How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 1. It Feels Like Life Has Reached Its Peak.

Yu Qinghuan was lying on the round bed, staring at the purple curtain hanging down by the head of the bed. He was listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, and there was only one thought in his mind.

Your life has reached a new peak!

Him! A young man who had graduated from university less than a year ago, but who had already been polished to a smooth round by the cruel laws of society.

Now, here he was, lying in the love room of a couple in a five-star hotel, thinking about life.

The first thought that entered Yu Qinghuan’s mind was..


Why does a five-star hotel’s love room have such a loud red and purple colour scheme?

Look at this lamp, this bed, this wall, this weirdly shaped chair with a wrist strap. Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help but want to shout out.

Purple! Gas! East! Come on! Ah! [1]

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Ju vbl oyu, vbl rlapsd obs bl bye srldle vbl assx okvb…

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Zw Ckdtbwyd oyp alyzzu wdzwnju vseyu.

The leader called him early in the morning and asked him to go on a business trip to see a client. Yu Qinghuan finally bought a ticket, but the train was late, so it was already dark when he arrived at his destination.


Here comes the worst thing of all.

He couldn’t book a hotel!

He heard that it was because there was an e-sports competition being held here and several national-level teams had come. The nearby hotels were either booked by the club or were booked by fans of e-sports games.

Yu Qinghuan was squatting on the street, holding his mobile phone. He was thinking miserably that he would not want to live in the bridge hole when suddenly a reservation message appeared on his mobile phone. Yu Qinghuan didn’t take a close look. He just grabbed the suitcase and went straight to the hotel.

However, it was a five-star hotel. Not only was the room charge extremely expensive, but the information on the vacancies also popped up because of the mistakes of the hotel staff.

Yu Qinghuan was full of despair. He felt that if his mind was any more fragile, he might have run headlong into that golden pillar in the hotel lobby and left this beautiful world.

When the lady at the lobby reception saw how Yu Qinghuan was about to cry, she was also soft-hearted and gave her advice, “Why don’t you wait aside and see if there are any guests checking out.”

“Okay, thank you, Miss.” Yu Qinghuan said thanks.

The young lady at the reception blushed a little, nodded and said you’re welcome.

Other than that, this little boy was a good looking boy.

Yu Qinghuan then tugged his suitcase and waited and waited.

After waiting for an hour, there were quite a few guests coming to the front desk, but unfortunately, they were all here to stay in the hotel, not to check out.


After the lady at the front desk received another couple, Yu Qinghuan took out his mobile phone and looked at the time.

It was 12:30 am.

Yu Qinghuan decided to wait for ten more minutes. If he couldn’t wait, he would go to the train waiting room for one night. After all, if he kept pestling here, he would make it difficult for the receptionist lady at the hotel.

Yu Qinghuan put away his mobile phone and when he raised her eyes, he found that there was an additional person at the reception desk.

It was a person with a somewhat excessively handsome side face.

That person was holding a golden room card.

Yu Qinghuan’s gaze instantly glued itself to the room card that person was holding.

Ah! A long drought brings rain! A dry wood is blessed with spring! Good luck! My room card!

The man spoke, “Hello, I would like to check out ……”

Yu Qinghuan almost jumped up. He moved over carefully, ready to wait for that person to check out, then he slapped his ID card on the reception desk to book that room.

Who knew that the man wasn’t checking out, but wanted to change rooms?

The lady at the reception desk looked apologetic and said softly, “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have any other rooms available for you.”


The man frowned slightly, “Are there no single rooms available? Where are the standard rooms?”

The lady at the front desk said, “All the rooms are fully booked.”

The man sighed: “Alright.”

With that, he took the room card that made Yu Qinghuan’s eyes glow green back into his coat pocket.

Yu Qinghuan: “……”

No! My rain! My spring! My luck! My room card! God, you’ve got to kill me!

Seeing that man heading towards the lift, Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath. He gathered his courage and suddenly tugged on the man’s arm, shouting out, “This gentleman!”

The man seemed to be startled and shook off Yu Qinghuan’s hand.

“I’m sorry, it was me who was abrupt.” Yu Qinghuan bowed repeatedly and apologised, “It’s like this, this hotel room fee is quite expensive. Wouldn’t you like someone to cover the room fee for you, sir?”

