The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

201. Excited (H)

Yan Shi wasn’t scared at all, she was looking forward to it very much instead. She opened her legs even wider. His thick and long s*x organ was coated in honey fluids, pulling out only a bit before it thrust deeply inside again. Her initially soft flower lips turned engorged because of the repetitive friction. Her swollen and crimson red flower lips flipped in and out following its thrusts.

The top-to-bottom position made it easier for the me*t pole to intrude. The ‘Pa Pa’ meat slapping sounds and gurgling, l*wd water sounds were mixed together. The sensitive flower walls were grinded and pushed open non-stop, only secreting more l*wd water.

The moderate space inside the car was filled with a l*stful scent. Yan Shi was addicted to this scent, her body also became more excited because of this.

Her mental state affected her body, so her already tight flower hole contracted even more violently. Liang Ziqian was binded so tightly till he groaned deeply, but this did not slow down his speed, he went deeper inside her flower hole with even more force.

Her tightly closed flower pit couldn’t resist the tortoise head’s attack at all, and was forced open bit by bit. Yan Shi felt that the back of her waist was getting numb, she couldn’t ignore the feeling of soreness at all.


The accumulated pleasures in her body became more and more intense with each wave. Yan Shi almost couldn’t stop herself from screaming. She bit her lower lips while holding on by gripping the seat underneath her tightly. The skin of her lower lip was bitten off.

Liang Ziqian noticed Yan Shi’s lips. He scooped up Yan Shi’s waist and kissed her lips.

Liang Ziqian’s lips were warm and hot, not too thick or too thin, which had a faint tea scent. Yan Shi suddenly felt thirsty, to the point that her throat seemed to be burning up.

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This idea was full of madness but Yan Shi couldn’t stop it at all. Her chest was full of emotions, bubbling up to be completely flushed out at once.


Yan Shi hugged Liang Ziqian’s neck tightly, she opened up her body to devote her everything to him without any reservations.

Her small hole that was very skilled in sucking glued around every inch of his me*t pole, ‘massaging’ it in 360° without any blind spots. Liang Ziqian was already on the verge of explosion.

The me*t pole went in and out her small hole rapidly, as if it wanted to make a fire by rubbing the walls. It was impossible to make a fire, it only produced honey liquids instead.

Yan Shi’s eyes lost focus, her mouth moved as she muttered something.

Liang Ziqian’s sharp eyes suddenly narrowed as he stopped moving.

“Yan Shi, tell me who I am.”

Yan Shi was about to cl*max, she couldn’t contemplate how to answer Liang Ziqian’s question at that time.

The huge pole was thrust into her hole without moving, like a big meal that was placed in front of her but did not allow her to eat it.

Yan Shi was in this kind of situation right now, she wanted to be f*cked roughly so badly.

“Senior, no, Ziqian. Ziqian, can you move faster, please?” Yan Shi was so anxious that she was about to cry. She tried her best to push her body up as she hugged Liang Ziqian’s neck and presented him with her lips.

Their lips glued tightly together, but this time Liang Ziqian didn’t open his mouth proactively.

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