The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

13. F***ed in the student body president’s office (H)

Liang Ziqian was genuinely reliable. Besides buying porridge and morning-after pills, he even bought a set of clothes for Yan Shi, which included pants and layers of bandage.

Yan Shi put on the clothes, understanding that Liang Ziqian was willing to help her hide her gender.

After the sky brightened, the rain had almost stopped, leaving only pits of water as evidence of the big storm last night.

They were able to call a taxi easily after the rain stopped. Liang Ziqian sent her back home.

Her heart seemed to be laced with honey, her happiness written all over her face.

Her grandmother asked her if something good had happened to her. Yan Shi thought that even though they had a mutual liking for each other, they were not official yet, so she just wrote it off as she was in a good mood today.

Another day had passed. Her body felt less numb and painful, so she began gathering her things to go back to school.

Wrapping the bandage around her, she patted her chest, making sure it was flat so no one would notice.

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When she got on the bus, there was no empty spot left. Yan Shi had to stand throughout the entire ride with a heavy backpack on her shoulders. When she finally arrived, she felt as if her shoulders were going to break.

Thinking that she could meet her senior again at school, her backpack didn’t feel as heavy anymore.

After walking for a while, she gave up. Her backpack was too heavy.

Yan Shi’s hands held onto the bands of the backpack, unloading it from her shoulders. After a while, her hands began to hurt again, so she used her arm to carry it instead.

It was then that she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, little guy, having trouble carrying your bag?”

Yan Shi turned around to see a chest in a black T-shirt. Lifting her head up, she saw Nan Fengyi looking at her.

Nan Fengyi lowered his body to match her height. “I feel bad seeing you have such a hard time carrying your bag. Let me carry it for you.”

The young man’s handsome and masculine face was just inches away from her. She could smell the fresh teakwood fragrance belonging to him.

Yan Shi subconsciously passed her bag to Nan Fengyi and only realized what she was doing after he took it.

“You’re having such a hard time with this light bag. Is it because you skipped meals, or did my snoring affect your sleep?” Nan Fengyi asked as he patted her back.

Although the strength of his large palm patting on her back was small, Yan Shi wasn’t prepared and stumbled at his force.

Nan Fengyi grabbed her arm single-handedly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’re so weak.”

“Cough cough… it’s okay. I’m fine.” Yan Shi quickly stood up straight.

Nan Fengyi carried her bag on his shoulder, saying nothing as he walked with her.

He developed an unusual feeling for his roommate. He thought that perhaps something had gone wrong with his brain because he restrained himself for too long and tried to think of Yan Shi as an ordinary friend.


Yan Shi didn’t notice his abnormality. Nan Fengyi was 190cm tall, and there was so much height difference between them that she had to stretch her neck up just to look at him.

The only thought in her mind was, her roommate was such a nice guy. It felt so comfortable walking without the heavy backpack.

Both of them walked towards their dorm room together. Yan Shi took her bag from him and thanked him.

At night, Yan Shi hid under the covers to chat with Liang Ziqian on her old mobile phone. The smile on her face never subsided as she typed.

They will meet tomorrow at the student body president’s office. After taking note of that, she turned off her mobile phone and went to sleep.


The next day after lunch, Cheng Yimian was again dragged away by his other friends to play soccer. These youthful young men seemed to have infinite energy. If only she was a male, she could stay in Chenghui High School openly without being afraid of exposing her true gender, Yan Shi thought.

But after a moment, she shook her head and quickly finished up her food.

Afterward, she went to gargle her mouth and wiped her lips clean before heading to the student body president’s room. The room was located in the multimedia building. Since it was lunch break, there weren’t a lot of students around.

Yan Shi sneakily headed towards the student body president’s room. The moment she arrived, the door opened, and a strong arm pulled her in.

The sudden movement made her head spin until she realized that she was pressed against the wall and the door had closed behind her.

She inhaled the young man’s fresh and clean amber-like scent as his broad arms locked around her body.

“I missed you.” Liang Ziqian buried his face in her neck.

Just one day passed since they last met, and they even chatted through the phone last night. Hearing that he missed her made her blush deeply. She then hugged his hip. “I missed you too.”

“I want to kiss you.” It was a statement.

He did not wait for an answer before his lips went down on her. He started kissing her forehead first and gradually made his way down, making Yan Shi feel so shy that she closed her eyes.

He kissed her softly, not leaving even a single trace on her skin. It was his gentle kisses that made her body weaken. If not for his arm holding up her waist, she would have already collapsed to the ground.

The air around them seemed to begin heating up due to the kiss. Liang Ziqian started sneaking his hand into her clothes.

Although there were no calluses on his hands, he was still a guy, and his large hands felt rough on her smooth skin.

His hands could magically blaze any part of her skin it touched, and before she knew it, her pants had been pulled down to her knees.

Liang Ziqian swept the things on the table away with his arm and powerfully lifted her up to sit on the table.

“People will see us.” Yan Shi closed her legs tightly, bending down to try to pull her pants up.

But Liang Ziqian had removed his glasses and undid the buttons of his shirt one by one. “Then I’ll take them off with you.”

Yan Shi could feel that he had a good body when she touched him yesterday night. Her thoughts were affirmed when she could finally see his body in broad daylight.

He had the perfect ratio of a broad chest, tight hip and long legs, perfect muscular chest, eight pack abs, and Apollo’s belt that ran down into the waist of his pants.

Gulp, Yan Shi could hear herself swallowing her own saliva.

Liang Ziqian smiled and unbuckled his belt, letting out his thick and long c*ck.

He placed his round head at her already moist flower entrance. It wasn’t as hard to enter her this time compared to their first time. With a heavy thrust, he buried himself into her warm walls.

Her tight passage clenched around the hard foreign object, causing Yan Shi to let out a soft moan the moment he entered her.

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