The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

21. C**vix being f**ked open (H)

Her org*sm came again and again. Yan Shi felt that her body was going to get broken from the waves of l*st.

His thick, metal-like rod continuously cultivated her body. Her br**sts had turned red from gr*ping, and her n*pples were sucked so hard that it turned red and swollen, standing upright in front of her ch*st.

Her hole at the bottom was wet and hot. She’d already org*smed so many times but her hole kept leaking out water every time it swallowed a m*at pole.

Bei Xingyan rarely encountered a magnificent tunnel like Yan Shi. He couldn’t help but to f**k her unceasingly.

Her pitiful h*le was getting worn out, threatening to tear apart from his thrusts, but it still kept spitting out water from the stimulation.

Bei Xingyan scooped some l*wd water from where they connected and dabbed it over her lips. Yan Shi’s mind was clouded from the f**k. Having no idea that it was her own fluids, she subconsciously opened her mouth and swallowed his fingers.

Bei Xingyan played with her tongue using his fingers, smirking lightly: “Taste your own fluids. Is it tasty?”

“Unn…” Yan Shi used her tongue to push away his fingers.

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“No, no more…” Yan Shi’s small hands pushed Bei Xingyan’s tough thighs, but her strength was not enough to stop his motions.

Bei Xingyan just wanted to die happily on her body. Her small hole became tighter the more he f**ked, as water continued spraying out. Her skin was so soft and smooth that he could easily leave a mark on her if he pressed hard enough.

His me*t pole hit her c*rvix again and again, until it finally made an opening. As if he’d found a precious treasure, Bei Xingyan continued thrusting as he kissed Yan Shi’s lips.

She couldn’t speak from the kiss, so she could only moan out in distress from her nostrils.

How could his thick manh**d enter such a narrow area? Yan Shi felt that her body was breaking. She flailed her legs hoping that Bei Xingyan would pull his giant c**k out. Alas, her struggles seemed to only make his me*t pole go deeper.


His big mushr**m head finally tore her c*rvix open and reached the innermost area.

Yan Shi’s small stomach bulged outwards due to his giant me*t pole. Her body shuddered as both her tunnel and c*rvix kept squeezing his me*t pole.

Bei Xingyan thrust two more times until his mushr**m head entered her c*rvix. The sensation of her walls sucking his s*x organ caused him to shoot his boiling hot c*m right into Yan Shi’s stomach.

Yan Shi pulled herself up forcefully as her small hands gripped Bei Xingyan’s arm. The sensation of dying in pleasure was so intense that it crashed her consciousness into pieces.

Bei Xingyan pulled his me*t pole out. The c*m he’d just shot inside didn’t leak out; all had been locked inside her w*mb.

“Wuu, I’m going to break…” Yan Shi couldn’t even put her legs together anymore from the intense s*x, as transparent and sticky fluids began flowing out of her crimson red hole.

It wasn’t long until her hole was filled up again. In the end, Yan Shi didn’t even have the energy to scream anymore, only letting out soft and weak moans from her nose.

Her lower body was completely soiled. Yan Shi laid down on the soft mat weakly, but Bei Xingyan pulled her up and hugged her while kissing her lips.

“I don’t know your name.”

Yan Shi relaxed on Bei Xingyan’s broad chest, lazy to even give him a sigh.

Bei Xingyan’s large hand ran across her smooth back, smirking as he said: “Looks like you’re too tired, let me give you a bath.”

Bei Xingyan grabbed his jacket and wrapped her body up. He was 188cm in height, so his jacket was too big for Yan Shi, but it was enough to cover all her exp*sed priv*te parts.

Yan Shi was lifted up afterwards. She subconsciously hugged Bei Xingyan’s neck.

“My clothes.” Yan Shi kicked the air lightly.

Bei Xingyan went back to pick up her clothes and exited the old storage room. Yan Shi buried her head into his chest.

Yan Shi didn’t want other people to see her like this, being carried by Bei Xingyan. She still wanted to stay at Chenghui High School and be the short, thin guy with glasses.

After a while Yan Shi could feel that Bei Xingyan had stopped walking, and an unknown male voice spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

“Bringing in a student from another school again. My place is going to become your private corner.”

Bei Xingyan smirked and said: “What’s wrong with that, since there’s rarely anyone who comes to the school doctor.”

Yan Shi buried her face deeper into his chest. He misunderstood that she was a girl brought in by Bei Xingyan from outside school. That worked better for her – just let him continue the misunderstanding.

Bei Xingyan could see from her actions that she did not want anyone to see her face, so he pressed the back of her head and entered the school doctor’s bathroom.

Closing the door, Bei Xingyan let Yan Shi down.

“I’ll keep your gender a secret, but in exchange–” Bei Xingyan suddenly paused.

Yan Shi nervously lifted her head up and looked at his face.

She heard Bei Xingyan say: “In exchange you need to tell me your name.”

Yan Shi widened her eyes. She didn’t expect him to only want to know her name.

“Is that it?”

Was that how the bad student was supposed to be like? Yan Shi even suspected that she heard wrongly.

Bei Xingyan gr*ped her chest through her jacket, bending down to look into her eyes.

Yan Shi was met with his narrow, black eyes. Her heart began thumping uncontrollably.

“My name is Yan Shi.” Yan Shi backed away subconsciously.

Bei Xingyan’s face inched closer. “The name does not match you well, your body is so soft. Oh. Nope, your n*pples are quite hard like small rocks (Shi).”

Yan Shi covered her chest and said shyly with a flushed face: “Don’t come closer, my body hurts.”

“I’ll let you off the hook today. Take off your clothes, I’ll help to give you a bath.”

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  1. merecer

    Someday someone should compile all the typical physically impossible sex things in these books and write a fic where a sex educator steps and takes over the scene with something that could actually happen. (Or even that most women like, since I’m pretty sure it’s a minority who like a c*rvix pounding!)

      1. merecer

        True! There just comes a certain point where my brain goes ‘I can’t find this hot now because I’m imagining the severe blood loss that would be occurring.’ Q_Q

  2. kiki_7

    So according to our “gentleman” fuccboi he doesn’t force women to have s*x, but the second time he meets the MC he forcibly kisses her and grabs her butt. This time he also s*xually assaults her– so he’ll r*pe a man but not a woman? Secondly when he is going to “finish” in the MC and she asks him not to he says he doesn’t sleep with random people. He had only met the MC twice before, each less than 5 minutes. He doesn’t even know her name and thought she was some guy at the school. How much more random can this hook up get? Am I supposed to like this s*xual assaulter now?