Hell App

Chapter 70 Foreigner


The peaked-capped man deeply regretted running off his mouth with loud complaints, which also resulted in his insides turning blue from remorse right now.

He understood that it was surely because he was the very first one to interrupt the ghost, leading the female ghost to put a target on his back!

How could he have such a despicable mouth!

However, no matter how reluctant he was to do this, he didn’t dare rebel against the continuously cackling female ghost.

The peaked-capped man shot a glance at the other three players. They were still bundled together by the wicked threads of hair with only their heads exposed.

Seeing the three people’s expressions of sympathy, indifference, and schadenfreude, he couldn’t help but grow angrier. If it weren’t for his vile mouth, the chances of him getting picked was 25%. It also doesn’t take into account who’s unlucky among them!

He hatefully glared at the person, who gloated at his misfortune, and cursed under his breath for him to be the next unfortunate one to be picked, then slowly inching towards the desk at a snail’s pace.

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“W*nj, usw twup nyd ynvwyzzu vyzj?”

Amid the sharp screams, the peaked-capped man nearly let go of the chopsticks from being startled.

Fortunately, he was quite experienced in using chopsticks, and after correcting his hand’s form, the chopsticks were steadied. He then quickly placed the ‘bean’ into the other empty glass bottle.

Although there were some unforeseen turns when picking up the first ‘bean,’ it still went smoothly overall.

His first attempt gave the peaked-capped man more confidence. If he just ignored the sudden exploding screams, maybe this pinching beans game wouldn’t be that hard.

The peaked-capped man carefully counted the remaining heads inside the jar, but the number of heads inside was too many. If he were to pinch everything out, it would take him approximately five minutes to finish this task.

However, this wasn’t a challenge for those people who were already accustomed to using chopsticks.

The peaked-capped man’s morale quickly boosted as his energy increased, intending to finish pinching these d*mned beans.

The movement of his chopsticks was as if they were flying, and the human heads looked like they were being carried through the air into the empty jar.

Soon, he was finished moving half of the heads from the jar, but as he continued to pinch the heads, misfortune suddenly descended upon him.

When he was half-way between the jars, the head between the chopsticks suddenly began to fiercely struggle!

As it turned out, besides being able to scream, these heads could also move!

‘You’re only a head, how could you possibly move?’

The peaked-capped man’s heart instantly shook, so he hastily threw the struggling head into the jar.

He hesitated and didn’t pick up another head, beginning to wonder how he should approach his next move.

The game became more challenging as they moved to the later levels. Although this was just a mini-game, it was still happening inside the app, so it’s certainly also following the app’s patterns.

For his following attempts, these wretched heads would definitely misbehave even more.

If they were to escape midair, then he…

The peaked-capped man felt a shiver run down his spine from seeing that the expression on the miniature heads transforming into something more wicked.

Mother- These human heads were not at all obedient, so he couldn’t continue gently pinching them like before!

He set his eyes on these heads and found that their mouths kept opening and closing. Suddenly, he had an idea.

As he extended his chopsticks, he inserted the tips inside a head’s mouth and then pierced the head with the chopsticks!


The head immediately followed with a sharp shriek, and countless curses flowed out of its mouth. The peaked-capped man simply couldn’t imagine how many malicious words existed in this world.

Yet, no matter how many curses the head showered onto him, he simply turned a deaf ear and continued to transfer the heads one by one.

Slowly but surely, the heads inside the jar dwindled in number as the peaked-capped man’s heart gradually relaxed, thinking that these human heads couldn’t possibly cause any more trouble.

At that moment, only a few heads were left inside the jar. He picked one up and swiftly maneuvered it into the other almost-filled jar.

Consequently, this time, while he was moving it half-way through the air, he saw the head expose a nasty little grin——The chopsticks… suddenly snapped off!

Almost immediately, the head and the chopsticks’ tips fell, rolling off the table a few times before finally landing on the ground with a loud ‘thud.’

Upon seeing this, the peaked-capped man turned rigid. He abruptly turned his head to the female ghost’s direction and stammered, “The jar still has some heads! I can still pick them up! Lost one, I’ve only lost one! Give me another chance!”


The female ghost erupted into a fit of laughter then gritted its teeth, as if it was thinking about something.

Seeing the female ghost not reply to his pleas, the peaked-capped man’s expression turned even stiffer.

He stopped begging for mercy, his hand tightening its hold on the chopsticks as a remedy.

He stretched the chopsticks towards the jar, intending to quickly finish pinching the leftover heads.

Unfortunately, the female ghost didn’t give him this opportunity.

The nasty smirk plastered on her face suddenly froze while the peaked-capped man sweated all over, his heart still hoping to get another chance.

Soon, he’ll be able to finish pinching them. If he had finished pinching, the female ghost wouldn’t do anything to him!

However, before he was able to firmly pick up the head, a myriad of black water-like hair entangled him!

The fine hair was similar to steel wires, deadly coiling around him and forcing the peaked-capped man to scream in pain!

Yet, all he could do was scream.

In a blink of an eye, the sharp steel wire hair severed his neck, and the man’s massive head leaned to the left and rolled into the thick set of hair.

Shortly, the man’s decapitated head was wrapped inside the thick hair. His eyes were filled with regret with his face showing a distorted expression, covered up by the hair.

The strands of hair tightened up and compressed, swiftly gathering up into a small ball.

When the ghost’s hair had once again opened up, the man’s head was already compressed into a size of a winter date.

He glared bitterly at the remaining three people, his eyes were precisely the same as the other heads.

