The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

12. Doing it until she fainted (H)

Liang Ziqian grasped her slim waist tightly as he stayed there, not moving at all. His chiseled chin was taut as he tried to hold himself back.

It was moist, warm, and silky inside, with her walls nibbling at his c*ck. With Yan Shi twisting her body around, her walls sucked him in even harder.

“Move, senior, please move.” Her bottom was releasing s*x fluids again, becoming so swollen and eager that she wanted his thick pole to f*ck her.

Liang Ziqian heaved out a long breath, and slowly started moving.

Her small hole turned a pale pink, with her flower lips pitifully attaching themselves onto his pole as he pulled himself out.

“Hm……” Yan Shi moaned out from her nostrils. Her voice sounded so feminine and tempting that he wanted to hear more from where it came from.

As he pulled out, leaving only his head inside, Liang Ziqian then thrust his hips onto her, pushing himself in again. His head, that was as big as a duck egg, spread her silky walls apart and parked inside.

“Hah….. senior, don’t go so hard.” Yan Shi grabbed his arm, her nails leaving thin claw marks on it.

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Having only sustained ten minutes the first time, Liang Ziqian seemed to want to redeem himself and prove his worth this second time. He f*cked her hard that her water continued pouring out, her slender legs being split apart so widely.

Her blood was circulating so rapidly and her mind was completely filled with l*st and pleasure. Her mind went blank on everything else.

“Senior, senior……” Yan Shi continued calling out to him, but her voice sounded broken as he continued f*cking her.

He pulled out, taking some of his own wet c*m with it, which was quickly turned into white bubbles at her flower entrance due to his rapid thrusts.

Countless thrusts later, her pleasures were slowly reaching their peak again. Liang Ziqian suddenly pushed her down onto the bed, thrusting his hip powerfully against her flower.

Her soft and elastic walls clenched his head tightly. His tip was stimulated and opened up again, shooting out thick, white s*men.

Large amount of s*men were channeled into her hole. With his me*t still blocking her entrance, his s*men weren’t able to flow out, causing her stomach to swell slightly.

“So full……” Yan Shi gyrated her hips. She wasn’t sure if she felt uncomfortable or excited, but she was happy.

Liang Ziqian pulled out his half-er*ct c*ck. Massive amount of s*men mixed with her fluids flowed out of her gaping hole, with a tiny amount of blood coming out with it.

Yan Shi thought that this was the end. However only a few minutes had passed before his er*ct me*t plunged into her hole again.

She screamed until her voice grew hoarse, but it wasn’t able to stop Liang Ziqian. She felt as if she was his f*ck toy, having no power over his movements.

Yan Shi lost count of her climax, until she finally fainted from being too exhausted.

Liang Ziqian gave a few more thrusts in her before shooting his c*m deep inside her again.

It felt thrilling to make love with Yan Shi. He especially loved the time when he shuddered as he shot his c*m in her.

Liang Ziqian traced his finger from her clavicle down to her n**ple, brushing over it to make her soft snowy breasts bounce lightly.

He wasn’t done with her yet, but it was important to maintain their relationship and act like a gentleman. Hence, he carried her to the bathroom. He gently cleaned her body up and helped her change into a new bathrobe before changing the bedsheets.

It was three o’ clock in the morning when he was done. The sky would turn bright soon.

The rain outside had subsided into a small drizzle.


In the early morning, Yan Shi frowned as she began to stir. Her body was so numb and painful, reminding her of what had happened last night.

The person she liked also liked her back. The pain was worth it when she thought about that.

Yan Shi slowly opened her eyes to find herself lying in Liang Ziqian’s embrace.

Liang Ziqian seemed to have noticed her waking up, so he opened his eyes and smiled at her. “Morning.”

“Morning.” A blush crept up her cheeks as she spoke to him.

Her senior, who usually looked graceful and calm, was unexpectedly so wild and dominant in bed. The thought made her body heat up again.

As Yan Shi got aroused, the pain coming from her lower body reminded her that it was her first time yesterday. And, he also shot so much inside her.

“You are still not feeling well. I’ll go buy you some porridge. And also…… the morning-after pill, sorry.”

Yan Shi shook her head, her eyes filled with happiness and excitement. “It’s okay, there shouldn’t be any significant side effects if I take the pill.”

The development of the modern world has created better versions of morning-after pills. Besides having female contraceptive pills, there were also the male contraceptive pills. They were also harmless to the body with minor side effects.

Liang Ziqian didn’t anticipate that to happen last night, so it was normal for him to not take any preventive measures beforehand. That was what Yan Shi thought. In reality, Liang Ziqian had foreseen the event yesterday. He misled her to think that way so that she thought everything happened naturally.


(Author note: the effects of morning-after pills are conceptualized for this story, so please be mindful of the function and side effects of morning-after pills in real life! 1Edit: changed the word aftersex pill to morning-after pill due to my editor’s suggestion!)

(TN: omg Liang Ziqian is such a jerk, girls don’t be as gullible as our FL here! D<)

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