How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 24. Cohabitation Days; Coerced.

The next day, he started packing and organising, but it was thanks to the good people of the landlord that he didn’t bother and the deposit was refunded decisively.

When Ren Jian drove to the place where Yu Qinghuan was renting, he saw him with his arms crossed, showing pride at the three large cardboard boxes packed up.

“Is that all?” Ren Jian wondered.

“Hmm.” Yu Qinghuan wiped his sweat and let out a long breath, “I took everything I could and threw away everything I could. After all, I’m borrowing your place. It’s not good to bring too much stuff.”

“Okay, let’s move it to the car.”


Ren Jian’s car was a sports car and had no cargo capacity, so the two of them made two trips back and forth with just three boxes. After half a day of tossing and turning, they finally put all of Yu Qinghuan’s belongings into Ren Jian’s house.

He brought two bottles of cold soda, threw one to Yu Qinghuan, and opened one for himself while sitting on the sofa to take a rest.

Yu Qinghuan thanked him, took a sip and put it aside. He started to tear the tape off the box, saying gleefully, “From now on, we’re living together!

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When he hung up the clothes one by one, he suddenly found an inconspicuous drawer at the bottom of the inner layer of the wardrobe. He thought of using it to put some thin clothes that he didn’t use often. Who knew that there was a cardboard box in the drawer?


“Hmm? Is it empty? ” Yu Qinghuan muttered to herself and reached out to take out the box. A piece of paper was pressed underneath the box.

The box was a bit heavy, so it must have been filled with something. Yu Qinghuan was worried that it was a valuable object, so he hurriedly put the box back in its original place, carefully. Then, he bent down to pick up the paper that had accidentally floated out.

As soon as he picked it up, Yu Qinghuan inadvertently saw the words on the paper and froze in place for a moment.

It was a medical record with a very strange layout and fonts. It looked at a very irregular medical record. The top right corner had a photo of Ren Jian from when he was young, and the age column read sixteen years old. Underneath the age, there were a few words printed.

Corrective treatment of homosexual disorder.


On the balcony, Ren Jian was talking to Mama Ren.

“Call Qinghuan for dinner sometime. Your father wants to meet him. ” Mama Ren said.

“What does my dad want to meet? It’s your idea, right?” Ren Jian interrupted Mama Ren and exposed her mercilessly.

“What’s wrong with it being my idea? There’s no conflict between calling Qinghuan for dinner and letting your dad meet him.” Mama Ren grunted.

“Mom, there’s no rush; you’re so enthusiastic. Don’t end up scaring him. ” Ren Jian leaned on the balcony railing, making all sorts of excuses to put off Mama Ren.

“It’s just a meal. What’s so scary about it? I don’t care, it’s set for next week.” Ren’s mother gave the order and cut off the phone.


Ren Jian sighed, thinking of an excuse to make it happen, while putting the phone away. He headed to his room.

Ren Jian walked into the room and saw that Yu Qinghuan had his back to him, and he seemed to be holding something in his hands. He seemed to be in a daze, and he didn’t even notice that he walked into the room. Ren Jian felt strange and walked towards Yu Qinghuan.

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