The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

7. Bre*sts painfully swollen a day before period

Liang Ziqian sent Yan Shi back to the classroom. On the way back, Yan Shi found out that Liang Ziqian was a second-year student and one year older than herself.

She felt comfortable talking to Liang Ziqian. He knew to be considerate of other people’s feelings and was also a gentle and kind person seeing how he volunteered to accompany her back to her classroom.

If she went back alone, Bei Xingyan might catch her again.

Yan Shi didn’t have many acquaintances at school, so she wanted to exchange numbers with him as friends. But she felt embarrassed to take out her old mobile phone that only had the limited functions of calls and SMS.

A person like Liang Ziqian, with perfect family background and looks… was someone Yan Shi could only admire from afar.

“We’re here. Be careful next time.” Liang Ziqian said.

Yan Shi smiled at him. “Senior, thank you for today. I’ll be careful.”

After she entered her classroom, someone suddenly wrapped his arm around her shoulder. The embrace came with the scent of an energetic young man who released his hot breath onto her earlobe.

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Yan Shi awkwardly laughed as she went back to her own seat. She was born a girl, so being able to reach the height of 165cm with sufficient food on her plate was good enough for her.


Yan Shi was initially worried that Bei Xingyan might seek her out, so she was anxious and careful when she went back to the dorm with Cheng Yimian.

But she hadn’t met Bei Xingyan for the next few days. There were rumors of him dating some pretty girl from another school, making her feel relieved upon hearing the news.

But it did seem typical for a guy like Bei Xingyan to take a girl to the school’s toilet to have s*x. He even dared to kiss her in her male disguise. Perhaps he’d already forgotten all about it after teasing her.

He might have figured out her actual gender if Liang Ziqian didn’t show up in time. Bei Xingyan didn’t look like someone who was only trying to tease her. He was genuinely looking to fu*k her.

Yan Shi’s heart thumped each time she thought of Liang Ziqian. As someone who loved good-looking guys, she couldn’t resist a young man like Liang Ziqian, who looked so noble and chivalrous, especially when he even helped her out.

Yan Shi got to know more about Liang Ziqian as days passed. Liang Ziqian was a successor of the Liang Corporation, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was both elegant and intelligent, with great networking and socializing skills. Although he was young, he came out as mature as many other older and experienced businessmen.

A successful guy like him would shine anywhere he went. Liang Ziqian was appointed the president of the student body in the first year of his high school. Needless to say, he had a lot of authority in school.

On the contrary, she didn’t have any special skills. She had good grades, but she never reached the top rankings. Her body size was small and short, and nothing else about her made her stand out from the other students. Yan Shi was living in a different world than Liang Ziqian, so she could only admire him from afar.

In the afternoon, Cheng Yimian was dragged away by his friends to play basketball again. He asked her again if she wanted to join, and she rejected him again.

Her incoming period was making her bre*sts swollen and hurt. The classroom was already making her feel stuffy, let alone going out to exercise.

“My height isn’t suitable to play basketball. You go and play. They must be waiting for you.”

Cheng Yimian threw a quick tantrum and made a mess of her hair, shaping it into a bird’s nest.

Cheng Yimian couldn’t help but laugh as he saw his masterpiece, revealing his cute dimples again. Yan Shi was unable to get angry at him at the sight of his wonderful smile.

“Don’t mess with my hair, or I’ll go bald.” Yan Shi quickly covered up her head.

Cheng Yimian put his hands away. “It’s because you keep rejecting me. I’m leaving, continue to be a shorty, you nerd!”

“Yeah, you’re tall, all right! Go away!” Yan Shi stopped smiling after he disappeared into the distance. She put her hands on her chest, feeling so uncomfortable that she wanted to reach inside and pull the layers apart.

She felt so stuffy indoors, so she went out to get some fresh air. Hopefully, it would make her feel better.

Yan Shi didn’t dare to go to the remote areas just in case she bumped into Bei Xingyan again. He would definitely catch her again if he saw her.

Chenghui High School did a fine job with its garden and greenery. There were trees and flowers almost everywhere, sheltering the passersby from the hot afternoon sun.

She then came across a large, lush tree. She sat down on the bench under it. The cool breeze danced with the leaves, making its way towards her, making her sigh in relief as she finally felt better.

Although this wasn’t a remote area, there weren’t a lot of people around as well. It made her consider removing the layers around her bre*sts, making it more breathable inside.

But on second thought, it was too risky. Yan Shi gave up on the idea.

But her chest still felt painful, her bre*sts seemed to grow swollen as well as her ni*ples.

The tight and thick layers of cloth wrapped around her bre*sts made it painful and itchy, with her chest area being the more sensitive part of her body. She wanted to massage them so desperately.

At first, she came here to memorize her notes, but the pain from her swollen bre*sts made it hard to focus. She huddled her body on the bench, pressing her hand against her chest to overcome the unpleasant feeling.

A pair of long legs appeared in front of her, followed by a concerned voice. “Yan Shi, are you feeling unwell?”

Yan Shi lifted her head up and was met with a pair of gentle, charming eyes.

Her eyes gradually widened as she quickly sat up and greeted him. “Senior.”

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