How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 26. Undress and Warm the Bed for You.

Yu Qinghuan looked at Ren Jian, who was laughing with his eyes curved in front of him, and suddenly remembered that he had searched for Ren Jian’s name on the Internet before. Some people commented on Wilful, saying that he was arrogant and out of place, and was excluded and isolated by his teammates.

The reason was that every time he won a trophy, no matter how excited he was, Wilful never hugged his teammates.

Those people relied on the popularity of the topic to promote their remarks on the Internet, and behind the popularity was Ren Jian’s scarred past.

What exactly did Ren Jian go through in high school, in the kind of correctional facility that works against its conscience to make money, to get himself this sick?

I don’t know, but it must have been very painful.


For so many years, he had never felt warmth in his arms, or been embraced by warmth. What kind of mood was Ren Jian in?

Was it the slow flow of time getting used to it, or the silent and fearless resistance?

Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help but wonder if in fact, Ren Jian had also had a longing.

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“Ah ……” Ren Jian covered his lips with one hand in surprise.


The action was not because he wanted to throw up. On the contrary, not only did he not want to throw up, but a long-lost feeling of longing rose up in his heart.

“You, all right, I’m sorry, I just… want to give you some comfort. I always feel you ……” Yu Qinghuan stumbled to explain.

“It’s okay.” Ren Jian waved his hand, “It’s okay.”

Yu Qinghuan let out a long breath.

“So you don’t mind?” Ren Jian raised his eyebrows.

“How could I possibly mind?” Yu Qinghuan’s eyes widened, “If you are willing to take me in, it’s not too late for me to take off my clothes and warm the bed.”

“Hiss..” Ren Jian’s expression twisted a little.

On the basis of knowing my physical discomfort?

That small mouth can so candidly talk nonsense?

Ren Jian said, “Remember what you said; it’s not possible that one day my illness will suddenly be cured.”

“Hahahaha, if you’re well, you’re well. You’re so handsome, I’m not losing anything.” Yu Qinghuan laughed out loud. He dragged the cardboard box outside into the room and packed up his belongings. Then he couldn’t hold back and started talking again. “I’m telling you, when I was in college, there was a trans person in my class. The class teacher was a handsome man who had started to go bald in his thirties, but it did not affect his face. After learning about that student’s situation, the class teacher pulled the whole class together for three whole lessons on sex education and physiology. Thanks to the class teacher’s efforts,  although some of our classmates were not quite able to accept transgender people, we will never slander them. “

“Your class teacher is a model for the world for others to learn from.” Ren Jian said.


“Yeah.” Yu Qinghuan nodded, “But there was a physical test class in my sophomore year. That student was laughed at by the class next door, and when our class president heard about it, he took a few boys from our class and together they blocked the one who laughed at people in an alley. Guess what happened after that? “

Ren Jian guessed several times, but Yu Qinghuan shook his head with a secret look on his face before finally saying, with the excitement of deciphering a secret: “Our class president took out a pen and paper and made that student copy the eighth article of the student code, the one about uniting with classmates and being polite to others. A hundred times, hahaha, and wouldn’t let him leave unless he did. “

Ren Jian laughed out loud.

Yu Qinghuan saw Ren Jian laughing at his words, and his mood suddenly jumped. As he moved his things out of the paper box, he said, “I’ll just pack myself. There are not many things. You can go and rest. I have to go to the base of the war team so I’ll pack after. “

“Okay.” Ren Jian agreed and didn’t intend to be polite to Yu Qinghuan. He walked to the wardrobe and opened the drawer. “I’ll take these things.”

Speaking of that, Ren Jian took out that page of medical records and the carton together. The cardboard box was not big, but it was very heavy. When he opened it and took a look at the contents, his smile immediately faded and his gaze became thoughtful. After a moment of contemplation, Ren Jian picked up the box and headed out of the room. 

When Ren Jian arrived at his room, he casually threw the medical file aside, moved a chair, and sat down, taking out the photo album inside.

The leather cover of the album was slightly yellowed and old. Ren Jian reached out to open it, but then gave a start. After some internal struggles, he put the album back into the cardboard box, found a drawer and locked it up.

After all this, Ren Jian seemed a little drained and lay back on the bed, closing his eyes.

The warmth of the embrace still seemed to linger on his limbs, but Ren Jian could not recall what it was like.

He could only remember a time in the distant past.

Someone hugged him and soothed him with a soft voice: “Don’t be afraid, you’re just sick. I’ll go with you to the doctor. “


Ren Jian slowly opened his eyes, and they were surprisingly red.


Yu Qinghuan tidied up his room and prepared to go to the battle team base. Before he left, he wanted to say hello to Ren Jian, but he found the door to his room closed.

He was worried that Ren Jian was resting and did not dare disturb him, so he left a note for him, pressed it on the coffee table, and left.

The base of the battle group still had a peaceful air of hard work, learning how to survive in the middle of two old bungalows with white walls.

As soon as he reached the door, he heard a miserable shout from inside that sounded like the sound of a pig being killed: “What!!! The TKOW team’s Wilful came here yesterday?! “

While howling, he asked himself and answered: “No, you must be lying to me. I would rather believe that I can lick my elbow one day than believe that Wilful came to our base!!! “

Qi Huai’s voice came, “Can you keep it down? My ears are deaf. I’ll show you the autograph he sent us yesterday if you don’t believe me.

Yu Qinghuan was about to push the door in when he was startled back a few metres by a howl.

“Aaaaaah, it’s true, it’s his autograph aaaah!”

It so happened that Luo Buyu had also arrived at the team base. Seeing Yu Qinghuan standing at the door with a frightened look on his face, he asked, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you going in? “

As soon as Luo Bu Yu’s words left his mouth, a man rushed out of the team base, followed by Qi Huai’s furious voice: “Yi Feiang, give me back my autograph, or else I’ll beat you up until your mother doesn’t even know you!”


“Come on, you do it.” A teenager turned his head to provoke Qi Huai as he ran out, only to collide viciously with Luo Buyu at the door.

The two of them each let out a miserable cry of “ouch.”

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