How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 16. The Words Were Surprising.

Yu Qinghuan was so frightened that he almost fell down.

Ren Jian also did not expect his mother1the kanji he used 太后 means Empress Dowager or Queen Mother. It seems to be how he refers to her. Possibly from an inside joke. to speak so shockingly, and followed with a shout, “Mom?!”

“What are you shouting for?” Mama Ren plucked out a knife at Ren Jian, “No?”

“Mom, our relationship hasn’t reached that level yet. You shouldn’t talk nonsense. ” Ren Jian tried to round up. “But….”

Ren Jian suddenly looked at Yu Qinghuan, “However, if you want it, I am indeed willing to give you my game account.”


Yu Qinghuan finally reacted.

In the early years, the e-sports industry was sluggish, and everyone often joked that their game accounts were their own wages, wealth, family heirlooms, or whatever.

I’m sure that was what Mama Ren meant just now.

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Jwv obu?

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“Ess ……”

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Mama Ren’s eyes were adorned with tears as she whimpered and sobbed.


What Ren Jian and Yu Qinghuan were talking about was e-gaming.

But in Mama Ren’s ears, it was the fearlessness of two people who love each other hand in hand!!!

Oh my goodness, the little bunny2She’s calling him innocent and naive has grown up and knows how to coax a cabbage.3The cabbage in this case generally refers to a girl(someone’s daughter or sister). It’s an affectionate way that elders usually refer to their daughters/sisters etc., particularly when it comes to them getting involved with a significant other. You may see a phrase like “My little cabbage is being eaten by pigs.” The phrase directly means that their precious daughter/sister etc. is being spoiled by a bad man. Yu Qinghuan is being called “cabbage” as if he were Ren Jian’s girlfriend. He knows how to talk so well!

“Auntie, what’s wrong with you?” Yu Qinghuan got up in a panic. He saw that there were tissues on the coffee table, and hurriedly leaned over to get them, just as Ren Jian also went to get the paper. Two of them bumped their heads hard against each other, immediately causing their eyes to pop out in pain, with each holding their heads and wailing.

“Pfft ……” Mama Ren was amused by the couple.

Mama Ren was not in a position to ask any more questions after the two had knocked their heads. She hastily brought blood-boosting medicine and gauze. She put medicine on their miserable foreheads, pressed a piece of gauze on their heads, and finally gave Ren Jian a few words of advice before deciding to set off for home.

Mama Ren and Yu Qinghuan exchanged mobile phone numbers before leaving, and she reluctantly pulled Yu Qinghuan along, telling him that he could contact her no matter what happened.

Ren Jian pushed his mother towards the door, fearing that Yu Qinghuan would notice.

After walking Mama Ren to the entrance of the neighbourhood with Yu Qinghuan and seeing her get into a taxi, Ren Jian’s heart, which had been hanging in the back of his throat, slowly fell back into his stomach.

Ren Jian let out a long breath, turned his head to look at Yu Qinghuan and found him dazed.

It had been a long time since Yu Qinghuan had been cared for in this way. He couldn’t help but remember the summer he graduated from his senior year of high school when he and a group of classmates went to a scenic spot near the city to play.

There was a very exciting bungee jumping project in the scenic spot, and since Yu Qinghuan and two other students were under 18 years old, they needed to sign a certificate of insurance before playing bungee jumping. It needed not only their own names but also phone or video confirmation from their parents.


The other two students went off happily on the phone, leaving Yu Qinghuan alone in the same place, bewildered.

He could not call his mother, who was far away, nor could he make a video call to his troubled father.

It was then that Yu Qinghuan suddenly realised.

If one day he was in the emergency room in a critical condition, he would not be able to find anyone to sign the notice.

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