The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

36. Cheng Yimian found out her gender

Time passed quickly in the classroom. The bell rang, and boys began to enter the classroom with their arms around each other. Although everyone had entered one by one, their souls were still outside.

This period was history class. The history teacher began the extremely boring lesson, some students slept, some students chatted and only a few were actually listening.

Yan Shi was quite interested in history. When she was still listening tentatively, she suddenly felt a strange sensation at her bottom.

Some liquids came sploshing out of her small hole. Yan Shi put her history book up and blocked her unnatural expression.

It was impossible to get aro*sed during history class, it must be her period. Yan Shi didn’t dare to wait in case her pants were stained red.

She sneakily slipped a tampon out of the compartment of her bag and put it inside her pocket. Yan Shi shakily lifted up her hand.

“Teacher, I’d like to go to the toilet.”

The history teacher pushed up his thick, bulky glasses, and said: “Go.”

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Cheng Yimian only wanted to see if Yan Shi’s sh*ft was big or not, since it was normal for guys to see and touch each other’s pr*ck.

But what’s the hell with Yan Shi’s smooth and white bottom? A tube as thick as a finger was squeezed between the chubby small flower lips. It looked like something called a tampon.

Cheng Yimian suddenly felt his nose turning hot and abruptly closed the door, pressing his back against the door. His heart was thumping quickly and the sound of his heartbeat was deafening.

Yan Shi quickly fixed her tampon in position, her cheeks were so red that it looked like it would bleed. Cheng Yimian had seen it just now, what should she do? Yet another person found out about her gender.

Cheng Yimian who was standing outside the cubicle called out loudly: “Sorry! It’s not intentional. And Xiao Yan Shi you’re a girl, I-I’m really happy.”

Yan Shi adjusted her pants and pushed open the door of the cubicle. She whispered: “Can you keep this a secret? I don’t have a choice, Chenghui High School’s fees are much lower than other schools, and the school fees are also cut in half this year…”

Cheng Yimian still had his back facing Yan Shi, not daring to turn and look at Yan Shi’s face.

“”Okay, I’ll help you keep this a secret. Xiao Yan Shi, actually I like–”

A drop of liquid fell down to the ground with a ‘blop’.

Yan Shi exclaimed, “Cheng Yimian, why are you bleeding?”

Cheng Yimian turned around blankly. Beneath his upright nose were two trails of bright red blood.


After a few minutes, the two of them ended up going back to the classroom together. One looked shy and one was blushing. People who did not know would misunderstand that they did something embarrassing together.

The students in their class gave them a look of ‘understanding’, which could be interpreted as: you don’t need to be shy, it’s no big deal having constipation and there’s no hurdles you can’t overcome.

After they returned to their seats, Cheng Yimian didn’t dare to get close to talk to Yan Shi anymore. He began to pass a note.

‘Let me know if there’s any inconvenience you may face in the future, I can help to cover you.’

Yan Shi took the note and wrote a thank you on top with a smiley face.

Yan Shi trusted Cheng Yimian to keep her secret safe, so she wasn’t worried at all.

During lunch time, probably it was because Cheng Yimian didn’t sleep well the entire night yesterday, and also because of his persistent nosebleed, he didn’t go to the basketball court with the others. He slept on the table instead.

“Xiao Yan Shi, remember to wake me up when the class is about to begin.” Cheng Yimian said as he slept on the table lazily.

Yan Shi said yes, then leaned by the windows with a book in her hand, blocking some of the sunlight for Cheng Yimian.

Cheng Yimian looked really refined and a treat to the eyes. His eyelashes were slightly longer than an average girl, giving it a shadow under his eyes. His skin was impeccably white and his nose was tall but not thick. The shape of his lips were beautiful, radiating an alluring red like a matured wild cherry.

Would it taste sweet…

Realizing her own thoughts, Yan Shi shook her head desperately and withheld her thoughts.

However, she couldn’t control herself when she saw Cheng Yimian’s face. She didn’t know if she’d fallen in love with Cheng Yimian or if she was affected by his good looks.

Yan Shi thought she should calm down, and carefully climbed over the table, heading out.

Walking down the road sheltered by the trees, Yan Shi put her focus on stepping the dry leaves on the ground, listening to the leaves crack under her feet.

Leaves had begun to wilt in September, but the air still felt hot and stuffy.

Yan Shi increased her pace, wanting to quickly reach the banyan tree she’d always gone to. That place was cooler than the other places, with fewer people too.

As expected, there was no one there at all today either. Yan Shi swept off the dry leaves on the bench, and was about to sit down when she paused. Was there a pair of legs sticking out from the bushes opposite?

Yan Shi’s thoughts began to run wild, correlating it to a school murder case. No, she should be optimistic, perhaps it was just school bullying?

Yan Shi headed to the bushes with that in mind. Spreading the bushes apart, Yan Shi saw a young man sprawled in between with his back facing her. Judging from his breathing, he was asleep?

“Student, please wake up. You’ll get a cold easily if you sleep here.” Yan Shi bent down and gently pushed him.

The tall and large young man turned around, and slowly opened his eyes.

It was at this time that Yan Shi finally saw his face clearly. Unexpectedly, it was Wen Tianji who was trying to sleep here.

But the corners of Wen Tianji’s eyes and lips were bruised. Obviously, the rumors Yan Shi heard in the morning were true.

“Good afternoon.” Wen Tianji spoke with his signature unwavering tone as if he was not the one who was injured.

But why would Liang Ziqian and Wen Tianji fight? Because of her? Yan Shi didn’t dare to be certain, it might eat back at her if she was overconfident. She’d listened to Liang Ziqian’s words: ‘I’ve always thought, if only you’re a girl’, and thought that Liang Ziqian liked her, so she ended up being heart-broken.

“Why are you hurt?” Yan Shi stared at the wound on Wen Tianji’s face.

For someone like Wen Tianji who had almost perfect looks, the wound on his face was like an eyesore.

Wen Tianji touched his wound, and said: “Because I said I like you.”

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