How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 23. We Live Together, You can Live Here.

Ren Jian was used to being happy normally. It was rare for him to be upset, but the agitation that he had suppressed through last night’s training came back to haunt him, rushing through his chest. Ren Jian said to Yu Qinghuan with a blank face: “I’ll go first if there’s nothing else to do.”

Yu Qinghuan hurriedly chased after him, “Wait a minute, did you drive here? Take me with you. I’ll go back with you.”

Ren Jian stopped sharply in his tracks and Yu Qinghuan almost bumped into him.

Ren Jian turned around, looked at Yu Qinghuan and asked, “You’re going back with me?”

“Yes.” Yu Qinghuan said, “Didn’t I still leave my clothes at your place? I have to go and get them.”


Luo Buyu, who was not far away: “……”

Why did you leave your clothes at someone else’s place?

“Ah ……” Ren Jian had forgotten all about it, “I’m driving, why don’t you come back with me.”

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Sld Kkyd: “……”

Nws Jwuw pyke, “Fwal, fwpv pzllr kd vbl zkhkdt assx. Eswze usw xkde?”

Yu Qinghuan waved his hand, “No, I don’t mind.”


Luo Buyu said, “Good. When you want to move, let me know. I’ll come help you.”

“Thank you, Brother Luo, you’re a life saver!” Yu Qinghuan reached out and gave Luo Buyu a very tacit high five.

Ren Jian:”… tsk.”

Yu Qinghuan jogged back to Ren Jian’s side: “Sorry, sorry for the long wait. Let’s go.”

Ren Jian didn’t say a word. His mood was cold as he turned his head and went downstairs.

Yu Qinghuan followed sheepishly, secretly blaming himself for being too busy and making him wait so long.


While driving, Yu Qinghuan sat in the co-pilot seat, and the two were silent all the way.

Ren Jian laughed coldly in his heart: Weren’t you still chatting with your brother Luo just now? And now you’re mute when you meet me?

Yu Qinghuan lowered his head and held his breath: Don’t make any noise, don’t talk about anything, you’ll annoy others. Be quiet, be quiet.

The two of them had their own concerns and came to Ren Jian’s house in a strange atmosphere. Yu Qinghuan looked at Ren Jian’s face and became more and more restrained, not daring to move or speak at the entrance.

Ren Jian dropped the car keys on the coffee table in the living room and poured himself a glass of water to drink. After drinking a glass of water, Ren Jian found that Yu Qinghuan was still standing at the door, so he said, “Come in and get it yourself.”


“Okay, I’m coming in then.” Yu Qinghuan walked into the room with the same hands and feet1 When we walk, our body naturally alternates between our hands and feet. Left hand with right foot etc. Same hands and feet means that the person is walking with the right hand and right feet, which would look stiff and uncomfortable. It is emphasing how stiff he was and then froze in the living room once more, “In, where is it?”

“In the guest room to your left,” Ren Jian said.

Yu Qinghuan then walked into the room with hands and feet, and saw the neatly folded clothes on the bed at a glance. He went forward to pick them up, but suddenly he heard the sound of a door slamming behind him. Yu Qinghuan turned his head in doubt.

 Ren Jian walked in at some point and closed the door.

He slowly walked over to Yu Qinghuan and pointed to the bed, “Try lying on it.”

Yu Qinghuan: “……”

Yu Qinghuan suspected that his ears were out of order: “What?”

Ren Jian said, “My mother is very picky when it comes to buying furniture. Even rooms like the guest room where no one usually lives, she has to buy the ones that catch her eye, so this bed is a mahogany bed. It seems to be some Burmese pear wood, and the four-piece set is also made of silk.”

I don’t know why Ren Jian suddenly started introducing his bedding. Although Yu Qinghuan was full of questions, he still said with great enthusiasm, “Six-six-six2An exclamation of excitement or approval used during livestreams and gaming.”

Ren Jian: “Try lying on it.”

Yu Qinghuan was very cooperative and sat down on the bed. He lay on his back with his upper body and spread his arms wide.

Ren Jian asked, “How does it feel?”


Yu Qinghuan replied sincerely, “It’s the feeling of sleeping on money.”

Ren Jian: “…… You can stay here.”

Yu Qinghuan sat up suddenly, thinking his ears might really be out of order: “Huh?”

Ren Jian’s face was dark: “Would you rather sleep on the living room couch than live here with me?”

No, big brother, why am I a bit confused by the logic of your statement?

“No……” Yu Qinghuan half-heartedly failed to grasp the point of Ren Jian’s words and simply stated his concerns directly, “I’m in a period of hard struggle, and I can’t afford to rent a room.”

Ren Jian paused and said, “It’s okay, don’t charge you rent, and don’t feel embarrassed, I …… I ……”

What to lie about?

“I usually don’t like to do housework. You just help me clean up when you have time.”

Yu Qinghuan was stunned for a full three seconds, before leaping up and almost bumping into Ren Jian: “Really?!”

Ren Jian rubbed his neck uncomfortably and nodded his head.

“Brother Ren, you’re too nice, aren’t you? You’re my sworn brother.” Yu Qinghuan’s eyes glowed, “I’ll make sure I clean carefully every day, so you won’t see any dust! From now on, I’ll be your fanboy. I’ll register ten or eight trumpet names3Fake accounts. I’ll dislike whoever curses you, and I’ll recognise whoever praises you as a brother! When you compete, I will be the incarnation of the trumpet master, waving flags and screaming at the bottom until my opponent goes deaf. “


Ren Jian: “……”

You look like a trumpet master to me now, but I’ll probably go deaf before my opponent goes deaf.

“Ahem.” Yu Qinghuan also realised that he had lost his composure. He covered his lips and coughed lightly. “Sorry… when I’m happy, I tend to talk too much.”

“It’s quite good.” Ren Jian said, “I love to hear it.”

Yu Qinghuan was stunned for a moment, then laughed.

It was so crisp, pure, and unadulterated. The mountains and the rivers were colourful, and the stars and the moon shone, because you were not in sight but in the heart.

Ren Jian was dazed for a bit, and only after a moment did he react. He said, “You don’t have to call someone else to move. I’ll help you move. “

Yu Qinghuan: “???!!!”

Yu Qinghuan expressed his gratitude incoherently for a while, and after he managed to calm down, he said very seriously, “If there’s anything I can do for you in the future, as long as it’s not murder, arson, or robbery, I’ll do it with my liver and brain4Wholeheartedly!”

Ren Jian looked at Yu Qinghuan and asked abruptly, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Yu Qinghuan was stunned, and although he didn’t understand why Ren Jian’s question was so out of the blue, he said, “No.”

“Have you ever dated a girl before?”

Yu Qinghuan scratched his head in embarrassment, “I dated one in high school. Then something happened to my family, and I took a break from school, so I broke up with her. After college, I was addicted to e-sports and didn’t think much about it.”

“Hmm.” Ren Jian lowered his eyes and nodded gently, “So what do you …… that you …… think about ……?”

“What?” Ren Jian’s voice was too soft. Yu Qinghuan couldn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing.” Ren Jian suddenly turned his head away and walked towards the outside of the room, leaving Yu Qinghuan alone in the room, confused.

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