The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

Dreamland side story 6: Taking turns to f*ck (H)

Nan Fengyi lifted one of Yan Shi’s legs and thrust inside after pushing her flower lips apart. Cheng Yimian berated Nan Fengyi loudly, calling him a thief, then seized Yan Shi’s back hole without hesitation.

A big guy with a curved angle had been in her flower hole, but now it changed into a thick and straight big me*t pole. Her greedy flower hole started to savor their subtle difference.

Her back hole was also the same, it was enjoying the treatment of the me*t pole with a big tortoise head.

Yan Shi’s front and back holes were filled up fully by two different s*x organs. Her sl*ttiness inflated, now she even wanted to stuff her small mouth full as well.

Her small hand caught a boiling hot me*t pole when it was waving it in the air. Yan Shi didn’t even think about it when she closed in to swallow it.


The meat colored big guy was licked by Yan Shi’s pink and tender small tongue. Due to the double stimulation of sight and touch, Liang Ziqian’s me*t pole that got swallowed by Yan Shi suddenly throbbed, and it seemed to show the tendency to grow bigger.

Yan Shi’s small mouth was stuffed fully. She moved in and out to suck on this c*ck that was filled with the scent of masculinity.

Her snowy white and hairless lower body was painted with a layer of shiny light by the l*wd fluids. Her swollen flower bud was grinded by Nan Fengyi’s thick and hard pub*c hair, while her back hole was so stuffed and swollen that it gave her the pleasure of being so full to bursting. Yan Shi felt like she was going crazy soon from the ecstasy.

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“Eww… zktbvla, zktbvla… ybb!” Zyd Fbk’p qzsola rkv bye clld qsanle srld cu Nkydt Hkikyd.

With the lubrication of the s*men, there would be embarrassing sloshing sounds when Liang Ziqian thrust in and out of her each time. Similarly, it was much easier to break open the layers of tender meat to reach her flower pit.


Liang Ziqian f*cked Yan Shi’s flower hole silently. The gurgling and sloshing sounds of water became louder and louder. Looking at his stance, it was obvious that he wanted to f*ck out all the stuff that Nan Fengyi shot inside.

L*wd water and s*men became a sloppy mess at Yan Shi’s hole entrance. Wen Tianji who was in her back hole was the same as well, similarly f*cking her roughly.

Wen Tianji lowered his head to lay it beside Yan Shi’s neck. He opened his mouth to bite the tender meat on Yan Shi’s neck. He would leave a line of teeth marks wherever his thin lips went.

Wen Tianji especially liked to bite Yan Shi when he was making love. He used his mouth and teeth to feel Yan Shi’s fresh and attractive body, but he had held himself back a lot compared to when he first did it. At least his bites didn’t make her feel so painful, it only gave Yan Shi the feeling of pricking pain and numbness, and also a desire that came gushing out from deep within her body.

Yan Shi couldn’t identify whose me*t poles were inside her body anymore. She only wanted to be f*cked roughly, to be stuffed full with s*men, and for her whole body to be covered with their smell.

“I want– want you all to thrust inside!” Yan Shi let out a long scream when a large amount of l*wd fluids came gushing out from her hole and poured onto the two thick and hard big me*t poles, wetting them thoroughly.

Liang Ziqian and Wen Tianji rubbed against the tender meat in Yan Shi’s body as they went in and out. Yan Shi called out ‘Yiii Yaa’, she was so pleasured that she could no longer say a complete sentence.

The thick and hot s*men shot inside both of Yan Shi’s holes intensely again. The two thick and strong me*t poles were pulled out from her small hole that turned crimson red from the f*ck.

A trail of white liquids flowed out of her small hole that couldn’t close quickly anymore. It was the thing that the men had shot inside.

Yan Shi panted ‘ah ha’, she could clearly feel that the thick c*m in her womb was gurgling out without stopping.

Don’t go, all of it must stay in her body. All of these were not enough, she needed more, it would be best if her stomach was stuffed full of it.

Yan Shi propped up both her arms with the little energy she had remaining, then shook her a*s. Her pinkish white small a*s had a beautiful shape, full of meaty sensation. It looked absolutely alluring.


Especially when her two small holes were so delicately beautiful – they looked like products of craftsmanship. They were still leaking out men’s s*men. Almost no men could resist this stimulation of sight.

Bai Shanyu and Yan Yu replaced the previous two me*t poles. Their thick and hard poles squeezed out the two puddles of thick s*men when they thrust inside. The white c*m wrapped around the thick and strong me*t poles slowly, while the walls in the small hole also clamped around the me*t poles tightly without letting go.

The sounds of water were loud and clear. Her small hole was f*cked till it released embarrassing sounds enough to make others blush.

Yan Yu’s cold and thin lips pressed against Yan Shi’s lips to kiss her, lightly and distantly, as if he wasn’t really there.

Such a kiss made Yan Shi’s heart so giddy that she couldn’t endure it. The little logical senses she had left told her that the one kissing her right now was Yan Yu, she must not call the wrong name.

“Ge Ge1TN: brother… softer.” Yan Shi was teary eyed. Her bright eyes were blurred with watery mist with Yan Yu’s face reflected on them.

Yan Shi couldn’t see Yan Yu’s facial expression clearly. She could only call her brother in a low voice again and again.

Such soft and flirtatious calls of Ge Ge could fire up the man’s entire bloody passion. Yan Yu couldn’t resist having Yan Shi call him that with such a soft tone. The large thing buried in the tender hole immediately engorged and grew swollen.

Yan Shi’s body was also pushed to her limits by the men. Her inner walls were clamping around them so tightly. Hot boiling liquids poured outwards without a single care.

Yan Yu’s me*t pole was clenched inside the flower hole and couldn’t even move anymore. Bai Shanyu, who was buried in her back hole wasn’t faring well either. Such a strong suction could almost break their thing apart.

Yan Shi’s brain was blank because of that fatal bliss. Her fingers left some tiny claw marks on Yan Yu’s arm.

Bai Shanyu hugged Yan Shi’s slender waist. He spoke beside Yan Shi’s ear: “Xiao Shi Tou, relax.”


Yan Shi couldn’t hear clearly what Bai Shanyu said at this time. Her whole body was drained of energy and every inch of her bones and meat was sore and numb. She felt so weak like a puddle of water.

When Yan Shi’s body gradually relaxed, the two er*ct big c*cks in her body began to move again.

Each time a sticky sloshing sound was made, the s*men in her hole was squeezed out a little. The mixture of thick c*m and l*wd water started dripping down, and some even trailed down her white and smooth thighs.

Everyone could keep their promise to follow the order at first, but as time went on, everyone was burning with fiery l*st. They didn’t care about the time allocation anymore, so Yan Shi’s small mouth, hands and feet all came into the picture.

Her small feet stepped on a crimson red me*t pole that was radiating warmth. Both her hands had one pole in each hand, and her head even turned here and there to take turns swallowing each me*t pole.

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