The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

5. Mol*sted by the Bad Student

With his arm over her shoulders, Cheng Yimian dragged Yan Shi to the canteen in the afternoon. He wasn’t a big eater, and yet he ordered so many dishes, sharing a good amount of it with Yan Shi.

Yan Shi’s plate initially only contained a few vegetables and was now full due to his contribution.

“Eat it all. I don’t want to face a tiny and weak pumpkin everyday.”

Yan Shi scooped up the rice, feeling her tears welling up. She nodded hard.

Cheng Yimian reminded her of her grandmother. Her grandmother was also a woman with sharp words but a soft heart, always arguing with her but was very kind to her at the same time.

After they finished eating, Cheng Yimian was dragged away by a group of guys to play basketball.

Cheng Yimian asked her if she wanted to join, but Yan Shi shook her head.

It was hard enough disguising as a boy, so she didn’t want to risk her disguise by joining them to play basketball.

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“Ah!” Yan Shi had been daydreaming that she was not paying attention to where she was walking, and bumped into someone’s bulky chest.

“I’m sorry.” Yan Shi apologized and lifted her head up, making contact with a pair of sharp smiling eyes.

The boy bent down and leaned closer to her face, his three black earrings on his left ear shone under the sunlight. His red lips curled upwards, giving off a mesmerizing yet dangerous aura. Even when it felt dangerous, she couldn’t help but to fall into the temptation.

Yan Shi stared at him for a moment.

Bei Xingyan put his hands in his pockets, his eyes half hidden under his front black hair. He gave a relaxed smile and spoke casually, “I found you, little rat.”

Yan Shi widened her eyes. The only thing running through her mind was: he recognized her!

“I-I don’t know what you’re saying.”

Looking left and right, it was then that Yan Shi realized that she had inadvertently entered a remote area away from the school.

This old research building was no longer in use, and there were abandoned school buildings beside it with barely any people around.

Yan Shi stepped backwards each time as Bei Xingyan stepped closer towards her, until she was slowly forced to the corner of the wall.

Yan Shi’s head was literally buried in her chest, her heart thumping fast. What was he trying to do?

Was he trying to take revenge because she bumped into him making love with a girl in the toilet? He must be scary and abusive if he was a bad student. Would he actually beat her to death right here and now?

Bei Xingyan held up her chin with his index finger, laughing lightly. “Why are you so scared of me? You think I can eat you up?”

Yan Shi was forced to lift her head up. The man in front of her was at least 185cm tall. With such a muscular body, could she really be able to withstand the beating? Her lips started trembling.

The more she was afraid, the more the bad student felt interested. Her skin felt soft, the best of all the women he’d ever been with.

Bei Xingyan took a whiff by the side of her neck and smiled cockily. “You smell nice. I f*cked a lot of women, but I never tried a man. Hey, little rat, I’ve got pretty good techniques, do you wanna try me out?”

“No! I.. my whole body is just bones and nothing else. My friend must be looking for me. I need to go.” Yan Shi shrank her body and tried to escape from under his arm.

She’d barely taken a step as Bei Xingyan hugged her firmly. His large hands went down her waistline and rested on her propped round a*s.

Bei Xingyan grop*d her soft and elastic a*s cheeks. His hands moved very expertly and seductively. Yan Shi was the kind who was easily attracted to handsome males, so his motions easily made her flower release small amounts of water.

“Oh mm……” Yan Shi’s pushed her hands on his chest, wanting to distance herself from him but to no avail.

“Oh? I don’t think so. Your a*s feels plump, and your lips look soft too.”

Bei Xingyan smirked as he leaned his body down, his head inching closer to hers.

“No! I’m not gay! Don’t you think it’s disgusting to be kissing a man? You’ll feel so disgusted with me that you’ll puke!” Yan Shi tried her best to punch his firm chest, but her strength was just so small compared to his.

Bei Xingyan’s breath was blowing on her. “Not really.”

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