How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 21. How Will You Return This Favour?

 Faced with Qi Huai’s furious outburst, the cowardly Liu Manman was exceptionally firm, pulling Qi Huai’s hand that was tugging at his collar and saying, “I …… I don’t fight …… I just don’t want to fight ah ……”

“F*ck you!!!” Qi Huai raised his fist.

Yu Qinghuan hurriedly stepped forward to block it.

But Qi Huai also just raised it to scare him, and had no intention of dropping it.

Luo Buyu, who was smoking in the corridor, heard the noise and hurriedly put out his cigarette. He quickly ran over. At a glance, he saw the two people who were arguing with swords and crossbow. Luo Buyu had a worried expression on his old father’s face: “What are you doing? Don’t make noise, don’t make trouble, Qi Huai, let go of Manman!”


Luo Buyu stepped forward and pulled the two apart. Qi Huai was furious and sat back in his gaming chair, giving the computer desk a vicious kick and cursing inwardly.

Liu Manman was still very determined just now, but when he saw Qi Huai like this, he lowered his head and rubbed his eyes.

Luo Buyu felt that he was really going to sigh for his eight lifetimes out of anger. He said to Liu Manman, “Manman, you have persisted for more than a year. You escaped from the dormitory by jumping over the wall at night, and even if you got a demerit, you would have to run out for training. How can you say that you are not going to play? You have to give us a reason.”

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Zw Ckdtbwyd ypjle, “Mbld, kp tkhkdt wr rzyukdt l-prsavp nsdvayau vs uswa saktkdyz kdvldvksd?”

Liu Manman was silent for a long time and nodded again.


“Then you shouldn’t give up so easily. Or at least, give yourself a reason, like, “I’m going to do something, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll give up completely.” Yu Qinghuan said, “So that when you think about it later, at least you have tried your best.”

Liu Manman didn’t take Yu Qinghuan’s advice. He said, “I …… I’ve already, thought, thought it through, really.”

Qi Huai punched the keyboard on the table hard, and Luo Buyu kept sighing with worry.

“Say one thing.” Yu Qinghuan insisted.

Liu Manman’s gaze drifted about, finally resting on the second table set up with Ren Jian’s signatures, and said, “Such as …… if I can …… see, see the TKOW team’s Wilful, I will, just, continue to fight. “

Qi Huai exploded in an instant, stood up abruptly, and said in a loud voice, “Liu Manman, you just don’t want to fight. You aren’t even bothering to be perfunctory to us. F*ck, it’s been over a year. It’s been so long, and you’re fucking saying you don’t want to play. You don’t want to play? Who said it was so much fun to play e-sports together? Fu*k it, humbly and hypocritically. All the words he said were fed into the belly of the dog. “

“Alright!” Luo Buyu hurriedly stopped Qi Huai from breaking into a tirade.

Yu Qinghuan let out a soft err, “So this…”

So this thing, this is something that he really seems to be able to do, ah.


When Yu Qinghuan called, Ren Jian was sleeping.

He felt bored last night, so he simply called out his TKO teammates and opened a five-row voice training session across the air, playing until 2 am and still refusing to stop.


Gu Zhixiao couldn’t stand it and kept mumbling and screaming for rest.

Ren Jian acted aggressively and ridiculed Gu Zhixiao for not practising enough, so Gu Zhixiao got angry and dragged everyone to practice until 4 am.

Later, the assistant found out, and gave each person a big slap: “Open more lives, ah. Every day you don’t know how to open a live. When the time comes for the gold master1Sponsor to sign you, will you sell your bodies to serve?!”

The assistant interrupted, and the few people who had been highly concentrated all night, realised that they were already tired and went back to their rooms to rest.

Ren Jian slept until noon.

The first call from Yu Qinghuan woke up Ren Jian, who picked up his phone in a daze and took a look.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Ren Jian hung up without hesitation.

Five minutes later, the phone rang again.

Ren Jian’s head was covered with the quilt and didn’t want to worry about it. Who knew that the phone was ringing relentlessly and Ren Jian was woken up by the calls? He yawned as he picked up his phone and was shocked to see the caller ID.

This time it was Mama Ren calling.

As soon as he picked up the phone, his mother2the kanji used is for Queen Mother or Empress Dowageropened her mouth and cursed, “Where are you, Ren Jian? What’s wrong with you? You don’t even answer your little wife’s calls? I’m telling you, if your little wife gets away from you, I’ll be the first to chop your dog head off.”


“What little wife?” Ren Jian looked confused, then laughed, “Mom, if my head is a dog’s head, what’s my father’s head?”

“You’re still being smart with me? You didn’t even answer Qinghuan’s calls. Where did you go?”

“No, I was late for training last night. Wait, Yu Qinghuan called me?” He hadn’t exchanged phone numbers with Yu Qinghuan, so he was confused.

“I’m just wondering, how come your little wife doesn’t have your phone number? He even called me for it? What’s wrong with you two?” Mama Ren questioned.

“Hiss.” A chill ran down Ren Jian’s back and he hastily lied, “Oh, he has my other mobile phone number.”

He often had to go abroad to play in tournaments, so he had a lot of mobile phone numbers. He often used one of those international roaming ones, so Ren’s mother believed him: “Come on, call your little wife back.”

“What little wife? Mum, I haven’t said anything yet. Why are you shouting it so much? ” Ren intervened helplessly. “Change the name. Don’t say that in front of Yu Qinghuan. “

In case Mama Ren said that in front of Yu Qinghuan, he, Ren Jian, could only spill his blood in the Yellow River and sacrifice his body to heaven3IWhen people say it wouldn’t be enough if they jump into the Yellow River, this is a more extreme version of him saying he would never be able to explain it.

“Got it.” Surprisingly, Ren’s mother answered, then said, “Don’t talk to me here, hurry up and call your husband!”

She said and hung up the phone so dryly that it made one’s skin tingle.

Ren Jian: “……”



Another five minutes later, Yu Qinghuan received a call from Ren Jian.

“Excuse me.” Yu Qinghuan was a little nervous, “There’s something that I want to trouble you with.”

“Oh? Trouble me? ” Ren Jian’s voice sounded lazy, “Then won’t you owe me a favour? How are you going to repay this favour? With your body? “

Yu Qinghuan’s mobile phone microphone was so loud that Luo Buyu, who was at the side, could hear it clearly. He choked and coughed.

Yu Qinghuan said cheerfully, “Sure.”

Luo Buyu choked again.

Ren Jian was silent for a moment: “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Yu Qinghuan said, “Yes, I’m still strong. Do you want me to help you carry something?”

At the side, Luo Buyu covered his face with both hands.

Ren Jian laughed softly and then asked, “What is it?”

Yu Qinghuan gave a general explanation of the circumstances. After asking for the address, Ren Jian said he would come over now and then hung up the phone.

Yu Qinghuan put away the phone, let out a long sigh of relief, and said to Luo Buyu, “It’s done.”

Luo Buyu rubbed his neck in embarrassment, “Qinghuan, what is your relationship with this Ren Jian?”

Yu Qinghuan pondered for a long time, “I guess we are friends, right?”

Luo Buyu: “He’s a friend…Is that right?”

“Right.” Yu Qinghuan suddenly remembered something. Just now he and Luo Buyu came to the corridor in order to make a phone call, and now the training room was left with Qi Huai and Liu Manman. Yu Qinghuan said worriedly, “They won’t fight again, right? They were still quite angry just now. “

“No.” Luo Buyu shook his head.

“Don’t look at how Qi Huai is fierce, he actually protects Manman more than anyone.”

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