How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 22. Getting Extremely Jealous

Luo Buyu leaned his whole body on the balcony railing, lit a cigarette and swallowed the clouds while saying to Yu Qinghuan, “Let me tell you about the two of them?”

“Okay.” Yu Qinghuan nodded.

“Qi Huai’s family is very well-off, and he’s the one who financed a lot of the things our battle team has.” Luo Buyu scratched his hair.

It dawned on Yu Qinghuan, “No wonder Qi Huai said he wanted to change my mouse earlier.”

“Hmm.” Luo Buyu nodded, “Before that, our team had been unable to get sponsorship. All the subsidies and expenses were borne by Qi Huai. Qi Huai’s father is a real estate tycoon and their family is as rich as dirt. Qi Huai was only in his senior year when he joined our team. At that time his parents treated his gaming as a hobby. They didn’t care much about him and let him do as he pleased. He could spend as much as he wanted. When Qi Huai graduated, his father wanted him to take over his career, but Qi Huai still insisted on playing e-sports. Then something happened. ……”


Luo Buyu smoked half a cigarette, took down the cigarette and flicked the ash: “You can also see Qi Huai’s irritable temper. He has a straight temper, and his relationship with his father is very stiff. The main point is that we have not been able to get any good results, and Qi Huai’s parents think that Qi Huai is not doing his job. You saw the bruises on his face today, his father hit him. This has happened several times. Alas …… If we can play a little, Qi Huai …… sigh.”

The cool breeze brushed, blowing off the ash left on the cigarette in Luo Buyu’s hand.

“Manman, and Qi Huai have been friends from childhood to now. Manman has a stutter, and his nature is also relatively cowardly. I heard that last time in the dormitory, he was bullied and ridiculed by classmates. Without saying a word, Qi Huai found the boy who laughed at him and had a fight with him. It was quite a big deal. So don’t see that Qi Huai always has a fierce face to Manman. If you bully Manman, you will definitely be pressed and beaten by Qi Huai. “

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“No, no, I didn’t forget ……” Liu Manman’s head was hung very low. His chin was almost leaning on his chest.


“Then how can you say no to gaming? You held out for so long, and soon we’ll be going to the provincial tournament. ” Qi Huai asked.

Liu Manman remained silent.

Qi Huai gave him a look and asked, “Is it because of me?”

Liu Manman jerked his head up: “No…… not…….”

Qi Huai pointed to the left side of his face that was plastered with gauze: “Liu Manman, do you think that if you don’t play e-sports anymore, the captain will be forced to disband the team? Then I can go home to take over my dad’s job, and I won’t be beaten by my dad anymore? Liu Manman, how long have you had this idea?”

Liu Manman pursed his lips tightly, for a long time before he whispered, “You …… your first time being beaten by Uncle Qi when …… I …… thought so. “

Qi Huai said in his heart, “I knew it,” and then said, “Liu Manman, you listen well. Even if you leave and the captain disbands the team, I will not go back to take over my father’s work. I can go sign with another club. I always say what I mean, you know. “

“But …… but …… you were beaten…” Liu Manman stammered, somewhat incoherent.

“Liu Manman, I’m not reconciled if I don’t get some results.” Qi Huai said, word by word.

Liu Manman once again pinched up his hand. There was blood red mark after blood red mark on the back of his hand: “It’s all my fault.. if I hadn’t.. pulled you to play the game in the first place…”

“Liu Manman, I think what that person said just now is quite reasonable. That is, to give yourself a reason. ” Qi Huai said, “Liu Manman, if we do not win the provincial championship, I will not play either.”

Liu Manman was stunned.


How could they get the championship?

The team was now like a scattered mess; everyone had a different heart. The mid laner was a newcomer, and he didn’t know how he played.

How can a team in such a slump win the championship?

“Can …… can ……” Liu Manman was just about to ask a question, but then thought, What face did he have to question Qi Huai? So he stopped talking and just nodded his head. “Hmm.”

It just so happened that Luo Buyu and Yu Qinghuan walked back from the balcony, and Qi Huai spoke up, “Captain, I advised him. Liu Manman said he would insist on playing in the provincial tournament.”

“Ah ……” Luo Buyu let out a long breath and a little smile appeared on his face, “That’s great.”

Yu Qinghuan froze, “I haven’t even called people yet. How come you’ve succeeded in persuading him?”

Qi Huai: “What kind of people.”

Yu Qinghuan: “Didn’t Manman want to see Ren Jian?”

Qi Huai snorted, “What are you daydreaming about?”


Ten minutes later, Ren Jian appeared at the door in a black trench coat that set off his sturdy posture and was many times more handsome than the hard pictures on the posters.


Qi Huai: “……”

Liu Manman: “……”

Luo Buyu quietly nudged Yu Qinghuan and whispered in his ear, “When I first met Ren Jian, was my mouth also this wide open?”

Yu Qinghuan replied in a whisper, “Yes, you even shouted out and broke your voice.”

Luo Buyu coughed lightly and blushed.

Ren Jian was at the door. He caught a glimpse of Yu Qinghuan and Luo Buyu leaning together and muttering about something, looking intimate. Ren Jian’s voice couldn’t help but turn cold, “Didn’t you say you had a favour to ask me?”

Yu Qinghuan hurriedly walked towards him, “My teammate wants to see you.”

When he saw Yu Qinghuan beside him, his tone softened a little: “Which one?”

Yu Qinghuan pointed at Liu Manman.

Ren Jian walked over, “Hello, I’m Ren Jian.”

Liu Manman’s mouth was open and his eyes were wide, unable to speak: “Really …… real …… live ……”

Ren Jian laughed and stretched his arm in front of Liu Manman’s eyes: “How about you squeeze and inspect the goods?”


“I, I, can I, can I, get a signature.” The always fierce Qi Huai stumbled over his words.

“Yes, do you have a pen and paper?” Ren Jian asked.

Qi Huai’s hands trembled as he handed the pen and paper to Ren Jian. He signed the two pages and then handed them back to Qi Huai, whose eyes opened wide and kept swallowing air: “F*ck, Wilful’s signature. Am I dreaming, ah? Hey, Liu Manman, you pinch me!”

“Ah …… live …… real …… people ……” However, classmate Liu Manman himself had not yet returned.

Ren Jian walked back to Yu Qinghuan’s side, looked around, and was a little hesitant: “Is this your ………um…base?”

Seeing Yu Qinghuan nodding, Ren Jian showed an inexplicable expression: “Quite good, quite …… well …… simple and low-key with connotation …… “

Ren Jian asked again, “Do you have an assistant?”

Luo Buyu said, “Me.”

Ren Jian gave him a look and asked, “What about internal affairs?”

Luo Buyu said, “Me.”

Ren Jian: “What about …… logistics?”

Luo Buyu: “It’s still me.”

Ren Jian: “Cleaning should always be ……”

Luo Buyu: “No, it’s me, it’s me, it’s still me. I’m still the captain, the driver, the night cook, and the manager.”

Yu Qing laughed out loud and then applauded, “Brother Luo is a bully1A person who excels. The sky is falling, but he’s taking on several jobs and bringing up four children on his own. It’s worthy of my brother Luo.”

Ren Jian: “……”

Your brother Luo?

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