How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 2. Abstinence for so Many Years.

Yu Qinghuan stood frozen at the door for three seconds, and then he walked in with a straight face, looking around and exclaiming, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen an erotic room. This bed is so big, but why is it round? “

“Because you don’t have to worry about bumping into the corners of the bed when you’re working on a round bed.”

The person behind him said it in a meaningful way.

Yu Qinghuan didn’t hear the teasing in his words and said, with a sudden realisation, “So that’s how it is.”

The man involuntarily touched his cheek. It was probably because he had not expected Yu Qinghuan to be so unrestrained and straightforward, which in turn made him feel embarrassed.


“So you don’t mind?” The man folded his arms and looked at Yu Qinghuan, raising his eyebrows.

“Mind what?” Yu Qinghuan put his luggage down and looked at the man in confusion.

The man pointed to the fully transparent bathroom.

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“Gzaktbv, vbld bwaau wr yde oypb wr yde ts vs cle. Zsw qkapv sa xl?” Sld Kkyd ypjle.

“You go first. I want to pack my bags.”




Ren Jian was not a petty person. Yu Qinghuan had just opened his suitcase, and Ren Jian had already entered the bathroom with a bath towel and a change of clothes.

With his head down, Yu Qinghuan heard the rustle of undressing and an uncomfortable soft cough coming from the bathroom.

Sure enough, it was still a bit awkward.

Yu Qinghuan moved his suitcase, turned his back to the bathroom, and took out the documents he needed for tomorrow. Then, he lay on his side on the bed to read them. In short, Yu Qinghuan didn’t take a look at the bathroom during the entire bath.

When Ren Jian came out of the steaming bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe, he saw Yu Qinghuan with his eyes closed, looking drowsy.

He thought to himself that he was at least a stranger, but this person was too unsuspecting, and then he covered his lips and coughed lightly.

When Yu Qinghuan heard the light cough, he immediately opened his eyes and sprang up from the bed. Ren Jian smiled and said, ”You can go wash up.”

“Okay.” Yu Qinghuan nodded, walked into the misty bathroom with his pyjamas, and began to take off his clothes. He undid the buttons of his white shirt one by one, revealing his bare chest, and he took off his top. Then, he placed his fingers on his belt.

The belt buckle popped open with a soft sound, and Ren Jian suddenly said, from the outside of the bathroom, “I’ll go to the next room to look for someone. You wait and open the door for me. “

He said this without waiting for Yu Qinghuan to respond, throwing open the door and leaving the room.


“Ah… looking for someone so late?” Yu Qinghuan mumbled suspiciously, but he didn’t think much of it. He simply continued to undress and take a shower.

Outside of the room, Ren Jian covered his face with one hand and let out a deep breath.

He had been abstaining from sex for so many years, and he thought that he had long since simmered down to sexual indifference, but he hadn’t expected that he would almost break it just now.

But then again, despite his orientation, he couldn’t just say that he had desires.

Not to mention that he still had some mental problems.

Ren Jian rubbed his chin, “That is strange. Did I get better?”

After saying that, Ren Jian took a long step and headed for the room at the end of the corridor.

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