How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 17. It’s Okay to Come Back.

“What are you thinking about?” Seeing that Yu Qinghuan had been silent, Ren Jian took his elbow and poked him.

“Ah ……” Yu Qinghuan turned back and smiled lightly, “Nothing, Auntie is so nice.”

“Mm, well, let’s go upstairs and go back.” Ren Jian turned his head to go back to the neighbourhood.

But Yu Qinghuan said, “I won’t go back with you. I have to go to the hospital to see my father.”

After a pause, he suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling of displeasure in his heart. It was as if it was a sweltering summer, and the heat was unbearable. He nibbled at the ice cream in his hand, and before he could swallow the cold sweetness, the ice cream fell on the ground. When it fell, he felt depressed and didn’t know who to blame.


Yu Qinghuan continued, “But my clothes are not dry yet. I still have to borrow this set of yours to wear first. I will come back to get my clothes in the evening. It’s really too much trouble for you. “

Oh, you have to come back.

Ren Jian immediately stopped being depressed: “Okay.” 

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Yu Qinghuan smiled and advised, “Dad, eat slowly, there’s no rush.”


“Mm-hmm.” Father Yu’s mouth was full of noodles, and he stammered in reply.

“Dad, today is my birthday.” Yu Qinghuan said.

 “Mmmmmmmmm.” Father Yu buried his head in his noodles and didn’t react much.

Yu Qing smiled happily and said nothing. He lowered his head to eat noodles. He rarely came to eat at such an expensive place, so he was also curious about the taste of the crab yellow noodles. He just chewed the noodles covered with crab yellow into his mouth and immediately murmured in surprise: “Wow, it’s delicious.”

The two, father and son, ate so much that their stomachs eventually rolled.

Yu Qinghuan got up to go to the front desk to settle the bill, but he suddenly thought of something and said to the waiter, “Please pack a crab yellow noodle for me.”

The noodles were quickly packed, and after sending Father Yu back to the hospital and confirming with the hospital that there was nothing wrong with him, Yu Qinghuan got up and headed for Ren Jian’s house.

Ren Jian was wearing headphones and training with Gu Zhixiao: “The top lane has been left alone. You, come with me to catch it. “

Gu Zhixiao looked at the mini map of the game interface and laughed out loud, “Brother Ren, there are three people on the top lane.”


“You call three people being alone?”

“Yeah,” Ren said lazily as he looked at the economy and development of both sides.


“Brother Ren is a bully; let’s go!”

Gu Zhixiao steadily controlled the three people on the opposite side with one walk and one big move, and shouted, “I’m in control.”

Then he died.

Gu Zhixiao: “……”

Gu Zhixiao took a look and found that not only did Ren Jian not follow his charge, but he had also found a safe spot to hide and sold him directly.

“Crap?! Where the hell are you, Ren Jian?!”

There was no answer on the headset.

Ren Jian had gone to open the door.

Yu Qinghuan was at the door, holding up the packed crab noodles in his hand. He asked with a smile, “Have you eaten yet?”

Ren Jian said, “I haven’t eaten yet.”

Yu Qinghuan breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. The noodles are delicious. Let me borrow your kitchen and I’ll heat it up for you. “

“Okay.” Ren Jian’s eyes curled and his tone rose.


Watching Yu Qinghuan walk into the kitchen, Ren Jian returned to the computer. He put on his headphones and was not surprised to hear Gu Zhixiao chattering away about how he had sold him. “Come on, let’s finish quickly. I’m going to eat. “

Gu Zhixiao: “???? E-sports has no sleep and no food! What are you eating?!”

Ren Jian squatted in the grass, clicked the signal to gather, and then a back row cut in, directly taking the head of the opponent’s mid laner: “Eat noodles, ah.”

“Who asked you what you were going to eat!!!” Gu Zhixiao kept talking, but in the game, he followed Ren Jian’s rhythm. A beautiful operation was carried out to control the opposite side’s ADC1This stands for Attack Damage Carry. An AD Carry plays in the bottom lane and is one of the team’s two primary damage dealers. The AD Carry focuses mainly on ranged, auto-attack based Champions that can deal a lot of damage from a distance and support2The support plays in the bottom lane with the ADC and helps them throughout the game. While the support may primarily help the ADC early on in the game, as the game moves forward they usually transition to helping the entire team.. Ren Jian instantly released skills to enter the arena and decisively took the second kill.

“You just asked. Gu Zhixiao, you really should go buy some walnuts to replenish your brain.” Ren Jian said.

Gu Zhixiao: “……”

The C position on the opposite side was taken by Ren Jian, and the remaining two roots could not hold it. They were pushed away by a wave of high ground and crystal.

Ren Jian took off his headset amidst Gu Zhixiao’s curses, turned off the game, and walked out of the study.

Yu Qinghuan just happened to warm up the noodles and brought them out of the kitchen and put them on the dining table: “The noodles are a little lumpy. You can stir it and see if you can mix it up. The crab yellow noodles are really delicious. You should try them quickly. “

“Mmm.” Ren Jian replied, but instead of sitting down at the table, he turned around and walked towards the fridge. He opened the door and brought something out.

Seeing what Ren Jian brought out, Yu Qinghuan’s eyes instantly widened.

Ren Jian, he ……


He took a box containing a birthday cake out of the fridge.

Ren Jian put the cake on the dining table and pushed it towards Yu Qinghuan: “Before, you were drunk and your ID card fell out. When I picked it up, I inadvertently found out that your birthday is today. I didn’t know what you liked, so I bought a cake. Happy birthday. “

To a distant time, the first cry of stepping into an unknown life.

To the casualness of no one knowing that the original intention was only to have a bowl of noodles.

To the warmth and arrival of a simple but heart-wrenching happy birthday.

“Thanks, thanks…….” Yu Qinghuan choked up a little. Afraid of being laughed at by Ren Jian, he hurriedly lowered his head and said, “You quickly eat the noodles.”

“Okay.” Ren Jian actually sensed that Yu Qinghuan’s mood was not right, but he didn’t break it. He sat at the dining table with a chopstick of crab yellow noodles and pretended to chat with Yu Qinghuan casually: “Well, it’s delicious. Which one is this from? I’ll take my parents to try it next time. “

After Yu Qinghuan said the address, there was a brief moment of silence between the two.

Yu Qinghuan was quietly calming down from the sudden embarrassment, while Ren Jian was waiting for Yu Qinghuan to hide the helplessness that he didn’t want to be discovered.

Ren Jian was burying his head in his noodles when he suddenly heard Yu Qinghuan ask, “Were you training just now?”

“Yeah.” Ren Jian looked up, “It wasn’t really training; it was an entertainment broadcast.”

“Oh.” Yu Qinghuan responded thoughtfully.

Ren Jian swallowed the noodles in his mouth and wiped his mouth with a piece of paper before speaking, “So, as the old saying goes, would you like to come back and play e-sports?”

This time, Yu Qinghuan did not deliberately avoid the question. He raised his eyes to look at Ren Jian. Deep in his calm gaze was confusion and curiosity: “Ren Jian.”

“Hm?” This was the first time Yu Qinghuan called him by his full name. Ren Jian could not help but be stunned.

Yu Qinghuan looked at Ren Jian and asked in a soft voice.

“Why are you so obsessed with the matter of me coming back to play e-sports?”

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