The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

18. Hitting climax by fingering (H)

Bei Xingyan’s long tongue began infiltrating her mouth, forcing her small tongue to dance with it.

Yan Shi felt that he assaulted every inch of her oral cavity as her pu*sy began to turn moist again.

Her body was so sensitive and could easily be ignited with l*st. Perhaps she’d given up on herself, or perhaps she wanted to take revenge on Liang Ziqian… Yan Shi wanted to do it passionately with Bei Xingyan.

As he continued kissing, his unrestrained hand began to stretch downwards. He had a large hand that was able to cover her pu*sy completely.

Bei Xingyan pulled away from her lips. Yan Shi panted heavily from the kiss, her swollen and engorged lips parted slightly to reveal her tongue that had turned red from his sucking.

“Your bottom is so flat. Is your d*ck too small? But it’s okay as long as mine is big enough. I will f*ck you till you pass out.” Bei Xingyan said as he ripped her clothes off.

Her mind finally cleared up at this time. How could she forget that she was still in a all-male school? She shouldn’t expose her gender!

“No!” Yan Shi trashed her body around to get out of his embrace, but his hand had a firm grip over her hips.

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Yan Shi’s body tensed up when he touched a certain spot, as her hands grasped his shirt tightly.

“I hit your spot?”

Her water flowed down his finger continuously, helping to lubricate the movement of his finger. His second finger brushed across her pinkish flower lips before sliding into her passage through her hole.

“Wuu…. Take it out.” Yan Shi began punching his chest, though waves of ple*sures seemed to have taken her energy away.

Her punches were so light that they felt like she was just scratching his itch. Bei Xingyan gave a low laugh, his chest vibrating as he did, making her weakened upper body shake in his arms.

Bei Xingyan held Yan Shi’s body with one arm as his other two fingers dug deeper in her. His finger was thick and long with a rough surface. He continued ‘creating waves’ in her hole with his unstoppable digging.

The abundant honey water did not only wet his fingers, but also drenched his entire palm.

Bei Xingyan triumphed over Liang Ziqian in terms of technique. His two fingers seemed to be able to do countless tricks to make her l*wd fluids squ*rt at his thrusts, as Yan Shi panted sed*ctively.

His rough fingers rubbed against the tender walls in her hole, putting major focus on the sensitive spot.

Sounds of inexplicit water gurgling echoed in the dim storage room. Yan Shi’s whole body turned red and trembled uncontrollably from the pleasure.

When the aro*sal was about to hit its peak, Bei Xingyan suddenly released his hold on her waist. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck to balance herself in case she fell.

At the same time her hole abruptly contracted due to her nervousness. Bei Xingyan pressed his fingers relentlessly on her spot.


Her v*ginal essence came squirting out from deep inside her hole onto his fingers. He whirled his finger around her sensitive flower passage before pulling it out.

There was a crisp ‘pop’ when he pulled his fingers out. As he removed his palm out of her und*rwear, her transparent and sticky liquids flowed down his fingers. He quickly gave it a light lick when the liquid reached his wrist.

Bei Xingyan had narrow but bright red lips. His tongue l*wdly scooped her l*wd water up, his expression looked like he was savouring an exquisite cuisine.

Yan Shi felt shameful and speechless as she watched the scene. She did hit her cl*max earlier, but it still felt as if she lacked something. Her body had gotten used to the ple*sure of having a me*t pole in her, so the fingering could not satisfy her. Her flower lips fluttered as it waited for a thick hard c*ck to enter it.

Since Yan Shi was in the position where she was str*ddling him, his huge m*mber curled upwards and pressed against her small tummy directly.

“I’ll give you a chance. It’s not too late to back out. I never force women. The women who made love to me did so voluntarily, so if you don’t want me to f*ck you, then I won’t.”

Bei Xingyan placed his hands behind his back and stretched his upper body away from her. He narrowed his long, black eyes at her as he waited for her answer.

Yan Shi could feel her small hole spewing out l*wd fluids hungrily. Her body was yearning to be filled up by a man. She wasn’t in a relationship with Liang Ziqian as well, so there was no reason for her to remain chaste for him. If she wanted it, then she would do it.

A glimpse of hesitation briefly ran across her eyes, as she put her trembling hand onto his tenting pants.

His big m*at under the thin fabric was radiating a scorching heat and pulsating like it was alive. Yan Shi could feel her heart beating fast.

Bei Xingyan then released the beast in his cr*tch. His hard and thick pole leapt out like a spring and landed on her small hands.

Yan Shi pulled her hand away on instinct due the heat, but at the same time she held his me*t pole in both hands curiously. 

It was her first time seeing another male s*xual organ other than Liang Ziqian’s. She’d initially thought Liang Ziqian was big and hideous enough, until she saw Bei Xingyan’s.

Although Bei Xingyan was almost the same length as Liang Ziqian, his dark purple me*t pole was thicker with veins all around it. She could imagine the excitement he could give if he entered her hole.

“I showed you my c*ck, now you should show me your t*ts. I’ve never played with a flat chest before.” Bei Xingyan said as he tugged on the ends of her clothes.

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