Chapter 51.1 Roommate (1)

The app let them assume the NPC’s identity, so naturally, it also meant that they would inherit the NPC’s assets.

The identity Bai Yan got in this game was Lu Xuemin, whose financial circumstances were comfortable. As a result, the money in his bank account was not lacking.

Through 100% criminal means, Ye Shangyu was able to find the ‘Nightly Ghost Stories’ resident users. They were all students at Blue Sky College. Bai Yan contacted the circle of people, and it wasn’t until the afternoon where the first three posts had been finally checked.

“Only checking these three posts is enough. In ordinary days, this forum doesn’t have much site traffic. These three were all posted a month ago, so no one has given interest to them for the last few days.” Ye Shangyu said, “The results?”

“None. All the stories on the posts don’t match up to anything on the archives. Moreover, there aren’t any stories that are related to quilts.” Bai Yan answered.

T/N: The Nightly Ghost Stories is the title of the section, so the post that Sun Yulan read was under here, but this section also has other posts from different users.

“To put it this way, there may be someone who has clicked on the post before we started on our investigation.” Luo Xing said to himself incoherently, “The people who have read through the story will surely become the protagonist of that ghost story, and the ghost story posts might disappear while the story is in process until the lead’s death. Or, if the ghost story reaches its conclusion, the post will then once again come back, waiting for the next person to read it.”

“If so, it would be better for us to wait until then, but doing this is also good.” Ye Shangyu closed her laptop, “Their deaths are always better than ours.”

Blue Sky College.

Inside the male dormitory building.

At exactly 8:30 AM, Du Han was snooping around and came across a new post in the ‘Nightly Ghost Stories’ section, getting suddenly interested in it.

Du Han was an enthusiast for paranormal events. Normally, besides reading horror novels and playing thrilling games, he would also frequently visit the school forum’s supernatural portion.

Inside the forum, there were a lot of ghost stories posted, but unfortunately, there were not a lot of people inside, so it often takes a while before new posts show up.

Du Han had a habit of going through the forum every day. Today, since he didn’t have anything to do this morning, he went to the forum, as usual, and accidentally saw this new post.

“Finally! Someone that published a post. Let me see what kind of story this is.”

Du Han entered the post, starting to read it with keen interest.

After finishing two stories, his back couldn’t help but emit a layer of cold sweat.

He’s read through countless horror novels, but he had no choice but to admit defeat. This was the absolute best story he’s seen by far.

The story wasn’t long, but the emotion definitely made up for it. In this short piece, Du Han completely felt like he was the main character, and after being killed by the ghost, his hands and feet felt cold as ice.

“This is rare. The last time I had this feeling was back when I was still in third-year high school, staying up late to read a horror novel.” Du Han’s expression remained frightened, but the corners of his lips hooked up, appearing to be extremely content.

The story was indeed frightening, but he enjoyed this feeling of his heart beating wildly.

He had to say, the scarier the story was, the more excited he got. He couldn’t get enough of this afterlife experience, causing him to feel that life was truly great. Together with an ordinary and tedious life, life would turn into something precious and wouldn’t let anyone be bored.

Turning off his phone, Du Han leaned on the wall to reflect on the story, relishing the soul-quivering state he felt.

But, he hadn’t pondered on it for too long before he heard his roommate loudly shout, which interrupted him and led him to feel irritated.

“F*ck! Old Han, quickly get out of that forum! A student in school died! It was a girl, and there are some students who took pictures of the scene and posted them on the forum!”

“What? Someone died in school?”

Du Han’s spirit roused, and the unpleasantness suddenly disappeared like a puff of smoke in thin air.

He could always reflect on the stories at another time, but this sort of big news wasn’t something that he came across frequently.

Everyone has the heart to gossip. Although the one who died was their school mate, so long as he didn’t personally know that person, Du Han wouldn’t grieve.

Du Han opened his phone and looked at the post that his roommate sent.

The contents of the post forced his eyes wide open as he couldn’t help but make a big fuss about it to his friend.

“F*ck! It turns out to be true! Deng Fei, you’re really telling the truth. How did you find out about this?”

Du Han stared at the picture. Even if he was only separated by a screen, he still felt shivers all over his body. In the photograph, there was only a girl’s head. The lower part of her body was nowhere to be seen, while the quilt’s cotton was completely soaked in blood.

Thinking that a murderer had infiltrated the school, he became somewhat nervous.

“You don’t know, but this is going crazy in our class group. Right now, everyone in school is talking about it in the forum.” Deng Fei swiped the screen and said, “The one to send out the picture is a female schoolmate, who was at the scene of the crime. All of the girls in that dorm are terrified. Oh right! I should quickly save this. The post might get deleted by the administrator later, you know.”

As if it weren’t a big deal, Deng Fei posted the photo on a social media site and also forwarded it everywhere.

Contrary to what one might expect, Du Han didn’t strive to gain other people’s attention. He gazed at the bloody image, slowly showing his distracted face.

The dead girl’s cold and staring eyes were filled with surprise as if the last thing she saw made her terrified. Du Han looked at the girl’s remaining head and felt uncomfortable, but slowly, the horror story he read earlier bubbled up in his mind, suffocating him, almost to the point where he forgot how to breathe properly.

