The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

32. F**ked until dazed (H)

Because Yan Shi told him that it hurt, Wen Tianji reduced the force of his bites later on. Aside from the slightly sharp pain coming from the areas where he’d bitten her, there was more or less an indescribable strange feeling that came with it.

When he bit her n*pple, Yan Shi finally couldn’t hold back and groaned out loud. Her pair of legs tried to stick together subconsciously, but Wen Tianji had put his long leg between them, so she could only squeeze and rub his leg instead.

Her small hole began to form water again with gushing sounds. Sticky and smooth l*wd water flowed out through her cr*vice and dripped onto the clean bed mattress.

Her l*wd water smelt fresh and sweet, raising the temperature around them after being dispersed into the air.

Her body felt so hot, and her hole felt so empty. She wanted a big me*t pole to enter her roughly, stopping her water from leaking.

Yan Shi’s eyes were hazy as she arched her chest up, offering her br**sts into Wen Tianji’s mouth.

Wen Tianji started to feel something for her on that day when he saw Yan Shi and Liang Ziqian making love at Liang Ziqian’s dorm room. His desire for her grew since then.

He was born at the finish line. Everything was available to him without needing to put in any effort, so most things could not pique his interest.

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“Wuu haa…” Yan Shi’s body shuddered. Her body was too sensitive. This simple touch could stimulate a huge response from her.

Wen Tianji seemed to think that it was amusing. He opened his mouth to wrap around her two flower lips that were coated with honey water. He grinded his teeth against them, when he suddenly felt a surge of liquid flowing into his mouth.

This liquid was sticky, mixed with a faint sweetness. Although it came out from her tunnel, Wen Tianji didn’t dislike it.

Yan Shi kicked her feet uneasily. Wen Tianji wasn’t as adept as Bei Xingyan. His tongue only circled outside her small hole, but the inside of her hole felt so empty and it yearned to be filled.

Wen Tianji wasn’t aware of this. He was only acting following his own instinct.

After he was finally satisfied with eating her flower lips, Wen Tianji found her swollen flower bud. His tongue rolled the flower bud up, and his hard teeth began to nibble on the tender meat unceasingly.

Waves of ple*sures overcame her as Yan Shi’s hips trembled. When Wen Tianji’s teeth chomped onto a certain spot, Yan Shi let out a long groan.


Massive amount of l*wd water sprayed onto Wen Tianji’s face. Wen Tianji was stunned momentarily, before he understood what happened.

Looking at her fluttering hole entrance, Wen Tianji asked: “Is this an org*sm?”

Yan Shi’s mind was filled with complete pleasure, while her hole was contracting and yearning to be rubbed. She didn’t even listen clearly to what Wen Tianji had said.

Wen Tianji’s me*t pole began to turn swollen red and painfully hard. He pressed his giant mushr*om head against Yan Shi’s hole, and slowly pushed inside.

After his head entered, Wen Tianji could feel a strong force sucking on him. The pleasurable sensation that ran up his spine was truly intoxicating.

As if afraid his me*t pole would leave, her wet, warm and narrow flower passage clamped onto it more tightly. Numerous layers of sens*al walls began sucking on his organ.

The veins of his arm pressing down on Yan Shi’s waist become engorged. With a single push, he thrust into her hole, slamming his mushr*om head directly at her flower pit.

“Too rough.. wuu..” Yan Shi’s body went weak from this single thrust.

Wen Tianji’s me*t pole was slightly thicker and longer than Bei Xingyan’s. Once he entered, he smoothed all the creases within her flower tunnel and filled it up completely.

Yan Shi felt her body being pulled up. She fell onto his shoulder and felt him going deeper inside her.

Wen Tianji was clueless about techniques. He stiffened his waist and began to thr*st wildly into Yan Shi’s tender hole.

Her fragile and tender flower walls could not handle his wild thrusts. It contracted with great effort, attempting to force his thick me*t pole out. Such motions failed to force his me*t pole out, but clamped more deeply and forcefully around it instead.

“Wuuwuu… no more… no more, ah–” Yan Shi put her head down to bite Wen Tianji’s shoulders.

She did it out of spite. Wen Tianji bit her so many times just now, so she wanted to bite him back too. But Wen Tianji’s whole body was made up of firm muscles. Her bite failed to pain him at all, but instead only made her teeth hurt.

This tiny pain triggered Wen Tianji, making him thrust his me*t pole into her more forcefully.

Soon, sounds of water splashing and ‘PaPaPa’ of meat slapping resounded.

Yan Shi’s small hole seemed to yearn for men’s c*ck as if it was its nature. It could still leak out water non-stop even when she was f*cked so harshly.

His hard and stiff me*t pole banged haphazardly inside her tender hole, and coincidentally hit her sensitive spot that no one had explored before.

When a man’s me*t pole had expanded into a certain size, it could make a woman feel like she was in he*ven although not much techniques were used.

Yan Shi wrapped her arms around Wen Tianji’s neck. She let out a moan every time he slammed.

Sometimes Wen Tianji would hit her sensitive spot, then he would quickly batter the other spots. She was about to reach her peak, but was cut off repeatedly. Yan Shi could not bear it anymore, and rubbed her soft, chilly br**sts against Wen Tianji’s chest. She raised her head up in search of Wen Tianji’s lips.

Wen Tianji’s lips were slightly thin, but it felt good to kiss him. Yan Shi’s small tongue snaked into Wen Tianji’s mouth, kissing him the way she learnt from Bei Xingyan.

But the difference of strength between their tongues was too big. Wen Tianji easily took control and hooked Yan Shi’s tongue, sucking on her.

Aside from her tongue, he didn’t leave out her lips as well. Wen Tianji was like a carnivore. He wanted to take a bite of every part of Yan Shi’s body.

The corners of Yan Shi’s eyes began to tear up. She wanted to bite Wen Tianji back as well, but her lower body was growing hot and weak from the f*ck. She felt like there was no energy left in her mouth.

At this time, Yan Shi felt that Wen Tianji’s me*t pole had grown larger again, followed by his rougher f*ck like an incoming storm.

His mushr*om head was pressed against her flower pit, and a massive amount of boiling liquids began shooting out.

Yan Shi felt dazed from being scalded by his thick c*m, and her painful and numb flower walls pulsed from being rubbed too hard. Yan Shi hadn’t yet recovered her senses from the end of her high, as his hard me*t pole continued thrusting into her harshly. The s*men he’d just shot inside her spurted out and left small spots on Wen Tianji’s stomach.

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