The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

22. Bei Xingyan helped her bathe (Slight H)

“I can bathe myself.” Yan Shi took a step back, her back already touching the icy cold wall.

Bei Xingyan turned on the tap so that the water would fill the bathtub. His smooth movements made it look like he had done it many times before. He took off his shirt and showed off his strong upper body.

“But I want to take a bath too. Also, did I not f**k you hard enough? How did you have the energy left to bathe on your own? Hm?”

Yan Shi didn’t know what else to say. She grasped her shirt collar and looked down.

Ignoring her, Bei Xingyan turned on the shower head. The flowing water trickled down the ridges of his abs. Yan Shi couldn’t help but to watch his body covertly.

In the old storage room, the lighting was too dim, so Yan Shi could only feel Bei Xingyan’s abs with her hands. With him standing openly under the light right now, she could scrutinize him in detail.

Bei Xingyan was tall and had a lean body. He had tight muscles and clear, distinctive abs that seemed to be packed with explosive power.

Bei Xingyan did not have dark-colored skin unlike how she imagined athletes to be. She thought all the athletes were like her roommate Nan Fengyi who practiced everyday, giving them a healthy tan.

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“Usxl, R okzz blzr usw cyvbl.”

Yan Shi hesitated. Bei Xingyan had a strong s*xual drive, so she was afraid he might end up f**king her again when he bathed her. 

He could read her mind as he stepped into the bathtub right away. He pushed her waist up with one hand, while his other hand patted on her small b*tt.

“What are you afraid of. I told you I won’t touch you anymore today. Don’t move around. If you rub my d*ck, your a*s may hurt again.”

After hearing what he said, Yan Shi didn’t dare to move anymore. She was motionless like a doll as Bei Xingyan hugged her and bathed her.

“Your skin is so smooth.” Bei Xingyan’s rough and large hand ran up and down her body, leaving trails of bubbles.

Judging from the way he acted, Yan Shi thought that he would take the opportunity to touch her when he helped her bathe. But he was unexpectedly serious about bathing her.

Bei Xingyan bathed her meticulously. He even helped to wash away the remains of c*m and l*wd fluids in her hole.

Yan Shi thought that Bei Xingyan was terrifying at first, but now she does not think so anymore.

Bei Xingyan wrapped her up with a big towel after he bathed her properly. He dried her up as he spoke: “I did this to show you that I have good bed manners. How about becoming my bed partner?”

Yan Shi thought she should reject him directly, but her body was yearning for s*x. She would never make love with Liang Ziqian again, so if she rejected Bei Xingyan, she could only use her fingers to relieve herself.

Will her body be satisfied with just fingers after having a taste of intense s*x?

Yan Shi pouted her lips, and said: “I’ll consider.”

Bei Xingyan pushed her chin up with his hand, and kissed her soft, red lips.

“I believe your answer is affirmative.”

Yan Shi looked away from him awkwardly. She dried her own body in haste and changed into her clothes.

Since she removed her clothes before they did it, her clothes were not dirty but there were some crinkles.

Moments later, Bei Xingyan also came out of the bathroom. The school uniform looked loose on him. The hem of his shirt was rolled out from one side, revealing his firm waist and a small section of his Adonis belt.

“You’re going out like this?” Bei Xingyan leaned against the wall lazily. The slightly moist ends of his hair landed in front of his forehead, making his pair of narrow eyes look darker.

This fashion would look disheveled on someone else, but Bei Xingyan had such perfect features and a good body that it looked sluggish on him instead.

Yan Shi was about to put on her socks when she heard his words.

“Then how should I go out?” Yan Shi looked up at him.

There were rarely people who would come to the doctor’s room. Bei Xingyan just carried someone here, and then she left immediately afterwards. So wouldn’t it be obvious that she was the one brought in by Bei Xingyan?

Bei Xingyan went closer to her and tapped his own lips. “Kiss me and I’ll help you distract the school doctor.”

Yan Shi didn’t even hesitate for a moment, as she stretched her neck up giving him a quick peck on the lips.

They’d already done all the taboo stuff together, just one kiss wasn’t a big deal.

Bei Xingyan held the back of her head, feeling dissatisfied. “This kiss is too brief, do it again.”

She kissed him again, but Bei Xingyan was still not satisfied.

When would she finally be able to leave if she kept doing this? Yan Shi asked him frankly: “Then tell me, how do you want me to kiss you to make it count?”

Bei Xingyan grinned: “French kiss. Remember to slip your small tongue inside.”

Yan Shi cupped Bei Xingyan’s face as she slowly closed in. Her eyelashes fluttered.

French kiss… when she was with Liang Ziqian, although they had already seen each other’s nak*d bodies, they kissed only by lapping their tongues together. She’d only had the French kiss with Bei Xingyan, and it was also him who initiated it.

“Faster, or I’ll take back my offer.”

Yan Shi was afraid he would, so she kissed him immediately. She put her tongue out, testing the waters as she licked his lips fleetingly. When she felt his lips split apart, she carefully inserted her tongue.

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