Chapter 51.2 Roommate (2)

‘Crack… Crack…’

‘Crack… Crack… Crack…’

The sleeping Du Han heard a horrifying teeth-grinding sound, causing him to excrete cold sweat.

In his dream, he saw a girl in red continuously chasing after him, trying to kill him.

He was frantically running away in his dream, but the female ghost was unwilling to let him off and pursued him, getting closer to him by the second.

With nowhere else to go, Du Han saw his house’s security door, immediately rejoicing. He then quickly took out a key to open the door, got in, and hid in his room in a rush.

However, the speedy female ghost chased him and blocked him by his room’s door.

Du Han nervously gritted his teeth, wanting to jump out of the window to escape the dangerous situation. But, he was alarmed to find out that the door and the window suddenly disappeared before his eyes!

Now, he was trapped like a rat!

Unable to flee, he hid in the room’s corner, quivering in fear, as the female ghost exposed an evil grin, walking towards him, step by step. It’s mouth released cracks and groans, as it quickly pressed him against the ground.

At this moment, Du Han was already somewhat awake. He desperately struggled, doing his best to break free from the female ghost’s grasp. However, he wasn’t even able to move a single finger, as he slowly felt that this body wasn’t his own.

Du Han gradually opened his eyes and saw a pitch-black slab of wood. He was still in a frightened and panicked state, but he already knew that what just happened was but a nightmare.

Yet, he still couldn’t move.

Sleep paralysis!

The phrase immediately rushed up in Du Han’s heart.



Under Du Han’s feet, a sudden fit of continuous teeth-grinding sounds came through.

Du Han immediately felt as if he were dropped in an ice cave. He remembered… that the female ghost in his nightmare also grinded its teeth, and the noise she made was exactly the same as the one right now!

Did the female ghost from his nightmare emerge into reality!

Du Han was so terrified that his teeth began chattering. He so desperately wanted his body to just run away from this place, but at this moment, he still appeared to be trapped in sleep paralysis, even turning his head slightly was difficult.

Du Han’s heart permeated with absolute despair, but after a few seconds, inspiration suddenly flashed before him as he realized that he wasn’t afraid of anything, that this thing underneath his feet was just Old Qin ah!

Old Qin’s sleeping habits weren’t good, which meant that he always had a problem with grinding his teeth in his sleep. He’s heard it for two years already, so they were all used to it. There were even times that they weren’t used to not hearing it.

Du Han’s nervousness was slightly alleviated, but his back was still rigid. His rationale told him that it was just Old Qin, but after experiencing such a horrible nightmare, he couldn’t help but substitute Old Qin as the female ghost in his mind despite his heart understanding that the teeth-grinding sounds he heard from the female ghost was just Old Qing’s doing.

After some time, Du Han finally regained his movement. He quickly took off the two quilts on top of his body, which may have caused the feeling of being pushed down and being unable to breathe in his dream.

At this time, the soles of his feet still felt the vibrations from teeth-grinding cracks.

Du Han became tense, his heart oozing with panic. He wanted to make a sound and wake up Old Qin, to stop him from grinding his teeth.

However, when he heard Deng Fei’s snoring, he stopped in his tracks. Deng Fei had cat-like ears, so he was especially sensitive to noises. Moreover, if he was woken up, he had a hard time falling back to sleep. Him waking up Old Qin wasn’t important since if he also woke up Deng Fei in the process, this person would create a hullabaloo.

Du Han sighed. He leaned his back against the wall as he grabbed his phone, still under the impression that Old Qing’s teeth-grinding were too horrific for a normal person.

He played on his phone until it was 2 AM, the night sky looked as if it were painted with black ink. It was still too early to see the break of dawn.

Right now, Du Han was finally able to notice his sleepiness, and the memory of the female ghost dressed in red was but a distant memory. The most important thing was Old Qing eventually stopped grinding his teeth, and the dorm room’s peaceful environment was reinstated.

Du Han intended to lie down on his bed and continue his slumber, but the sudden urge to pee made him toss and turn, unable to fall asleep.

Du Han grabbed his phone for some light and walked into the bathroom to do his business.

Following the sounds of splashing water, Du Han became extremely relaxed, knowing that he would be able to dream until dawn broke.

While the water was flushing, he suddenly heard quiet footsteps on the other side. He asked the person on the other side in a low voice, “Old Qin, do you also need to use the toilet?”


