I Was Genderswapped and Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I’m Making this My Personal Yuri Game

Chapter 9: The Second Love Interest Found

Today was finally the day of Touka Academy Elementary’s entrance ceremony. As expected, my heart was racing. I could hardly remember my elementary school entrance ceremony in my previous life. I did remember the entrance ceremonies from when I got older, like the middle school, high school, and university ones, but there probably wasn’t anyone who could perfectly remember their elementary school entrance ceremony. 

In my current life, I still held my memories and awareness from my previous life, so my ego and the way I perceived everything were very different from normal kids. When you were a child, you might think that it’s a pain to go to these kinds of ceremonies, or go about it normally without caring much at all.

But, once you’d become an adult, you’d start thinking about various things like “I should’ve acted like that back then”, “I should’ve done this in that scenario” and “I should’ve done better”. I did that a lot in my past life.

So, in my current one, I wanted to treasure these kinds of events. No matter how much an adult told a child that, the child wouldn’t understand until they too became an adult. They’d only understand that these things happened once-in-a-lifetime afterwards. 

I had known that far too well. I already understood that. That was why I didn’t want to have any regrets on what I failed in my previous life, or think about what I should’ve done better. Not just in events, but also in learning, studying, and really, everything. I was going to treasure these precious things.

“Sakuya, are you ready?”

“Yes, mother.”

It was about time for us to leave the house. I replied to my mom, then left the room.

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Gp y qyd sq “Nshl Wzsolap”… R nswzed’v lhld cltkd vs lmralpp bso vbakzzle R oyp vs olya vbyv wdjdsod lzlxldvyau pnbssz wdkqsax. Rq vblal oyp psxlsdl obs zshle ‘Nshl Wzsolap’ vbl pyxl oyu R eke, vblu’e elqkdkvlzu nau yde alpldv xl.

“Mbld, zlv wp ts.”

“Xb, yzaktbv.”


I couldn’t show my dad this uniform forever. If we were late on a sunny day, it’d ruin the memories.

Normally, elementary school students would wear a slightly larger baggy school uniform, since they’d grow bigger quickly, but… of course, in Touka Academy, there wasn’t a single student who’d wear that. Instead, it was a school uniform that you couldn’t buy with the monthly salary of a normal household from my past life. Thinking about it normally, it was rather expensive, but in Touka Academy, people only wore clothes that fit exactly right.

They thought that if they’d grown bigger, so their clothes didn’t fit, they should buy a replacement. Apparently, there was the possibility of being laughed at or bullied by those around them if they wore an ill-fitting, slightly larger school uniform. Of course, the only time I had been to the elementary course was for the interview, so I didn’t directly know this, but it was information from my parents and older brother.

In Touka Academy, there were a lot of parents at the entrance ceremony accompanying their children. In this place, their job was to socialise and make connections with other wealthy, distinguished families.

So, I didn’t know about my mom, but my dad didn’t have much interest in the entrance ceremony. Rather, my dad’s job was to greet the others from conglomerates and distinguished families who’d also come to attend the entrance ceremony.

A normal kid would probably get mad and cry if their dad didn’t come to see them. But, I had the mentality of an adult, so I could understand my dad’s suffering. I didn’t have any plans to sulk about that and trouble him.

“I can see it already.”

At my mom’s words, I looked outside the window. Beyond the peaceful town, with a road where neatly arranged trees were growing on both sides of it, I could begin to see Touka Academy. 


Normally, cars could only enter through the roundabout at the entrance, but, for events only, they could enter directly through the grounds. Of course, they didn’t drive directly on the grounds, but instead went through a large entrance and drove on top of the pavement.

During events, where there were a lot of people and cars, the cars were considerate and went quickly in and out so that the road wouldn’t get congested.

And also… there were a lot of kids here…

Uu~! I’m getting a bit nervous~! This is my “Love Flowers” debut! 

From the information in the character reference and a ton of conversations, “Love Flowers” basically started from Touka Academy Elementary. The relationships and fates of each of the characters mostly began in elementary.

Similarly, Kujou Sakuya’s fate – getting Konoe Ibuki as a marriage partner – happened when she entered elementary school. So, from here on out, I’d have to be really careful with how I acted. I didn’t know when something could happen, or what situation I could get pulled into. Since I thought that, I had to…

“Oh dear, it is Kujou-sama. Greetings.”

“Konoe-sama, greetings.”

Ibuki’s parents and Ibuki himself exited the car that came behind us. I’d met him this soon… If possible, I didn’t want to meet that young master ever again, but…

Well, we were attending the same school anyway, so I’d have to meet him even if I didn’t want to. But, even so, it’d be better if we didn’t. Not getting involved with him was my top priority, so that I wouldn’t get wrapped up in any weird flags.

Despite this, my parents and Ibuki’s parents were having a friendly conversation. As for me, I wanted to get out of here immediately. I didn’t want to get involved with them. But, since my parents were talking to them, that was impossible.






“You can hear me, right!? Why’re you ignoring me!?”

Aah~, come on~… he was seriously annoying…

“Who would you like to talk to? My name is not “Oi”, therefore, you must not be referring to me, correct?”

“I’m talking to you, stupid!”

“Haa… I am not “oi”, nor am I “stupid”. I do not know anyone like that, so please look elsewhere.”

How tiresome… It couldn’t be helped that my parents were having a conversation, but don’t try and talk to me, Ibuki. I don’t want to get involved with you, so please, just stay there and leave me alone.

“Ibuki-sama, Konoe-sama, we have not talked for a while.”

“Aah, greetings, Takatsukasa-sama.”

