The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

4. Listening to Roommate Mast**bate

The bathroom was filled with a sweet smell. The thought of Yan Shi’s blushing face and slender neckline made Nan Fengyi feel heaty.

Nan Fengyi took his hard and thick meat stick out, with a sticky, crystal drop already forming at its tip. His rough hands began to stroke his sh*ft up and down, his round mushroom head nodding with his motions.

Yan Shi had slipped her hand into her own tunnel as she laid on the bed. Her tight hole seemed to have its own life as it squeezed around her finger, making squ*rming sounds as she thrust in and out.

Yan Shi’s face was tomato red as her fingers thrust more rapidly, imagining that it was Nan Fengyi’s meat ramming in her.

Those strong back muscles and defined thighs were tense as he sent his meat into her hole, b*nging her and filling her up fully and completely.

Indulged in her own imaginations, she squ*rted slicky fluids after her finger rubbed against a spot inside her roughly. Her upper body curled upwards as she hit her c**max.

She then laid down sideways on the bed, her breathing erratic as her chest went up and down. Her lips were trembling, still in the wake of her c**max.

She’d finally finished mast**bating, but then she began to feel guilty. She dared to imagine these dirty things but she was too cowardly to actually do it with a man.

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His thumb rubbed across his sensitive tip, beginning to str*ke his member faster. Finally he shot out thick c*m again with a low roar.

As Nan Fengyi began to clean up the bathroom, he thought he must be restrained for too long. If not, why would he get so hard easily just at the thought of his own roommate?

Or should he go and find a girlfriend like his friend suggested? But it was too troublesome to get a girlfriend.

Nan Fengyi put his arms under his head as he laid down on the bed, still feeling jittery as he turned sideways to face Yan Shi’s bed.

His new roommate looked so small and seemed bright. He looked shy too, seeing how he didn’t even dare to look up when speaking to him.

Kind of cute.

After realizing his own thoughts, Nan Fengyi quickly closed his eyes and forced himself to not think about it anymore.


It was a dreamless night. Yan Shi was awakened by her alarm clock in the morning. When she woke up, Nan Fengyi was just coming out of the bathroom.


Yan Shi greeted him back, then slipped out of the covers and climbed off the bed. She’d barely taken a couple steps when Nan Fengyi said, “Little Guy, did you put on perfume?”

Nan Fengyi’s bulky body approached her abruptly, making Yan Shi recoil backward subconsciously.


Compared to Nan Fengyi, Yan Shi’s small and short figure did look like a little guy.

Nan Fengyi was tall and bulky, and his muscular abs were fit and sturdy. He bent down and inhaled her scent by her neck. His short and moist black hair almost touched her silky skin.

His warm breath was blowing onto her clavicle, causing Yan Shi to tense up and wanting to get away from him. But Nan Fengyi’s strong arms trapped her between his shoulders and the wall, his masculine predatory scent completely engulfing her.

This time her body was not tense anymore. Even her legs had weakened. Yan Shi seemed to be naturally attracted to a man’s masculine body. His arm could smoothly grasp and control her or even place her within his embrace.

Yan Shi’s cheeks and neck began to glow a reddish colour. Nan Fengyi leaned backward slightly, his eyes still on her smooth lips. His throat felt dry for some reason.

Nan Fengyi’s adam apple rolled around for a bit. He’d only wanted to make fun of his new roommate, but he grew a desire to kiss him instead.

His desire had been confined for too long, causing him to get hard in front of this guy again.

Nan Fengyi looked away, feeling uneasy.

“I’m just joking. Go and wash your face.” Nan Fengyi released Yan Shi.

“Y.. Yeah..”

Her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She was only in Chenghui High School for two days, but she was faced with lots of surprises. Yan Shi was worried if she was able to go through the three years of high school peacefully.

The boys in Yan Shi’s class were pretty easy-going and nice. Everyone would usually hang out with each other. They were a cheerful group.

The only thing that made Yan Shi anxious was her classmate Cheng Yimian who sat next to her. Cheng Yimian was good looking, with a pair of cat-like eyes that loved to stare at her.

Yan Shi couldn’t resist handsome boys like him, so his stare would make her nervous and make her blush unexpectedly.

Cheng Yimian had been staring at her the whole morning. Yan Shi couldn’t take it any longer, “Is there something dirty on my face? Why are you staring at me?”

Cheng Yimian gave a bashful smile, showing off his protruding teeth. “Nothing, I just thought you look cute, making me want to kiss you.”

Yan Shi widened her eyes, then tried to act calm and defensive. “I am a guy! You want to be gay?”

Cheng Yimian suddenly leaned forward, lifting an eyebrow up with a bad**s smile. “I wouldn’t mind if it’s with you, but I want to be at the top…to f*ck you.”

The last two words were more of a whisper, and he made it sound so l*wd. Yan Shi leaned backward frightfully, her face about to start burning up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Cheng Yimian’s face inched closer to hers.

While his face kept inching closer, Yan Shi’s waist was curved back to a point that she could not hold it any longer.

“Ah…!” Yan Shi shouted sharply, her back was just three centimeters away from the ground.

Cheng Yimian took her hand and pulled her up with force.

“Hahahahahaha, I’m just kidding! You took it so seriously!” Cheng Yimian was laughing so hard that his dimples were showing, flashing his teeth in front of her.

Yan Shi thought that Cheng Yimian was so annoying!

After he stopped laughing, Cheng Yimian took a bottle of milk out of his drawer and tossed it to Yan Shi. “Don’t get mad. Here is your favourite milk.”

Yan Shi grabbed the milk. Her family was poor, so they were always frugal about spending money for food or clothes. Cheng Yimian seemed to have figured that out, judging from how he ‘deliberately’ gave her a chicken leg yesterday when they were having lunch at the canteen. Today he even played tricks to give her a bottle of milk. Alright, Cheng Yimian might not be as annoying after all.

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