The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

17. Proactively kissing Bei Xingyan (slight H)

These days Yan Shi had been thinking about what she could give to Liang Ziqian as a sign of her gratitude, but she was not financially well enough to buy expensive goods.

She didn’t know what he needed either. It seemed like he didn’t lack anything in his life. He could effortlessly obtain anything he wanted.

In her previous conversation with him, she remembered telling him that she wanted to give him a present, but she didn’t know what to pick. Liang Ziqian said that he didn’t lack anything, but he had never tasted greengage sauce before. She could give him that as a present.

Her eyes lit up at his words. Her grandmother would make greengage sauce every year, and it tasted good as well. She’d only randomly told him about it once before, and she didn’t think he would keep that in mind.

Yan Shi responded with a smile. “Yup.”

The following Friday, Yan Shi returned to her dorm to pack her things to go home. She was alone in her room. Her roommate Nan Fengyi seemed to be very busy with his training recently. It wasn’t until late at night that he returned to the dorm, so she could barely find time to speak to him.

The thought only remained in her mind for a while before she started thinking about the greengage sauce again.

This weekend at home, Yan Shi told her grandmother about the hilarious stuff about her school week while helping out with the housework. Her grandmother continued nagging her to be polite at school and that she should try to give something back instead of always receiving things from her friends.

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Her lips curled up slowly at the thought. What should she do? She wanted to see him now.

Unfortunately, Liang Ziqian did not stay at the dorm and wasn’t at school during weekends either.

Yan Shi sent a message to Liang Ziqian. He would usually send her a reply within three minutes, but she still didn’t get a response today even after waiting for one hour.

Yan Shi felt disappointed as she stared at her small phone screen. She thought that perhaps Liang Ziqian was busy, so he didn’t see her message.

She still didn’t get a reply until late at night when she was getting ready to sleep.

Misfortunes came in threes. This could describe Yan Shi perfectly.

Usually, it was Liang Ziqian who selected their meeting place. But since she didn’t get any reply from him, Yan Shi decided to find him at the student body president’s office. She went during lunch break while carrying the greengage sauce in her hands.

He must be too busy to send her a reply, so she thought there was a high possibility that he was there.

Yan Shi stopped in front of the door of his office. She felt anxious for some reason.

She took a deep breath, about to lift her hand to knock on the door before hearing voices of people talking in the office.

She was familiar with one of the voices – It was Liang Ziqian’s, while the other unfamiliar voice was of a stranger.

Liang Ziqian: “What do you want?”

The stranger’s manly voice sounded sluggish and laid-back. “I’m just curious, did you fall in love with that girl?”

His tone didn’t sound like he was curious, but Yan Shi, standing outside the door, felt her heart beating hard. She wanted to know his answer.

“I was bored, so I played with her. Love? What a joke.”

Her expression froze as her mind continued replaying what Liang Ziqian had just said. Her hand slowly lost its grip.


The glass can fell onto the floor and broke apart. The sour-sweet greengage sauce splattered out like Yan Shi’s heart.

The loud sound jolted her back to her senses. She couldn’t stay there any longer.

She couldn’t imagine what she meant to him in his eyes. She simply ran, having no clue where she should go.

The loud noise attracted Liang Ziqian and Wen Tianji’s attention. Liang Ziqian touched the door handle and was shocked to see that it wasn’t shut properly.

There was no one outside, with only countless glass fragments and the remains of sweet-sour sauce on the ground.

Liang Ziqian lowered his head as he examined the mess on the floor with a deep stare. No one knew what he was thinking.

Wen Tianji walked towards him in a relaxed manner, then took a glance at the floor. “So bored. I’m going back to sleep.”

The reflection on Liang Ziqian’s glasses hid the emotion in his eyes. “Hold on.”

Wen Tianji halted but did not turn around.

“You did it on purpose.” It was not a question but a declaration.

‘Accidents’ kept happening since yesterday.

Wen Tianji said: “Isn’t it a good thing? I helped you solve a problem. I remember you always hated troublesome people.”

Liang Ziqian felt displeased at being orchestrated. He hated it when his life turned out of control.


Yan Shi ran until she was out of breath. Looking around, she found herself in front of an old sports equipment storage room.

She didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. She just wanted to be alone.

The door was left ajar, so she slipped inside through the gap. The lights were dim inside. Yan Shi vaguely made her way to the crash mat used in high jumping and sat down.

She was halfway sitting down when an arm grabbed her waist, making her fall into a warm embrace.

A voice rang beside her, “I told you that you’d better not let me catch you again. This time you can’t escape anymore. Is your a*s ready to be deflowered? Hm?”

A warm breath landed on Yan Shi’s earlobe, smelling of a slightly mint and lush fragrance.

The scent of Bei Xingyan was a great contrast from his personality. His mouth could spit out so many vulgar and s*xual words.

Yan Shi was so shy that her face turned red as she struggled in his embrace. Who knew she would coincidentally bump into Bei Xingyan when she was just trying to find a quiet place. She had Liang Ziqian to save her from him last time, but this time…

Her struggles to get away became milder as she thought of Liang Ziqian.

No matter if it was Bei Xingyan or Liang Ziqian, both of them were the same. They just wanted to use her body.

It didn’t matter anymore since it had come to this. Bei Xingyan was good-looking with an attractive body, so she wouldn’t lose much if she did it with him.

Since she was already dirty, it didn’t matter anymore if she became dirtier. Yan Shi lifted her head up to kiss his lips, closing her eyes the moment they kissed, with tears glistering at the corner of her eyes.

Bei Xingyan was taken aback for a moment before quickly taking charge and kissed her until her cheeks reddened and body weakened.


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