The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

206. Bathing

When Yan Shi reached her dorm room, Nan Fengyi was not around. This made her feel relieved instead, because she had time to bathe again.

Although her three boyfriends knew the existence of each other, they would usually try to avoid each other. Furthermore, their jealousy levels were comparable to each other, so Yan Shi needed to be careful not to be found out by the other person after she did it with another one.

Hiding it did not mean that it did not happen, but it could still help to avoid some unnecessary events.

Today, it was her own fault. She called the wrong name and made her senior angry, but she didn’t know how her senior would punish her.

Yan Shi pondered about it while bathing, her fingers didn’t stop rubbing her lower body, and she even slipped her fingers into the small hole to dig out the sticky liquids that were not cleaned out properly just now.


It was actually a little hard for her fingers to go in. Logically speaking, Yan Shi’s body had been opened up today so her fingers should be able to go in easily. But the problem was that Liang Ziqian had f*cked her too violently, so Yan Shi’s small hole was f*cked to become quite swollen.

The pleasurable feeling of the me*t pole going in and out of her hole hadn’t completely disappeared yet, so when Yan Shi’s fingers thrust inside, she felt that pleasure again. But this pleasure came with a scorching hotness.

Probably because the vag*nal meat inside had been rubbed for too long, so it was especially sensitive and couldn’t withstand even a bit of stimulation.

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The deep sleep could relieve her body’s tiredness very well. Yan Shi felt very relaxed once she got up in the morning, she even greeted Nan Fengyi with a smile.


“Ah Feng, morning.”

Nan Fengyi said: “I bought breakfast for you, it’s on the table.”

Yan Shi pulled her covers away and got down from bed. She saw a bit of sweat on Nan Fengyi’s forehead, he must have just come back from outside. She couldn’t help but to ask: “Ah Feng, what time did you get up today?”

Nan Fengyi pulled out a towel to wipe his sweat, “I didn’t notice. Eat it while it’s still warm, in case your stomach will ache if it gets cold.”

Yan Shi quickly sat beside the table after she heard that. She opened the cover and a delicious smell of food rushed out.

After an entire night, Yan Shi’s stomach was already empty. So when she smelt the food, her sense of hunger quickly came up.

Yan Shi took a bite, then asked: “Ah Feng, have you eaten?”

At this time, Nan Fengyi just removed his jacket to change into his training shirt. He turned around to look at Yan Shi, “I have eaten. Xiao Shi Tou, were you unwell last night? When I came back, you were sleeping very deeply, and your face didn’t look good either.”

Yan Shi quickly lowered her head. She thought Nan Fengyi meant that her face was very red when he said her face didn’t look good. She could also say that she was unwell, but not the kind that Nan Fengyi was thinking about.

“I was too tired, so I slept early.” Yan Shi quickly looked away after she said that.

Because Nan Fengyi’s body shape was too good, filled with the prime of a young man and the strength and firmness of a male. If not because the time did not allow it, Yan Shi even wanted to hug Nan Fengyi and do it one more time.

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