Geh! Yet another annoying thing popped up? If you were to say “Takatsukasa”, that would be another love interest like Konoe Ibuki, Takatsukasa Enju.

He was childhood friends with Ibuki, so they were very close. The only person who could soothe and restrain the unruly “Arrogant Prince” Ibuki, the “Snow White Prince”, Takatsukasa Enju, was at the top of Touka Academy, along with Ibuki.

‘XX Prince’ weren’t official names given to the characters, but ones the fans had given them and settled on. There probably wasn’t the need to explain why Ibuki got the name “Arrogant Prince”. Apparently, “Snow White Prince” came from the fact that Enju was fair-skinned and was delicate and gentle, so he gave off the image of white snow. I didn’t know if this white snow was literal snow or from the princess Snow White.

Anyway, I didn’t care how popular they were with the players, but in-game, the only ones who opposed Konoe Ibuki and Takatsukasa Enju, who were both members of the Five Norths club, the club that ran the prestigious Touka Academy, were members of that same club.

By the way, the Five Norths club was made up of the five families with the highest status even among the large corporations and distinguished families, which is how it got its name. Aside from those five families with the highest status in this country, only a small portion of other super high-status families could enter the Five Norths cub. Well, it wasn’t like those five families would always have kids attending the school.

Currently, three of the five families were sending their kids to Touka Academy. Only the Konoe, Takatsukasa, and the Kujou families. Yeah… basically, I was going to be forced to join the Five Norths club.

My brother was still here this year, so it was fine. But next year, my brother would have graduated from elementary school. I had to interact with Ibuki and Enju alone… just thinking about it made my stomach hurt…

“Hey, Ibuki.”

“Oh! Enju!”

As expected, he came. Takatsukasa Enju… hold on, his skin really was white! People could be that pale?! He felt like a gentle girl, for some reason. Well, he was a guy, so I wasn’t interested. My interests lay in the noble ladies and in the girls surrounding the protagonist who appeared in ‘Love Flowers’. I didn’t hold a shred of interest towards the love interests, so if they didn’t appear, that’d be alright.

“And this girl is?”

“Aah? I know her. She’s the Kujou girl.”

Ibuki hmphed while answering Enju. Enju, who’d asked that, scrutinised me.

“Oh. You’re Kujou Sakuya-chan? I’m Takatsukasa Enju. Nice to meet you.”

He smiled brightly while introducing himself. Since he said that, I couldn’t ignore him. I wasn’t rude, after all.

“Greetings, Takatsukasa-sama. …do you know of me?”

“Mhm. Since a while back, anytime anything happened, Ibuki’s been talking about you. Also, there are rumours that the favourite child of the Kujou family, who hasn’t even appeared at high society parties despite being invited, is a mysterious beauty.”

“Oi, Enju! What’re you saying?! Me, talk about her?!”

Ah~… from my brother’s information, a normal kid would’ve already shown their face at various parties. However, I hadn’t participated in any formal parties, and my mom had also told me that I couldn’t go to those kinds of places, so I’d never been to one. But, that’s what the rumours became? They were unbelievably wrong.

“I am sorry for not being mysterious nor beautiful. Rumours are unreliable, are they not?”

“Yeah! Exactly! How is she beautiful? She’s a masculine girl who hits guys!”

“Hmm… now I’m starting to look forward to attending school. Aren’t you? Ibuki?”

Mmm… I didn’t want to get involved with Ibuki and Enju any longer. I’d avoid them as much as possible at the Five Norths club, too. I’d asked my brother what it was really like, but it wasn’t like I was doing student council work, so it was fine. My brother was here so he had to join. When he graduates next year, though, he’d have to say goodbye to the Five Norths club.

“Then, we will go ahead… Sakuya, let’s go.”

“Yes, mother. Then, Konoe-sama, Takatsukasa-sama, farewell.”

I accompanied my mom and got out of there. She would be going into the auditorium with me. My dad would be making the rounds. If I had to say whether he was doing it or made to do it, it was probably the latter, but that still didn’t change the fact that it was a bothersome thing. Inwardly expressing my condolences, I held my mom’s hand and we entered the auditorium.


I heard that it was an entrance ceremony, but… the principal’s speech was going on forever… he kept on saying things that would be utterly meaningless to first-year elementary schoolers. I could understand what he was saying, but I wondered how many of the other students could comprehend it. 

The boring entrance ceremony finally ended, and we lined up to leave the auditorium. After this, we’d be heading to our classrooms, but Touka Academy was a little different from normal schools. In a normal school, everyone would probably line up and start heading to their classrooms, but, in Touka Academy, you could first go see your parents. 

For example, if your parents wanted to take commemorative pictures, or if there was luggage you needed to carry, and a lot of other things, there was time for you to do that in between exiting the auditorium and meeting in your individual classrooms. 

For normal elementary students, getting separated like that would probably cause a lot of problems like not knowing which classroom to go to, or not being able to get there in time. However, there weren’t any kids like that attending this school, so there wouldn’t be that many troubles. 

I didn’t have any plans to go to my parents. We’d already taken commemorative pictures, and if I wanted to take another one on the way back, we could. We probably didn’t need to take any pictures in this crowd. I didn’t need to get luggage or reapply my makeup, so I looked around restlessly, wondering what to do, when…

“Wait, you!”


Upon hearing someone calling my name, I looked up and saw a brash girl standing there. The girl standing in front of me wasn’t the only one present; other girls had surrounded me as well. Their faces were vaguely familiar. Actually, it was the reverse. I should say that I remembered how these kids would look in the future. 

The girls surrounding me right now… were all people who appeared as “Kujou Sakuya’s” followers.

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