The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

10. Liang Ziqian found out her gender (slight H)

Yan Shi stood next to the large and wide bed, unsure about what to do. She would be sleeping in the same bed as Liang Ziqian tonight, and she tried to recall if she had any bad sleeping habits.

After giving it some thought, she wasn’t sure about it. What if she was the kind who would flip 360° over to one side?

Feeling restless, Yan Shi still climbed onto the bed. She wanted to look natural.

Pulling the covers over her head, she decided to pretend to be asleep. She didn’t need to worry anymore once she fell asleep.

However, she couldn’t fall asleep no matter what tonight, although she was a good sleeper. Her eyes were closed, but her ears were perked up, listening to the subtle sounds in the room.

The sounds of the shower in the bathroom suddenly halted. Yan Shi held her breath.

The sound of footsteps gradually approached her, the covers were lifted up on the other side, then the bed creaked and sank downwards.

“Goodnight.” Liang Ziqian softly said as he laid down to sleep.

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Her frail arms and legs could not make him move an inch. After some futile struggles, she decided to wake him up so he would let her go.

“Senior, senior, wake up.”

“Hm?” Liang Ziqian hummed from his nose, the warmth of his breath blowing onto the back of her neck.

Feeling ticklish, Yan Shi shrank her neck a little. “Senior, can you let me go?”

As she spoke, Yan Shi twisted her body lightly. But, her whole body immediately tensed up as she did so.

There was a hot and hard pole pressing on her back. As a ‘male,’ she knew perfectly what this was.

It was then that Liang Ziqian had fully woken up. He quickly released her. “I’m sorry, it’s unintentional.”

Yan Shi’s face was blushing red as she quickly escaped from his embrace before whispering softly to him. “Senior, are you sure you’d be okay?”

Liang Ziqian’s voice grew unusually hoarse. “It’s fine. It will go down on its own.”

For a few minutes, Yan Shi could hear him tossing and turning in the bed. Although she was not a male, she could understand how hard it was to abstain when she got aroused.

“Senior, just let it out.” Afraid that he might feel embarrassed, Yan Shi added, “It’s dark, and I won’t be able to see anything.”

After a few moments of silence, Liang Ziqian replied, “Okay.”

The sounds of clothes rustling ensued, then she heard him groan lightly, it was unlike a girl’s moan, but it could easily tempt someone into lust.

The bed began to vibrate slightly, and the slick stroking sounded so close. Yan Shi could imagine how he used his beautiful slender hands to stroke his thick and hard member. What would his c*ck look like?

It should look as clean and elegant as him… nope, she felt that his size should be huge.

The R-rated scenes wouldn’t stop replaying in her mind, and even worse, it became more and more intense.

Liang Ziqian’s hot groans felt so tempting to her, hooking up the thread of lust in her heart.

Her hole began to overflow with her honey water. Yan Shi couldn’t help but rub her legs together, but her flower’s dam seemed to be broken and kept flooding out sticky water.

The transparent honey water flowed down her legs, wetting a small part of her bathrobe. Yan Shi knew that her body was innately sensitive and needy. She didn’t want to feel this way, but she couldn’t control herself.

If this went on, she would leave a big wet mark on the bed tomorrow morning. If that happened, Yan Shi’s image would be totally ruined from having ‘constipation’ and further urinating in bed!

She wanted to plug something into her hole so that it wouldn’t flood anymore. If she was alone, she would have already stuck her fingers inside her leaking hole, but she didn’t dare to do it now with Liang Ziqian beside her.

After a while, Liang Ziqian seemed to have settled down. She guessed that he must have released his c*m, so she tried to get up. Yan Shi remembered that a box of tissue was on the table next to Liang Ziqian, so she wanted to take a few tissues to cushion her bottom first, in case she wet the bed.

Yan Shi didn’t dare to turn on the lights. She was afraid her legs would go soft if she saw Liang Ziqian’s condition, so she carefully pulled her covers back and crawled over him in the dark.

She was scared she might accidentally step on him, so she could only use all her might to lean herself forward. After shuffling through the dark, she finally found the box and carefully pulled out a couple of tissues. Just as she was about to draw her hand back, Liang Ziqian suddenly turned around. Her body lost balance in haste, and she fell directly onto his chest, with a large hand pressing against her chest.

“You’re a girl?” Liang Ziqian asked in surprise.

Yan Shi tried to get away from him in fear, but his hand around her waist held her down. A hard pole was pressing against her soft tummy.

“Senior, please let me go! I-I did not intentionally want to hide my gender. Can you keep it to yourself?” Yan Shi grabbed the covers in front of her, begging desperately.

Liang Ziqian let out a sigh. “Trust me, I won’t tell anyone else. I’m just too happy.”

After realizing what he said, her thumping heart almost leaped out of her chest. Happy? Why would he be happy?

A lingering thought bubbled up from deep within her heart, but she still couldn’t believe it. She was afraid that it was just her wishful thinking.

“I knew that you were different from everyone else when I first met you. You attracted me. I wanted to know more about you, to do more things for you, and to see you happy. I keep thinking that it will be so nice if you were a girl.”

His every word seemed to be laced with honey. It was so sweet that it made Yan Shi’s head spin.

It was obviously a confession. The happiness made Yan Shi unable to speak, forgetting to note that he never told her ‘I like you’ explicitly.

“Yan Shi, can I kiss you?”

Her cheeks were flushed as she answered subconsciously.


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