had dulled? What if he wasn’t fit to play anymore? What if he couldn’t keep up with his teammates’ pace?


“Qinghuan.” Luo Buyu’s voice pulled Yu Qinghuan’s thoughts back at once.

“Hm?” Yu Qinghuan lifted his head.

Luo Buyu was sitting on the first gaming chair. They were separated by Yi Fei”ang, who leaned back when he saw Luo Buyu calling out to Yu Qinghuan, so that they could see each other.

Luo Buyu said, “Don’t be formal. Even though it’s your first time playing with us, communicate as much as you should. “

“Okay.” Yu Qinghuan answered with his mouth, but still clutched the mouse nervously.

“Don’t be nervous.” Yi Fei’ang smiled cheekily and gave Yu Qinghuan a pep talk.

“Right, you’re the one Brother Luo found. I trust you. ” The always fierce Qi Huai surprisingly also said soothing words. He turned his head to Liu Manman, “You too, send me more signals.”

 “Yes …… yes …… yes.” Liu Manman responded.

Yu Qinghuan suddenly felt a lot more at ease.

The game interface readout ended and the screen popped up suddenly.

It was unknown whether it was because of nervousness or unfamiliarity with Yu Qinghuan, but at first everyone didn’t say a word.

However, three minutes later.


Yu Qinghuan: “Jungler2The jungler roams around the jungle for the beginning of the game, killing monsters. In between killing monsters, junglers will fulfill their primary role: ganking.! Remember to gank3 A gank is when an allied champion comes into another lane to help out a teammate, usually by trying to kill their opponent.!!! The mini map! Look at the mini map. Support4The support plays in the bottom lane with the ADC and helps them throughout the game. While the support may primarily help the ADC early on in the game, as the game moves forward, they usually transition to helping the entire team. follow the jungler; don’t hunker down in the lower lane with the ADC5This stands for Attack Damage Carry. An AD Carry plays in the bottom lane and is one of the team’s two primary damage dealers. The AD Carry focuses mainly on ranged, auto-attack based Champions that can deal a lot of damage from a distance. Similar to mages, AD Carries must be properly protected from the enemy team. alone. Do your vision6Vision is a crucial strategic element in League, especially in professional matches. Vision keeps players informed of where their enemies are, allowing them to make smarter decisions around the map.! Don’t stay in the lower lane with the ADC. The top player7The top laner plays in the top lane and traditionally plays Champions that are difficult to kill. It is the top laner’s job to protect their team and focus onto the enemy team’s powerful members. Because of the way that the map is laid out, top laners are usually isolated off from the rest of the team. Often times, games could go on for quite some time before a top laner groups together with their other teammates. is going to open the group! Open up! Let’s go! Carry the tower! Take the tower! Keep up the output! Control the dragon8At 5:00 into the game, an elemental drake of a random type spawns in the dragon pit. When a drake is slain, the next drake will respawn after 5 minutes elapse, spawning with a random new element not yet chosen from the pool. As soon as the team kills four (4) drakes, they will earn buffs of a dragon soul! Scout the bushes! ADC pull back a bit! One wave after another! Nice!”

The other four: “……”

Damn, he talks a lot!

After the game was over, Yu Qinghuan then realised that his voice was a bit hoarse. In hindsight, he also realised that he had been shouting during the training. His heart thumped.

Oh no ……

He was obviously new to the team, yet he had been in command.

Will they get too annoyed?

The points calculation panel popped up and, unsurprisingly, Yu Qing Huan was the MVP9Most Valuable Player of the field.

There was silence all around. Yu Qinghuan’s body grew stiff and tense as he swallowed dryly and spoke slowly, “So what, right ……”

 “Brother!” Yi Fei’ang suddenly spoke out. He turned his head and looked at Yu Qinghuan adoringly, “You’re awesome!”

“Huh?” Yu Qinghuan was confused.

“You set the pace for several of our waves of group destruction. I don’t think our team has ever been so conscious, and you took three kills twice. If it weren’t for Qi Huai stealing your head, you would’ve almost had four kills just now! “

Qi Huai: “You f*cking..”

Yi Fei’ang: “Robbed is robbed! Don’t deny it.”

Qi Huai: “Snort.”

Liu Manman: “Qi, Qi Huai, you did, indeed, steal the mid laner’s head.”

Qi Huai: “……”

Yi Fei’ang was very excited: “Crap that made my blood boil. I think we can make it to nationals! We’ll make it to the World! We can go to the Universe! “

Qi Huai: “What the hell is the Universe Tournament?”

Luo Buyu was also surprised: “Qinghuan, I thought you’d be rusty after not playing for so long, but you seem to be playing better than before. Have you been training consistently all these years?”

Yu Qinghuan was a little embarrassed: “Because everyone trusts me, right? Just now, with the few waves, everyone cooperated very well. “

Qi Huai and Liu Manman looked at each other.

 Liu Man Man stammered, “The new mid, the mid laner is so strong. Maybe …… there …… is a possibility ……”

Qi Huai nodded: “Well, we’ll try it.”

Yi Feiang shouted out, “Come on, come on! Open another hand! Laofei10Lao means old, so he’s basically calling himself with seniority and a title of respect wants to play one to five!!!”

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