How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 25. Why Don’t You Try It Yourself?

“What’s all the fuss about? Not cleaning up? ” Ren Jian said as he walked over to Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan was shocked, and the clothes he was holding fell to the ground.

Ren Jian was surprised: “Did I scare you?”

“No, no.” Yu Qinghuan responded vaguely, reaching out to pick up his clothes and stuffing them into the wardrobe. His eyes kept looking into the inner cupboard – he had just quietly put Ren Jian’s medical records and case back.

Ren Jian asked again, “Do you want me to help you carry the box in?”


“Boxes? What box? ” Yu Qinghuan looked disoriented and took a long time to respond, “Oh yes, my box ……”

“What’s wrong with you?” Ren Jian felt inexplicably flustered, thinking, Yu Qinghuan couldn’t have overheard the conversation between him and Mama Ren just now, right?

But he didn’t say anything out of the ordinary. Even if it was overheard, Yu Qinghuan shouldn’t have thought it was about the both of them ……

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It was extremely calm, even a little out of place. It was like a frozen lake, where stones fall without any ripples but are smashed to the point of spider web cracks.


Ren Jian lowered his eyes and said, “If you don’t want to move in anymore, I understand. I’m sorry. I should have …… talked about my sexual orientation earlier.”

“Ren Jian!” Yu Qinghuan suddenly got emotional. He took a step closer to Ren Jian and violently clutched his wrist.

This really took Ren Jian by surprise, and he couldn’t help but take a half step back.

Yu Qinghuan almost shouted out, “Homosexuality is not a disease! And you don’t have to say sorry to anyone! If anyone attacked you with this matter before, he must be jealous of your being handsome. “

“Jealous… of my handsomeness?” Ren Jian was dumbfounded.

Why didn’t Yu Qinghuan play cards according to the routine?

“Right!” Yu Qinghuan said forcefully, “He is jealous of your handsome, jealous of your good figure, jealous of your ability, jealous of your kind heart!”

“Wait, where did you get the idea that I have a good heart ……” Ren Jian tried to interject, clarifying the current situation by the way.

“And also!” Yu Qinghuan’s voice directly drowned out Ren Jian’s voice, “This kind of whatever so-called correctional institutions are all fucking lies!”

“Fine, fine, I already know. Don’t get excited.” Ren Jian comforted Yu Qinghuan, full of wonder.

What was wrong with this? Normally, when he came out to someone, wasn’t it always the other person who came to appease him? How come this time he had to appease someone else?

Yu Qinghuan calmed down a little, exhaled, and asked cautiously, “Did auntie and uncle tell you to go?”


Ren Jian shook his head, “No, at that time I was the one who was determined to go.”

Seeing Yu Qinghuan’s tendency to get excited again, Ren Jian hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, I’ve accepted my sexual orientation now. That institution was when I went to high school. Many years have passed. That said, can you let go of my wrist first?”

“Ah …… sorry, just ……” Yu Qinghuan panicked and let go of Ren Jian’s hand, seeing that his wrist already had five red and eye-catching fingerprints.

Ren Jian shook his hands casually: “I didn’t expect you to be more excited than me.”

“Because I think you’re particularly nice and I don’t want you to ……” Yu Qinghuan didn’t say anything, but was interrupted by Ren Jian with a light laugh, “Are you in such a hurry to send me a nice guy card?”

“No….” Yu Qinghuan panicked.

Ren Jian continued to laugh and said, “I’m teasing you, but don’t be afraid. Because I was “corrected” in that institution for half a year in high school, and I suffer from sequelae. As long as someone touches my elbow for about five seconds, I will feel nauseous. So I won’t do anything to you, and why should I provoke straight men? At the end of the day, it’s not even you who is bothered. “

“You …… still have this problem with you, huh?” Yu Qinghuan was surprised.

“Well, don’t believe it? How about you test it out?” Ren Jian joked, opening his hand.

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