“As expected.” Bai Yan thought to himself, “Dead people will turn into the beans, and the other ‘beans’ are also the other players’ heads.”

The man’s head peacefully laid on the thick bed of hair with its mouth opened wide as if it still hadn’t accepted the fact that it was already dead.

But, the female ghost didn’t care whether the newly decapitated head has already adapted to its new deceased life or not. Her hair curled up and violently threw the man’s head into the jar.

The female ghost poured the remaining heads into the other jar, and after, her hair that enshrouded her front revealed a small slit of her face.

A long long tongue extended forward, and the man’s headless cadaver was grabbed by the tongue, entering her mouth. This scene was immediately followed by a spell of eerie chewing that could make anyone’s hair stand on end. The crunching sound continued, causing the remaining three people to stretch their bodies…

‘Who’s next? It can’t be me, right?’

A thought suddenly flashed through Bai Yan’s head when he heard the lip-smacking sound coming from the female ghost’s mouth, who cackled as she said, “Next one! Move quickly! Don’t let me starve to death!”

As soon as her voice fell, the hair binding Bai Yan’s body became loose.

It was obvious that he was the next lucky winner.

Faced with these circumstances, Bai Yan really didn’t want to be this lucky.

He cautiously turned his head to peer at the female ghost, feeling a deep sense of doubt that she could read his mind.

‘It can’t be? Can you also hear my thoughts?’

Bai Yan felt that he was surely and truly unfortunate, and he didn’t consider that this was the female ghost’s retribution for him looking delighted at the peaked-capped man’s misfortune.

Bai Yan moved his hands around and casually walked to the table’s side, grabbing the chopsticks and starting to see it in full detail.

From far away, he couldn’t see it, but as he got closer, he discovered that the chopsticks were covered with teeth marks.

It was probably due to those mischievous heads. Even after being stabbed in the mouth, they still used their tiny teeth to tear at it, wanting to run their teeth through the chopstick and struggle free.

The peaked-capped man was careless in the end. The bites of the tiny heads in front of him were small, so what happened to the chopsticks couldn’t be helped.

The teeth of the last few heads were exceedingly clever, snapping off the chopsticks as they were being pinched off.

With his tragic death, the peaked-capped man died with a grievance.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes at the glass jar of heads. This time, the heads with teeth were at the very top of the pile. It seemed to be a tough fight from the beginning.

Among them, the man’s head was stacked at the very top of the jar. This new ‘bean’ was fiercely staring down at Bai Yan with its mouth mumbling something under its breath. Its mouth wiggled and squirmed more determinedly than the others as if it were cursing and calling the player, who took joy in his misfortune, horrible names.

‘No, it’s holding a grudge?’

Bai Yan’s heart muttered in his heart while his mouth also cried out, “A bit louder. I can’t hear you.”

“Have the guts to scream it out.”

Having heard this, the man’s eyes suddenly turned even more bitter.

His expression was twisted, warped to the degree of surpassing the other heads.

If the expression on its face was able to represent its standing among the other heads, Bai Yan was convinced that the man status was elevated among them and had already become the most prominent head there was.

Maybe it’s because of Bai Yan’s provocation, but the man was still cursing inside the glass jar.

His curses were more malicious than the others as though he had already set a mental outline of it while he was alive.

“Come on, don’t be afraid.”

The head cursed enthusiastically, causing Bai Yan to instead, show a light smile.

However, no matter what Bai Yan’s mouth had said, his hands were even more ruthless. Due to learning from the man’s mistakes, he didn’t put the chopsticks in the mouth. Rather, he directly jabbed the two chopsticks into the man’s eye sockets, completely running through them.

“Big brother, I’m sorry.” Bai Yan said this without a shred of sincerity, “You died but still gave us more trouble. The chopsticks are broken, causing us to experience such an inconvenience. But, I’ll forgive you!”

Hearing Bai Yan’s words, the man abruptly broke out a shriek that could rupture an eardrum.

Ye Shangyu and the other player, Tom, were still coiled up in the hair, so they couldn’t use their hands to cover their ears, their ears quickly becoming deaf.

Ye Shangyu was okay. She had already known about Bai Yan’s morality a long time ago, only giving out her comments to herself. ‘Don’t involve unrelated people in your games. This guy sure doesn’t have common decency.’

‘As for Tom, this foreigner is already dead.’

He was out of luck when being matched by these unfamiliar Eastern players. Especially when seeing Bai Yan say obscenities, he felt extremely frightened.

When the cold hasn’t settled into his companion’s bones, this youth from the East began mercilessly ridiculing the deceased. There was not a shred of humanity in him. How could this person from the East be so cold and detached?

Or, it’s because Western people were more human!

Tom silently prayed for this unlucky player, hoping for him to ascend to heaven and would no longer suffer any hardships in the future.

Bai Yan had already kababbed the ‘beans’ together and threw them into the other jar. Everything went smoothly.

The fact was, no matter how compressed they were, the eyes were a crucial part of a person’s head.

No matter how firm the eyes were, they would never grow thorns.

Naturally, if these eyes were to grow sharp fangs or maybe suddenly mutate into some kind of strong acid that was capable of melting the chopsticks, Bai Yan would wholeheartedly accept his death.

While ignoring the still mumbling and cursing man’s head inside the jar, Bai Yan nonchalantly moved the chopsticks, and another sharp-toothed head was picked up.


T/N: Oh Tom, such a gentle soul wrapped up in this messed up app. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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