The Green Tea Governor Forcibly Takes Wife

GTFTW- Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Governor

Translated by Jungmee, Edited and Proofread by Eli

It’s been drizzling for the past few days in Lingzhou City. Now that the Qian family’s crimes had come to light, Jiang Ling Ge, the Madame of the Qian family, was forced to ask all the important people in Lingzhou to help the family, but they were all unwilling.

For the past two weeks, the Old Madame had been far too depressed to do anything, while her husband’s two concubines were too young to do anything useful. She had also gone to Fucheng City more than ten times, but to no avail. Now that the family was in need of serious aid, Jiang Ling Ge even had to go to the Governor Fu1 府 (Fǔ)- Mansion. This is usually added after the title of the owner of the mansion. (Ex: Governor-Fu, Prince Jing-Fu, etc.) for help, and even though the governor returned to the fu four days ago, he still refused to see anyone. Desperate, Jiang Ling Ge continued standing outside. 

During this time, the door on the side suddenly opened, and Jiang Ling Ge saw a man who looked like a housekeeper come out. The man came over with an umbrella and said earnestly: “Madame Qian, go back. The Governor refuses to see anyone, and the weather is not good….”


Although the governor refused to see Jiang Ling Ge, he was a good housekeeper. He kept persuading her to go back, but Jiang Ling Ge kept shaking her head. “Uncle, please help me… I…”

Jiang Ling Ge was anxious and she herself didn’t know what to do. During this time, a well-dressed lady came out of the door. The lady stepped forward before looking at Jiang Ling Ge from head to toe, saying gently: ” Madame Qian, the Governor allowed you to go inside.”

Hearing the housekeeper’s words, Jiang Ling Ge, who was originally very disheartened, couldn’t believe that Governor Xu would actually see her. The beautiful woman couldn’t help but show a gratified smile. She let her maid, Song’e, lead her inside. 

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“Daren, this is a misunderstanding…” When she heard Xu Li’s words, Jiang Ling Ge became even more frightened. She hurriedly stood up, realizing that he had mistakenly thought that she was a prostitute. “I’m not…”


“How come she didn’t teach you?” He stood up and held the beauty who was about to escape. 

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