The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

9. Staying in the same room with Liang Ziqian after getting wet

Yan Shi was enthralled by the manga’s exciting plot. She wasn’t tired yet, but her stomach began growling in hunger.

It was then that she was reminded about the time. She pulled out her phone to check the time and jumped up in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Liang Ziqian put down the book in his hands and turned towards her.

Yan Shi dug her hand into her pocket, feeling apologetic. “It’s already seven o’clock. I’m sorry, senior. I lost track of time. Can we still make it if we go back now?”

Liang Ziqian smiled and said, “It’s alright. I don’t have anything else to do today. But it has been raining hard outside, and our driver has gone back. I’m afraid we may not be able to go back tonight.”

“What? Then what should we do?” Yan Shi looked at him, feeling lost and worried.

Liang Ziqian patted her shoulders. “Don’t worry, I’m here with you. I noticed a motel nearby on our way here, so let’s spend a night there and think about how to go back tomorrow.”

Yan Shi pouted her lips, looking uneasy. She was afraid about her gender being exposed.

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After Yan Shi ended her call, Liang Ziqian removed his jacket and put it over his head. “We don’t have an umbrella. It seems the rain won’t stop anytime soon, so come under my jacket. It will help block some rain.”

“Okay. Thank you, senior.”

Yan Shi leaned closer to him as she inhaled his male scent, which reminded her of amber and tea leaves. The fragrance reflected his personality perfectly, being so gentle, kind, and caring.

Liang Ziqian was 186cm, taller than Yan Shi by 21cm. Almost half of her body was in his embrace as she went under the jacket together with him. He looked down at her and asked, “Are you ready? We need to run.”

“Yeah, I’m ready.” She clenched her hands into a fist.

She kept thinking that he smelt so pleasant. Leaning onto his broad and firm chest gave her a taste of the warmth and energy that belonged to males his age.

Once he said “run,” both of them dashed into the rain. The thin jacket did block some rain initially, but it was quickly ruined by the storm. The raindrop dripped down through the fabric, flowing down Liang Ziqian’s arm.

Yan Shi could barely see anything through the rain, with loud sounds of rain resounding in her ears and water blurring her eyesight. She could hardly open her eyes in the storm, and it was so dark around her that she didn’t know when they would reach the end.

She looked up at him, feeling anxious.

Liang Ziqian seemed to notice her anxiousness as he lowered his head gently to give her a warm smile, comforting her. Then he put his right arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his embrace.

Although the rain was blaring in her ears, she could still hear him say, “You’ll be fine. We’re almost there.”

His hug felt so powerful than the raging storm. Yan Shi’s anxiousness seemed to dissipate at once, but her heart began racing instead. Yan Shi lowered her head, not daring to look into his eyes.

He treated her as a friend, but she kept thinking of him as her boyfriend.

It only took a few minutes until they were totally drenched by the storm.

They were so wet that they left trails of water behind them as they entered the motel.

Yan Shi rubbed her face and then wrung her shirt to get the water out before realizing that she was in a white T-shirt. And her shirt was drenched…

Although she had tied her chest up and even wore an undershirt, she still lowered her body down as she walked behind him.

“Do you have any empty rooms?” Liang Ziqian asked.

The receptionist looked at the computer for a while before answering, “We only have one room left, a deluxe room. It should be enough for two guys to stay together.”

Liang Ziqian turned around and inquired for her opinion with his eyes.

Yan Shi didn’t want to stay in the same room as Liang Ziqian, but since they didn’t have a choice, she nodded.

“Give us the room, please.” Liang Ziqian took out his identity card and cash.

After they both left, another couple arrived. The receptionist repeated her earlier words, “I’m sorry, we only have one deluxe room left.”


Yan Shi felt edgy and tense as she followed Liang Ziqian to their room. A prudent person like him would easily figure out her actual gender if they shared the same bed.

She became more nervous once they entered the room. They would surely need to shower, seeing how both of them were drenched from the rain. It would be weird if she told Liang Ziqian that she didn’t want to shower. Her mind was in a mess about what to do.

Finally, she decided to just let it be and figure things out as she went.

“Senior, I’ll go take a shower.” Yan Shi didn’t notice the subtle change in his eyes.

“Alright.” Liang Ziqian answered.

Yan Shi went into the bathroom and closed the door. She pouted her lips as she slowly removed her clothing. The clothes were wet and heavy, sticking on her skin and making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

With her clothes removed, her white and flawless skin was exposed to the air. She then turned on the shower and was unexpectedly shot by the freezing water. She gasped out loud in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Liang Ziqian, who was outside, knocked on the door, feeling concerned after hearing her gasp.

Yan Shi answered immediately, “Nothing, don’t worry, senior. I was just surprised by the cold water.”

“Good to hear.”

As Liang Ziqian’s shadow left from the glass door, she finally relaxed. At this time, the water temperature began to rise gradually.

The hot water left long wet marks on her body, warming up her tense and cold body.

After her shower, Yan Shi realized that she was not at home or in her bedroom. There were no clothes she could change into besides the bathrobe and bath towel.

Yan Shi immediately picked the bathrobe. But then, what kind of guy would cover up his upper body? It looked suspicious.

Yan Shi covered herself tightly in her bathrobe, ensuring that no excess skin was exposed.

Before exiting the bathroom, she braced herself and slowly opened the door. Liang Ziqian looked up at the sound and stood up from his spot. “You’re done. It’s my turn now.”

“Yeah.” Yan Shi subconsciously held onto her top tightly, afraid of getting caught as they passed each other.

She’d forgotten about her belief to always stare into the person’s eyes if she felt anxious.

Furthermore, Liang Ziqian had already figured out her true gender.

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