The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

[The little girl who sells milk 7: Walking while f*cking (H)]

Massive amounts of l*wd water poured down at him. Cheng Yimian was triggered till his back went numb, if not because he’d already braced himself for it, he might just shoot at once.

Cheng Yimian let out a low groan. He withheld his impulse to shoot his s*men, and hugged Yan Shi’s body towards the direction of the bedroom.

Yan Shi hugged Cheng Yimian’s neck firmly because she was afraid she might fall. Her lower body clamped around him even more tightly. It seemed as if Cheng Yimian’s s*x organ would explode from being binded too tightly.

The extreme tightness also came with an intense pleasure. Cheng Yimian’s forehead was moistened by his sweat.

He didn’t have to purposefully walk while f*cking her hole, he only needed to walk forward. Cheng Yimian’s me*t pole would go on to hit the deeper part of Yan Shi’s flower passage every time he lifted his leg, blocking off all the s*men in Yan Shi’s stomach.


Yan Shi cried weakly like a small kitten. Her two bundles of tender, smooth and small br**sts pressed against Cheng Yimian’s chest completely.

Yan Shi’s l*wd and sensitive body was completely cooked up by Cheng Yimian’s f*ck. Her tender br**sts would spill out milk with just a simple rubbing.

Her milky white br**st liquids flowed all around Cheng Yimian’s chest. That compact and tiny sensation lit up another fire in Cheng Yimian.

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“Xiao Shi Tou, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to satisfy you.”


Cheng Yimian’s s*x organ was pressed against the deepest part of Yan Shi’s body. The large tortoise head repetitively teased the tender walls of her womb, stirring the thick c*m that had been shot inside until it was giving out gurgling sounds.

Cheng Yimian moved his waist forcefully, the loud me*t-slapping sounds were deafening.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa–

Yan Shi’s left br**st was also been tortured by Cheng Yimian’s tongue until it looked like a mess. Her br**st water had been sucked out completely.

Probably because it didn’t feel that pleasant to f*ck at the door, Cheng Yimian finally hugged Yan Shi to the bed.

Cheng Yimian split both of Yan Shi’s legs apart forcefully, then drilled his me*t pole into Yan Shi’s body with such force as if he was piling.


Yan Shi let out a piercing scream, she didn’t even care if other people would hear her.

Cheng Yimian would f*ck to the end without holding back each time. The tender me*t in Yan Shi’s womb also turned red and swollen from the rubbing.

Bang bang bang–

Even the bed was creating such a loud noise due to Cheng Yimian’s powerful slams, not to mention Yan Shi.

Cheng Yimian coaxed Yan Shi to change into various positions, eating her up thoroughly from the inside out.


In the end, Yan Shi laid on the bed, both her legs were wide open and her whole body was covered in cloudy white fluids. Who knew if it was the s*men that had been shot out by Cheng Yimian or the milk that had been shot out from her br**sts.

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