But this time, he couldn’t let out a laugh.

He suddenly made a frightening mental connection.

“Deng Fei, I’ll tell you about this matter.” Du Han felt a bit unsettled, saying, “Earlier, I read some ghost stories. The first story was about a quilt. The story’s main character was a girl that let her quilt dry in the sun. Inside the quilt harbored a hidden ghost, and when it was nighttime, the ghost ate the girl… Could this story be true?”

“Ghost stories that come true?” Deng Fei chuckled, “How could that be? Old Han, did you read too many ghost stories again?”

“That’s true too.”

There were some differences in the deaths of the main protagonist in the story and the girl in the picture, but they weren’t completely the same. Besides that, there was also another story written on that post, which had nothing to do with the dead girl. So, maybe he was simply overthinking it.

He, Du Han, had read numerous horror novels over the years but has never seen a single ghost. It was possible that ghosts and monsters were just figures of the imagination and really didn’t exist in the real world.

Du Han shook his head and laughed at his silly self, but there was still a thread of doubt lingering in his heart.

He slowly raised his head and used his peripheral vision to see Deng Fei. His heart was vigilant as he cautiously sounded out, “Deng Fei, do you still remember the food I gave you the day before yesterday?”

“Ah? Why are you asking this? …Wasn’t it the egg and tomato dish?”


Du Han’s face was green from worry. He remembered clearly that he gave Deng Fei chicken with rice and vegetables that day!

Could the contents of the story come true? Was this Deng Fei a fake and had changed into a ghost!

The heating equipment in Blue Sky College wasn’t good, especially today when Du Han felt incomparable chilliness running through his body.

While Deng Fei was busy forwarding his projects, Du Han, who was wearing his pajamas, softly and quietly ran to the door, his hand grasping the doorknob, preparing to rush out at any given time.

However, when he was about to go out, Du Han hesitated. Was he really going to go out on this cold night with only pajamas on? So, he decided to give Deng Fei one last chance.

Thus, he put on a straight face and harshly asked Deng Fei, “What snacks do you usually like to eat the most? Answer quickly!”

“…Old Han, did you inhale some gunpowder?” Deng Fei put down the project he was forwarding, reluctantly casting his gaze onto Du Han, “The snack I like to eat the most is beef jerky. What about it? Eh… Outright asking me what I like to eat, are you interested in me?”

Du Han immediately turned cold and rubbed the goosebumps on his arms.

“F*ck! Don’t say things prematurely! I’m scared to death! And, who would like you? You don’t have boobs nor a butt!” Du Han exploded with swear words and unhappily said, “Who told you to forget about what you ate two days ago!”

“Nonsense, who would randomly ask what I ate two days ago? I can’t even remember what I had for dinner yesterday!” Deng Fei fiercely said, “Old Han, what happened to you today? I feel that there’s something wrong with you.”

In the face of Deng Fei’s deeply concerned inquiry, Du Han’s thick-skinned face couldn’t help but turn beet red. He was far too embarrassed to say what he had just done.

However, he had just ruthlessly interrogated his roommate, and since he hasn’t explained himself right now, he was feeling a tad guilty.

After faltering for half a day, Du Han clenched his teeth, and awkwardly explained, “I read a horror story earlier, which was the story right below the quilt one. I thought that since that girl was dead, the stories posted in this thread would come true. Also, in the story, there was an extra person in the dorm room, so I was skeptical that you were a disguised ghost!”

“Hahaha! Old Han, I didn’t think you were so weak at heart, getting scared over a ghost story!” Deng Fei laughed heartily, “You shouldn’t overindulge in your fantasies. There’s only the two of us in this room since the others returned home. Remember that besides your Brother Fei, anyone else in this dorm is a ghost, and with Brother Fei covering you, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything!”

Deng Fei’s teasing made Du Han want to dig into the smallest cracks in the room, but being embarrassed is to be embarrassed, and the lingering fear he had in his heart went away.

Du Han released a sigh of relief. It was the first time he had discovered that fear could make him this scared.

The death of the female student sent a great shock to the student body. Du Han and the rest of the students still in school were all focused on how matters slowly unfolded that day.

The deceased’s roommate, Mo Kaka, was brought to the police. Due to her mind being thoroughly traumatized from the recent events, Mo Kaka’s immediate family came to pick her up and took her home. On the other hand, the school’s board of directors was tight-lipped about the matter and was slow to give any comment on it.

Anyway, being cooped up during vacation was boring, so Du Han along with Deng Fei rained curses on the school’s board online for concealing the truth, becoming irresponsible keyboard warriors, and upholding justice through the Internet.

After frittering away their time online for the whole day, Sun Yulan’s case didn’t make any progress.

Deng Fei unceasingly typed away on his phone’s keyboard until his fingers felt numb, and since he was focused on one thing the entire day, his enthusiasm had also waned.

So, before it was even lights out, he weakly washed his face then rested. Not long, Du Han had also let out a yawn, closing his lamp and going to bed.

Soon, he had entered a deep sleep.

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