There was no answer from the other side.

Du Han didn’t really care since he knew that Old Qin also knew of Deng Fei’s lousy faults and didn’t want to inadvertently wake him up.

He casually put his underpants back on and raised his hand to open the door, but when his hand touched the door, Du Han only blankly stared at it.

A spine-tingling chill climbed his tailbone to his neck and then he suddenly remembered what Deng Fei had said earlier that day.

“This isn’t right. There should be only Deng Fei and I in the dorm today! Where did Old Qin come from?”

“Didn’t he go home!”

“…Why? How could I forget!”

Du Han’s face immediately became ashen. He then recalled the post he read during the day. The first one he read in the post was how a ghost climbed inside a quilt, and the second one was how a ghost pretended to be the main protagonist’s roommate and killed him.

“The post was real!”

Now, Du Han was absolutely sure that the Old Qin on the other side of the door was a ghost! The protagonist in the story also forgot a small detail. That ‘Old Qin’ must have altered his memory, otherwise, he wouldn’t have recalled it only now!

With this said, the teeth-grinding sound he previously heard…

He remembered the teeth grinding female ghost in his dream. Du Han’s legs turned to jelly, nearly collapsing on the floor.

Du Han summoned his courage and used his phone’s flashlight to shine on the bathroom door’s glass but was terrified to see a person’s fuzzy figure sticking onto the glass’s surface.

Du Han was so scared that he crawled back from the door as far away and withdrew to the furthest corner in the bathroom, not daring to move.



The abrupt flushing sounds from upstairs made Du Han jump out of alarm.

Looking at the door again, the person’s figure was standing directly in front of the glass as if it didn’t intend to open it.

Du Han clenched his teeth, his heart didn’t want it to be like this. He feared that ‘Old Qin’ would rush in, so he silently picked up the iron dustpan that was squatting on the bathroom floor. If the ghost dared to enter, he would use the dustpan and give it a whack.

Du Han was squatting inside the bathroom for quite some time, causing his legs to feel numb.

On a cold winter night, his nighttime clothes were thin and flimsy, making him shiver from the sheer cold. Du Han suspected that he’d freeze to death if he stayed like this at this rate. However, he couldn’t make himself go out, because ‘Old Qin’ was still standing outside the door. If he were to go out, he was bound to get caught.

“What to do? What to do? The sky still isn’t bright!” Du Han nervously prayed in his heart. He even wanted to cry out for help and wake up Deng Fei to save himself from this mess.

However, distant water cannot be used in a nearby fire(1). He was afraid that before Deng Fei could rescue him, ‘Old Qin’ would hear him move and then barge in the toilet.

  1. A slow remedy does not address the current emergency.

Under the influence of his fear, Du Han didn’t dare do anything, only staying crouched in a corner and patiently waiting for morning.


What time was it?

He didn’t know how long he had been squatting, but due to his tired and cold state, Du Han was curled up and shivering, completely forgetting the time.

He slowly bowed his head and saw the time on the phone’s screen. Right now, it was exactly 4 AM, it was still too early for the sky to brighten up.

He mumbled a curse, closing his phone while continuing to crouch down. He attentively watched the glass door but was stunned to find out that the person’s figure on the door was now gone!

Has the ghost finally left?

Du Han couldn’t believe it! He knew what would happen next in horror movies, but he still wanted to go out.

Because, he was already freezing to the point of death. If he didn’t go out, then he’d get a fever, or even worse, he’d get pneumonia.

He weakly wiped his nose and placed his phone on the window sill. His hand then grabbed the dustpan, his heart fixated on going out that door.

He gazed carefully at the glass partition and didn’t see any signs of a figure outside.

It should be gone now, right?

Du Han felt his heart rise to his throat and swiftly opened the door. Fortunately, the ghost wasn’t keeping watch of the door, and it had probably already left.

Hah… A renewed life after the calamity(2).

  1. Have a close brush with death.

Du Han’s raised heart dropped back down to his stomach. The hand carrying the dustpan slightly loosened its grip as he went to the bathroom sink, wanting to put the dustpan down and put everything back to its place tomorrow.

Du Han neatly placed the dustpan near the sink, sighing as he turned around to leave.

However, before he turned his body, he felt a person tapping his shoulder.

A sudden chill came.

Du Han turned stiff as he turned his head and saw…

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