The man raised his eyebrows and asked, “Pay for the room?”

“Yes, I can’t get a hotel reservation tonight and I was wondering if you would like to share a room with me for the night? I’m willing to pay for the room.” Yu Qinghuan folded his hands and pleaded in a sincere tone.

The man was surprised and looked Yu Qinghuan up and down with a probing gaze and said, “But I don’t know you, how do I know if you have bad intentions?”


Yu Qinghuan opened the suitcase, lifted the neatly folded clothes inside, and took something out. “Sir, this is my ID card, this is my work tag, this is my wallet, and this is my mobile phone. You can take pictures or take them away and return them to me in the morning. I can sleep on the floor at night. I just want to have a place to take a shower because I have to meet a client tomorrow. If you still don’t believe me, I’ll… “

Yu Qing Huan closed his suitcase with a serious face: “I’ll take an oath!”

The man: “What the hell? A poisonous oath? “

Yu Qinghuan said: “If I hurt you, then I would go out and cross the road and be run over by a car, crushing the long and short bones of my femur and humerus, and I would be sent to the hospital before I die. As a result, the hospital’s anaesthesia was used, but I would be in severe pain the entire time. The doctor would quietly whisper in my ear that he accidentally dropped the needle in my arm when he drew blood just now, and by the way, this needle was used by someone with infectious diseases before…”

“Pfft.” The lady at the reception desk was amused.

The man also curved the corners of his mouth and looked at Yu Qinghuan with interest, interrupting his poisonous oath: “Okay, okay.”

Yu Qinghuan hurriedly shut up, then asked hopefully, “Are you willing to share a room with me now?”

The man did not answer immediately, but stared at Yu Qinghuan in silence for a long time, and then suddenly asked without a thought, “Don’t you know me?”

Yu Qinghuan looked up at the man.

He was handsome, clear and elegant, with an upright posture, like a jade tree in front of the wind.

But he didn’t know him!

Who was this?

Was he famous?

Was he a star?

If he was a star, why didn’t he wear a mask and glasses when he went out? He had so little sense of privacy!

Yu Qinghuan hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are you a celebrity?”

The man laughed out loud and said, “I’m not. Okay, you can come with me. “

Yu Qinghuan was smiling happily and hurriedly followed with his suitcase: “Thank you! May your whole family eat sweet food without gaining weight, spicy food without acne, sun without tanning, and stay up late without losing hair! “

The man laughed softly again, then said, “I seem to have this kind of physique.”

Yu Qing Huan gave a thumbs up: “…… So you haven’t been killed for jealousy for so many years? That’s really something!”

The man lamented, “Chatting ghosts [2].”

Yu Qinghuan: “Thank you, I’ve won awards!”

The lift dinged and arrived at the fifth floor.

Yu Qinghuan dragged his suitcase, followed the man around the corner, and settled in front of the door of the room.

The man took out his room card and was about to swipe it open when he suddenly stopped moving. He turned his head to ask Yu Qinghuan: “By the way, have you ever thought about…”

“Hmm? What?” Yu Qinghuan did not understand.

The man hooked his lips and looked at Yu Qinghuan with interest and a bad smile. “Have you ever thought about what if it’s not you who has bad intentions but me?”

Yu Qinghuan: “..”

He hadn’t really thought about it.

Seeing that Yu Qinghuan did not say anything, the man smiled even more and asked again, “You said you were looking for someone to share a room with because you wanted a place to take a shower?”

Yu Qinghuan nodded.

The man took the room card and swiped the door while bending his eyes and smiling, “Then you should be prepared. After all, I’m not the kind of person who wants to change rooms for no reason.”

The room door opened.

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly as he froze in place.

The reason this person had just gone to the front desk to change rooms.

It was because ……

It was an erotic room!!!

[1] Legend has it that before Laozi passed the Hangu Pass, the guarding Guan Ling Yinxi saw a cloud of purple air floating from the east, thinking that a saint must have come, and hurried to greet him. Sure enough, I saw Lao Tzu slowly riding on the green cow.

[2] He is saying that he has a sweet mouth full of flattery.

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