The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

19. F*cked in the Sports Equipment Storage Room (H)

“I’ll take it off myself.”

Yan Shi was afraid that Bei Xingyan might tear her uniform, so she asked to take it off herself. She rolled the ends of her shirt up and removed both her T-shirt and vest.

Her snowy-white skin seemed to be glowing under the dim light of the old storage room. Her pair of tender br**sts bounced lightly as her stiff n*pples hardened under his watchful eyes.

Bei Xingyan covered her left br**st with his palm, using his finger to brush against her n*pple skillfully. The sensation felt good – it was smooth, silky and flawless.

“It’s kind of small but it feels good to touch.”

Bei Xingyan pinched her t*ts afterwards, making her groan.

“It hurts.” Yan Shi grabbed the wrist of his hand that was playing with her chest. Her eyes were teary as she looked at him.

Bei Xinyan decreased his force, and moved his hand down from her chest to her waist. He pulled her upwards above his body as he said, “What a princess. I’m afraid you will cry once I f*ck you.”

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“Wuwu…” Yan Shi wanted to force his thumb out using her tongue, but her soft tongue ended up being l*wdly played with.

Transparent saliva trickled down from the corner of her mouth. Tearing up, Yan Shi glared at him, wanting to speak but only ended up muffling.

Bei Xingyan laughed lightly. “Moan more. You sound so s*xy, I like it.”

He teased her tongue for a short while before he finally decided to remove his finger.

Covered in her saliva, his fingers continued to massage and pinch her pair of snowy br**sts. Size B wasn’t considered too small for a girl, but Yan Shi had a thinner body frame while Bei Xingyan was massive and tall with large hands, so her br**sts looked small in his eyes.

Before this, Bei Xingyan only had s*x with women with big tits. This was his first time playing with a smaller pair of t*ts, so the experience was new to him. Especially when the br**sts were so tender and her pinkish n*pples felt so cool in his hands that he didn’t want to let go.

To get a good taste of her br**sts, he pushed Yan Shi onto the soft mat.

Yan Shi let out a moan after being pushed, then finding that her br**st was being sucked on.

A hot and wet oral cavity sucked her n*pple and a small half of her br**st. Bei Xingyan licked and sucked violently as if he was able to suck something out of her br**st.

“Ah… Ah…” Yan Shi bawled with her head up. Her br**st was being assaulted while her hole was rammed by his big me*t pole.

Bei Xingyan did not thrust directly into her hole yet, but was hitting and rubbing her outsides.

Her water started gurgling out of her small hole as it was anticipating his me*t pole. Yet his big guy remained outside to hit her flower lips and grind her flower bud.

Although it was pleasurable, it felt like scratching an itch through a layer. It hardly satisfied her, making her more needy and empty.

With her left br**st getting sucked, her abandoned right br**st wanted to be sucked as well. Yan Shi hugged his head as she pleaded softly, “Lick my right side too, please?”

Bei Xingyan lifted her head up from her br**st, smirking as he said, “Want me to lick your right side too, huh? Sure, but your p*ssy has to eat my big guy up.”

Yan Shi was completely engulfed in the vortex of l*st. Her mind was filled with desires of making love. She wanted Bei Xingyan’s massive me*t pole to thrust into her small hole, f*cking her to her high.

“Okay.” Yan Shi pushed herself up with her arms as she sat on his lap. Her hand went to her entrance, spreading her already sticky flower lips apart with two fingers while her other hand grabbed his male organ.

His round and big mushroom head sank into her wet hole. Yan Shi gritted her teeth as she continued sitting down on him. She thought she could hear the sounds of her walls being spread apart by his head.

She’d started panting from just eating up his head, so she paused and rested for a while before she continued.

It was so thick that Yan Shi thought her body could break apart. Looking down, she saw that she’d only eaten up a small half of him even after giving it all her might.

It was the first time Bei Xingyan f*cked a hole this tight. Every inch of her tender me*t was sucking on his pole, urging him to release his sp*rm.

Yan Shi was unaware of that and still tried to eat his me*t up. The more she tried, the tighter her hole became. If this went on, Bei Xingyan thought he would lose his title as a womanizer right here and then.

“So slow, I’ll do it myself.” Bei Xingyan said as he thrust his hip up, burying his s*x organ entirely into her tunnel.

“Ah–” Yan Shi hugged his neck tightly, her protruding n*pples rubbing against his muscular abs every time he thrust.

Bei Xingyan held her waist and heaved her up and down on his thighs. She had such a precious tunnel; it was so tight and wet, and it sucked him good.

Other males with lower endurance might c*m only minutes after they begin f*cking her hole.

Bei Xingyan split her legs apart as he continued thrusting in her.

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