The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

24. Being called to a laboratory alone at night

Yan Shi woke up hazily in the middle of the night. She woke up because she was starving.

The room was in darkness. Yan Shi found her phone and looked at the time. It was already 3am.

She borrowed the phone screen’s dim light to search her bag. She remembered that there was still a piece of bread left inside.

That was supposed to be her breakfast the day before yesterday. Cheng Yimian saw it and said it was not nutritious, so he passed her a set of breakfast. Since she already had breakfast given to her by Cheng Yimian, she put the bread back into her bag.

Yan Shi thought her movements were quiet enough, but it still woke Nan Fengyi up.

“You’re hungry?” Nan Fengyi sat up in his bed.

Yan Shi said yes, then added: “I’m just finding myself a piece of bread. You just continue sleeping.”

Nan Fengyi climbed out of bed and turned on the light. It was then that Yan Shi noticed a thermal container on the table.

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A glimpse of hesitation flashed across Nan Fengyi’s eyes. Then he said: “Nothing. Seeing how you eat so delightfully, it makes me kind of hungry too.”

Yan Shi blushed and felt embarrassed: “I’m starving, so I’ve finished eating it all. Or else I can share some with you.”

“I’m actually not that hungry. I’ll go to sleep now. You try to sleep early too.” Nan Fengyi spoke a little faster than usual. After that, he went off to bed.

Yan Shi didn’t feel that anything was amiss. She cleaned up the table and went to brush her teeth in the bathroom.

Nan Fengyi who was lying in the bed glanced at the bathroom subconsciously. What was he trying to say just now? Directly telling her that, I like you, and I want to be with you?

Yan Shi would likely think that her same-sex roommate was a pervert if he confessed his feelings to her, right after he knew she broke up. She might even become afraid of him and wanted to change to another dorm room, losing his chance to even be roommates.

Nan Fengyi closed his eyes, feeling troubled. He forced himself to stop thinking about it, but once he shut his eyes, Yan Shi’s tear-streaked face showed up in his mind again.

Yan Shi had a small figure and looked bright, but she had her own thoughts and opinions. She had a charming smile and a nice fragrance on her body. She was easy to tease too, blushing easily whenever he got closer to her.

Previously, he thought he had feelings for her because he was single for too long. But after distancing himself from Yan Shi, he wasn’t able to control his overflowing feelings instead. He wanted to see her more, to hug her body, to kiss her lips…

Nan Fengyi covered his eyes with the back of his hand, and let out a long sigh.

Meanwhile, Yan Shi got back into her bed after washing herself up.

It was a dreamless night. Yan Shi was awakened by the alarm clock in the morning. It was no surprise that her eyes turned swollen like a walnut. The plain, zero power glasses she usually wore were lost in the old sports equipment storage room yesterday. She had no extra glasses, so she had no choice but to go to class with walnut-like eyes.

Yan Shi looked to the other side. Nan Fengyi had already left, leaving a bag of breakfast on the table.

Yan Shi patted her face, wanting to pull herself together. Her poor family background wouldn’t allow her to ditch her studies due to her break-up. For the sake of her grandmother, she needed to study hard.

After finishing breakfast, she washed herself up before going out with a backpack. At the ground floor, she was met with Cheng Yimian and another classmate who sat in front of her in class.

“Xiao Yan Shi, I brought you breakfast. Do you feel better today?” Cheng Yimian waved his hand at her once he saw Yan Shi.

Yan Shi jogged over to them. “I’m feeling much better, but I’ve eaten my breakfast.”

The other classmate hooked Cheng Yimian’s neck and wanted to snatch the breakfast from him. “Shi Tou 1TN: another nickname for Yan Shi doesn’t want it, but I want it! I haven’t had breakfast yet this morning.”

Cheng Yimian carelessly tossed the bag of breakfast into the classmate’s hand, as he looked at Yan Shi with resentment. As if he was blaming her for not taking the breakfast he bought for her.

The classmate who started munching on the meat-filling steamed bun suddenly noticed Yan Shi’s eyes. He couldn’t help but ask: “Who bullied our Shi Tou? Why are your eyes so swollen?”

Yan Shi avoided his eyes unnaturally. Cheng Yimian noticed it and said: “Why else could it be! Don’t know who’s the bastard who stole Xiao Yan Shi’s favorite underwear that has his female goddess’ picture on it! You see, he cried the whole day yesterday that he even missed the classes!”

Cheng Yimian winked at Yan Shi as he continued talking. His lame lie made Yan Shi chuckle, as she nodded her head, “Yeah, no matter how much he wants it, he can’t simply steal it from me! He can ask me for it, but of course I won’t give it to him.”

The classmate clicked his tongue: “I can’t imagine that we have this kind of pervert in our school. Eh, that’s not the point! I can’t believe you, Shi Tou! You like to wear the underwear that has your female goddess’ picture on it. Every night did you– hehehe!”

Yan Shi’s face turned red again after being stared at with such lecherous eyes. “Don’t you dare have any weird thoughts! No!”

Yan Shi’s feelings quickly recovered and she returned to her normal self. She felt lucky to have such a wonderful roommate and classmate.

She missed half a day of classes yesterday, so she fell behind in studies. Yan Shi borrowed the studies executive’s 2TN: a student in the class who is in charge of academics and studies notes to copy the whole afternoon, taking her mind off Bei Xingyan and Liang Ziqian.

At the short break during the night self-learning session, Yan Shi felt bored and took out her phone to read her messages. The messaging column with Liang Ziqian was still at the top. Yan Shi’s eyes became gloomy. She hesitated for only a moment, and finally deleted Liang Ziqian.

Afterwards, she found out that someone added her as a friend. The person’s profile picture was a clear blue sky. The second after Yan Shi pressed ‘accept friend request’, a message was abruptly sent to her.

[What’s your answer]

Yan Shi immediately recalled what happened yesterday, and could easily guess who was behind the message. Her ears began to burn. Feeling sinful, she looked left and right before lowering her head down to reply to the message.

Yan Shi: I don’t know.

Bei Xingyan: This is an unacceptable answer. We meet at the physics laboratory on the third floor tonight.

Yan Shi pouted her lips and put her phone back. She laid on the desk, deliberating it for a long time.

The night self-learning session ended. Yan Shi told Cheng Yimian that she wanted to study the topics she missed yesterday, so she let Cheng Yimian go back first.

Actually Yan Shi had studied the topics in the afternoon, and also finished copying the notes. She waited until there was no one left in the classroom before packing her things up to go to the physics laboratory.

No one went to the physics laboratory at night, so the lights were off. Yan Shi walked to the third floor in the dark. She’d only taken a couple steps when she was lifted up forcefully.

Yan Shi was carried by Bei Xingyan into a laboratory directly. Her back was pushed against the door.

“Does your small mouth at your bottom miss my big guy?” Bei Xingyan stroked Yan Shi’s chin with his slightly rough fingers, like he was petting a cat.

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