The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

20. Those lips were insatiable (H)

Each thrust made Yan Shi’s body shudder uncontrollably. Her unlimited supply of l*wd fluids continued flowing down his m*shroom head.

His thick me*t pole smoothed out every single crease in her passage. The veins around his big guy skimmed across her passage harshly as he pumped.

The feeling of complete ple*sure and numbness made Yan Shi moan sensually. She wanted Bei Xingyan to f**k her harder, relieving her itchiness with his giant me*t pole.

Sounds of splashing water came from where they were connected. Yan Shi’s trembling body turned red from the f**k as Bei Xingyan dominated her.

Although Bei Xingyan was a playboy, he knew how to control his strength. As for someone as inexperienced like Yan Shi, he was scared of hurting her due to the rough f**k so he’d been trying to keep his strength under control.

Yan Shi’s h*le was stretched open from the f**k, making her yearn more as she twisted her hips in agony. She hugged Bei Xingyan’s neck and whispered seductively, “Go rougher, please?”

Bei Xingyan smiled upon hearing her words, leaning down to kiss her on the lips, before saying, “Who would’ve known your lips are so insatiable. Well then, I’ll satisfy you.”


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“Huu… Uh…” Yan Shi sucked in big breaths as her hole clamped around him tightly.

Her body suddenly shuddered powerfully as her vag*nal fluids squirted out from deep within her hole, spraying all of it onto his m*shroom head.

Bei Xingyan charged ten or more thrusts into her, about to shoot inside her stomach when she suddenly hit his chest.

“No, don’t shoot inside.” Yan Shi tried to lift her numb and weak hips up, pulling his m*at pole out of her.

Bei Xingyan narrowed his eyes as he forcefully grasped her waist down, slamming into her c*rvix again.

The critical hit caused her body to shudder and weaken in an instant.

“Thinking I’m not clean? Don’t worry, although I love s*x but I don’t f**k random people.”

Yan Shi sniffled as she looked up at him, “I’m scared of getting pregnant.”

Bei Xingyan laughed as he continued ploughing her body. He put his hand over her tight and white tummy, caressing it. “Pregnancy does not suit your young, tender body. It’s more suitable for s**en!”

At the end of his words, waves of thick, white c*m shot out of his c**k tip, pouring it all into her flower pit.

“Ah…..” Yan Shi let out a long scream as she cl*maxed again, her hole contracting uncontrollably.

Bei Xingyan’s c**k did not soften after c**ming, remaining hard within her tender walls. Yan Shi hadn’t yet come down from her consecutive high when Bei Xingyan began f**king her again.

Her bulging flower lips flipped in and out every time his massive m*at pole fucked her, occasionally squirting out pools of l*wd fluids.

He changed her position, lying her down on the soft mat and pressed one of her slender, white legs against her chest.

Yan Shi could see clearly how she got f**ked in this position, where his purplish-red m*mber broke through layers of her tender m*at right into her flower pit. Her flower entrance were forced apart pitifully from the f**k, having no choice but to accept the thrusts of his massive m*at pole.

Yan Shi felt that her body would break from the f**k, yet her lips at the bottom were so insatiable as it continued munching on the intruding m*at greedily.

After pumping in her countless times, Bei Xingyan shot his boiling hot and thick c*m into her flower pit again, making her shiver at the heat of his c*m.

Bei Xingyan slowly pulled out his c**k, the mixture of their filthy s**en and fluids finally flowed out of her gaping hole after being stuck inside her tummy for some time.

He did not see any trace of blood. He then used his finger to scoop up his white c*m, filling it back inside her hole. 

“Who’s the bad*ss who has secretly f**ked you before me?”

Upon hearing his question, Yan Shi who was still in the midst of l*st suddenly thought of Liang Ziqian.

She was so stupid. Her mother must be more stupid than her so many years ago when she trusted that man’s fake love and gave birth to her. Her mother never forgot that man until the day she died.

Yan Shi did not want to follow her mother’s footsteps. She began to cry at that thought, lifting her arm up to block her eyes.

It was so embarrassing to cry in front of a stranger, but she couldn’t help it.

Bei Xinyan didn’t know what to do when he saw her cry. He’d seen women cry before, but it was because of the pleasure he was giving them, but not because of a question he asked.

“Someone r*ped you?” Bei Xingyan emitted a dangerous aura. He loved s*x but he hated to force it on women. He hated those a**holes who threatened women with force.

Yan Shi shook her head. It was not r*pe. It was because she was too gullible. She believed the sweet words Liang Ziqian said and even imagined herself marrying him one day.

Bei Xingyan lifted her a*s up and buried his hardened m*at pole into her blood-red hole.

“Then why are you crying if that’s not the reason? Isn’t it normal for a boy and girl to make love? Hm?”

“Ah! Too deep.” Yan Shi propped her hip up as her two round br**sts shook.

The feeling of itching to be filled came over her again as her whole body turned into an alluring, pinkish color.

Bei Xingyan leaned his body down, massaging her smooth br**sts with both hands. “I almost forgot about them. Say, which one do you want me to lick?”

His rough fingers caressed her soft skin, filling her mind up with l*st again. It felt so pleasurable.

She whispered softly with a blush: “Both.”

“So greedy.”

Bei Xingyan then started licking her soft br**sts. He kneaded her underside and sucked the top, making Yan Shi moan sensually.

This was great. Just let herself drown in the l*stful pleasures and forget about Liang Ziqian.

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