The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

6. Forcefully kissed by Bei Xingyan

Yan Shi’s heart was thumping hard like a drum as if it was about to leap out of her chest. Her ears were filled with the echo of her own heartbeat.

Yan Shi had never thought that she would be kissing someone she’d only met briefly two times before.

Bei Xingyan successfully landed his lips on hers, sucking on her lips as his playful tongue licked across her pinkish lips.

The tingling itchiness made her give out a moan as his tongue took this opportunity to enter her mouth.

Yan Shi felt as if he was taking her breath away, his tongue rampaging and swirling in her mouth, rubbing against every inch of her insides. Her tongue and lips were sucked so passionately that it felt both painful and ticklish.

Bei Xingyan’s large hand grabbed her waist and lifted her up slightly as his tongue infiltrated a deeper territory.

Her hazy eyes were tearing up, her mouth was forced open as l*wd smooching sounds continued on, glistening saliva trickled down from the corner of her lips as she groaned softly. Yet her groans only served to make him force himself on her more instead of making him stop.

A pink hue started to run up her pale cheeks as her body grew weak in Bei Xingyan’s embrace.

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Suddenly she noticed someone standing a short distance away from Bei Xingyan. She quickly shouted as if she’d seen her savior. “Help me! Help me!”

Bei Xingyan swiftly turned around and noticed the young man.

The young man was wearing Chenghui High School’s uniform, which was designed with blue and white colours. Although they were both wearing the same type of uniform, it looked wild and carefree on Bai Xingyan, while the uniform showed charisma and nobility on the young man.

“Bei Xingyan, it’ll be better if you restrain yourself at school.” Although he had a smile on his face, the young man’s voice was collected and cold.

It was apparent what he was trying to deliver: You can do anything you want as long as I’m not around.

“Hmph.” Bei Xingyan released Yan Shi’s waist.

Yan Shi could still feel the warmth of his large hand on her waist. Her legs were still weak from the ordeal, but she didn’t dare to stay near to him.

She wiped her mouth roughly with her sleeve and ran in the direction of the young man.

Yan Shi finally saw the young man’s facial features clearly. He had an attractive face and a tall, thin body. He looked almost as tall as Bei Xingyan.

The young man had a pair of golden frame glasses with light-colored silky hair. His eyes were also a light color, looking as brightly lit as he stood under the sunlight.

“Liang Ziqian, the school student body president.” Liang Ziqian nodded and gave her a polite and standard gentle smile.

Yan Shi also returned the smile politely. “Nice to meet you, I am Yan Shi.”

“My fellow friend, let’s go, I’ll send you back to your classroom.” Liang Ziqian glanced at Bei Xingyan.

Walking past Yan Shi, Bei Xingyan whistled carefreely.

“Little rat, don’t let me catch you next time.” His voice was laced with amusement.

Yan Shi’s body subconsciously trembled as she inched closer to Liang Ziqian, feeling safer beside him.

Liang Ziqian looked down at her tiny face which was almost only as big as his palm. She looked afraid, and her body was flinching, her lips swollen red from being kissed, covered in glistening saliva.

Her soft cheeks showed a pinkish hue, where anyone would easily leave a mark on it if they pressed on it hard enough.

As if she’d noticed his eyes on her, Yan Shi put her head up, her moist eyes widened with gratitude.

“Thank you, president.” Earlier when she was kissed, her und*rwear was covered in fluid, making her voice sound mushy.

Liang Ziqian looked away from her slightly. “Just call me senior.”

“Senior.” Yan Shi called him happily. If it was not because of Liang Ziqian, her real gender might get exposed.

But it was too early for Yan Shi to relax. If Bei Xingyan was a dangerous leopard, then Liang Ziqian was an eagle mastering in disguise, if not as cold and wild.

This eagle would play with its prey that stepped into his territory, before finally eating it up..

He was already there when Bei Xingyan trapped her against the wall, but he decided to choose the right time to ‘save’ her.

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