Chapter 25.1 Game End (1)

Lu Tianyi hadn’t fully processed what had happened, but because of An Qing’s powerful slap, he quickly held onto An Qing and chased after Bai Yan with long furious strides.

Originally, Su Xiaoqian was curious as to why An Qing insisted on lugging around her crutches when she first saw the eldest son. But looking at it now, An Qing really had foresight on the later events of the game. When they desperately ran off, Su Xiaoqian also lifted her maid’s skirt and hurriedly moved forward, not caring at all on what she looked like, fearing that any further delay would result in the ghost easily overtaking her.

After everyone else ran away, the slow-reacting Li Hao finally awoke from his dream-like daze. He eventually noticed the others were nowhere to be found and started sprinting towards the large door. 

It was a pity, but in the end, he was a second too slow.

The moment he hesitated, the master and the madam’s severed heads had already rolled to the door’s front and moved around in the pool of blood that gushed out of the eldest son’s lifeless body, using their bitter eyes to attentively stare at him.

Li Hao was terrified of the two heads with openly resentful eyes. He was already behind the others but because he reacted too late, the two headless bodies suddenly snuck up from behind and silently grabbed the base of his neck.

As the ghost’s ice-cold fingers clutched his neck, Li Hao instantly let out a blood-curdling screech. Immediately after, the madam forcefully pulled off his head, his headless body falling on the ground with a thud.

Li Hao’s head was thrown into the air and crashed into the window, giving everybody in the car a full view of his complete hopelessness.

As a result, Bai Yan quickly stepped on the gas pedal and brought the four people riding in the car forward.

Inside the master’s unbranded luxury car, Lu Tianyi along with An Qing sat at the back, while Su Xiaoqian sat at the front, using her hands to sort out her rain-drenched hair.

The heavy rainfall outside the car still hadn’t stopped. Su Xiaoqian’s whole body was completely soaked, making her wet maid’s uniform to clutch all around her body and causing her to feel uncomfortable.

However, Su Xiaoqian wasn’t in the mood to worry about her clothes. Her eyes opened wide and stared at the moving view through the car window. It was quite a while before she dared blink her beautiful eyes. She was scared that if she closed her eyes, a ghost’s face would suddenly appear on the other side of the glass, taking advantage of everyone’s unprepared state and sending them to heaven.

“Bai Yan, why did you kill the eldest son who was still a person? He could still be saved.”

While on the road, Lu Tianyi harshly criticized Bai Yan’s murder of the innocent son.

Bai Yan was concentrated on the road ahead and didn’t want to put in the extra effort in arguing with Lu Tianyi, asking without thinking, “Mr. Lu, are you part of an NPC Protection Society?”

Lu Tianyi was at a loss for words. It was clear that between NPCs and the players he came here with, he knew that the players were more important. Yet, these NPCs greatly resembled living beings. If this were the real world, they would also be considered as real people.

In truth, every time he entered the game, he had always thought about it when they target the NPCs. The NPCs were merely fabricated by the app’s system, so weren’t they the same as them, who had flesh, blood, and emotions like a real person?

The app carelessly threw real human beings into the game. If that’s the case, then where the people inside the game nothing more than just a string of complicated data?

Looking at Lu Tianyi cover his face and droop his head as if he was discouraged, An Qing thought about something and pulled on his sleeve, quietly explaining, “Brother Lu, don’t be sad. Bai Yan didn’t want to make it difficult for the older young master. If he didn’t kill him, then we would have faced something troublesome.”


Knowing that Lu Tianyi still hadn’t been convinced, An Qing kindly explained, “When the master and the madam had recalled their deaths, they already weren’t considered as the villa’s owners. Only one person was still alive in the villa, which was the person who escaped from the cellar, the oldest son. There’s something wrong with the older son’s head. If by chance we didn’t kill him, he may think that we are faceless ghosts and would order us to leave the villa, leading us all to our deaths.”

“For us to peacefully leave the villa, death is unavoidable. A corpse can’t give us any orders.”

Seeing that Lu Tianyi’s expression changed for the worse, An Qing comforted him, “ Moreover, think of how the older son was like when we last saw him. That sinister and terrifying face, not only did its tongue swell up like a balloon, but his eyes also nastily popped out of their sockets. Is he still considered a person?”

After An Qing was done talking, Su Xiaoqian, who was quietly sitting in front, also vocally expressed her support for the older son’s death. She served the older son’s meals the past few days and knew that he wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. But, people are selfish beings. If the older son hadn’t died, they would no doubt be undertaking some risks. Compared to their lives, an NPC’s death shouldn’t be something to care about.

An Qing’s comforting words made Lu Tianyi feel a bit better, but it was perfectly clear in his heart that even if the older son was indeed a human, his teammates wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice him for their safety. In the majority of the player’s eyes, the NPCs don’t have human rights and his guilty conscience was completely useless.

It was possible that he still couldn’t accept that his fellow teammates had used the NPC as a scapegoat since Lu Tianyu fell into silence, making An Qing to also keep quiet.

The raindrops outside continuously hit on the car’s glass windows and gathered together, forming long lines that disturbingly resembled long traces of blood and dividing the glass into countless pieces.

Nicely curling up inside the car and watching the fast-moving rows of trees, Su Xiaoqian always felt that the canopy of trees was densely packed with shadows of ghosts, these countless ghosts hiding inside the forest.

The car has been on the road for a while now. No one said a word as the car immediately fell into silence.

As everybody kept quiet, Su Xiaoqian shivered from the chill she felt, so she rubbed her hands along her arms, restlessly asking, “Where are we going? Do we have enough gas in the car?”

Bai Yan quickly glanced at the fuel meter and it showed that there wasn’t much fuel left. He opened his mouth and asked everyone where they think they should go, but apart from Su Xiaoqian, no one else answered back.

“An Qing, Lu Tianyi, did you guys hear that the car is almost out of gas?”

Bai Yan couldn’t believe that the two would simultaneously fall asleep, given their grave circumstances. He shifted his gaze into the rearview mirror, yet what he saw made his head feel instantly numb.

Sitting behind them were supposed to be An Qing and Lu Tianyi, but what he saw were two headless corpses.

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