The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

3. Almost got caught by roommate when mast**bating

Yan Shi subconsciously stepped backwards, then shook her head. “No, it’s okay. You can shower first, I’ll go later.”

“I’ll shower first then.” Nan Fengyi smiled at Yan Shi before walking into the bathroom half-nude.

Yan Shi stared at his back; he had a broad chest and slim waist, lean bulky abs, and was tall as well. She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

After realizing what she was thinking, she slapped her own face to stop herself from overthinking.

Chenhui all-male high school was a rich school. A single dorm only accommodated two students at most, and they even had their own balcony and personal bathroom.

There were two types of students in the high school. The typical type was the typical high school students like Yan Shi and Cheng Yimian who studied for better grades to get into a good university.

Another type was athletes. Athletes didn’t have as many classes and were usually doing their own training. Yan Shi guessed that he was an athlete from the way he looked.

The guy she saw in the toilet earlier must be an athlete student as well, judging from how good his body looked……

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At this moment, Nan Fengyi said, “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Nan Fengyi.”

“Haha.” Yan Shi laughed dryly. “I am Yan Shi.”

“We are roommates from now on, so please let me know if there are any of my bad habits you can’t stand.” Nan Fengyi placed his hand on her desk.

Nan Fengyi was standing at 190cm, bigger and stronger than Cheng Yimian. Although he did not harbour any bad intentions, his presence still gave Yan Shi a lot of pressure as if she was entrapped by his aura.

Yan Shi mumbled a yes and acted like she was entirely focused on her homework.

Nan Fengyi went off to do his own thing after that. Since she’d been blanking out, Yan Shi did her homework until 12am although it was simple. Nan Fengyi had gone to sleep by then.

Fortunately, he had gone to sleep, as Yan Shi could finally take the chance to shower.

Her und*rwear was covered in her own sticky fluids as she pulled it down.

Yan Shi had mast**bated a few times before this, starting from when she first read an 18+ novel.

The scene from today was still fresh in her mind, together with the aura of her roommate’s big and strong body of a young adult.

Yan Shi blushed as she opened her lean legs, her soft and white pu*sy was clean with no hair, where her flower lips remained pinkish.

Her fingers glided along her flower lips, making her already wet hole release more sticky and transparent sweet water that flowed down between the cleft of her a*s cheeks.

The fing*ring still couldn’t satisfy Yan Shi as she began imagining a man’s massive member forcing itself into the delicate flower.

Her flower started squirming, yearning for a big and hard item to enter it.

Yan Shi didn’t have a meat stick, only her own fingers. She stuck a finger into her own hole and began thrusting. Her pinkish, tight hole clenched around her finger, her water dripping downwards.

Yan Shi bit her own lips and added another finger.


Two fingers were a lot for her v*rgin hole that had never been fu*ked by a man.

The lubrication from her own honey fluids aided her fingers to thrust. When her fingers pressed against a sensitive spot, she couldn’t help but moan.

Ecstasy came rushing over her like waves, but the intensity was still too small to make her moan or scream loudly.

Yan Shi grabbed the showerhead, spraying water onto her sensitive flower bud where her greedy hole was sucking on her finger.

Knock knock……

A sudden knock on the door stopped Yan Shi from her movements as she abruptly pulled her fingers out. The sudden movement brushed against her bulging pinkish flower lips, giving her another feeling of pleasure.

“Yan Shi? You’re in the bathroom?”

A guy’s manly voice came from behind the glass door. Yan Shi purposefully increased the water volume and the tone of her voice. “Yeah, I’m in the shower. Do you want to use the toilet? Can you wait?”

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

She could see him walk away from the glass door, and heaved a sigh of relief. Her face was flushed red as she quickly washed her body.

But Nan Fengyi felt something was amiss. Yan Shi’s voice sounded strange; it was very soft and coquettish, unlike a guy’s voice, but more of a girl’s.

Yan Shi took only five minutes to shower as she was afraid of letting Nan Fengyi wait too long. She put on a loose T shirt and long, oversized sport pants to avoid showing her actual body shape.

“I’m done, you may go to the toilet.” Yan Shi opened the bathroom door.

Nan Fengyi glanced at Yan Shi. Although she dressed horribly without any figure exposed, her blushing face and eyes filled with lustful desire attracted him.

Yan Shi noticed his look and pretended to yawn. “I’m so tired, I’ll go to bed now.”

Yan Shi passed beside him and leapt onto her bed. The moment she passed beside her, Nan Fengyi could sense a faint sweet smell on her.

But the smell was just for a moment. He thought of it as his own imagination, yet his pants began tenting upwards.

It must be because it had been a few days since he last stroked himself that he became hard easily from seeing his own roommate. Nan Fengyi opened the door to the bathroom, deciding to mast**bate and cool himself down.

Yan Shi wrapped her covers around her once she got on the bed. Her mast**bation didn’t seem to satisfy her, but only served to make her want more.

Her hand had just reached down to her bottom when she heard some noises from the bathroom.

It was loud, with some low groans of a guy. Yan Shi could easily guess that he was mast**bating.

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