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Intermission – Target Age I

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「It’s over 10 years old!」
「No, it’s over 16 years old!」

The “Red Gulls” bar at the outskirt are often used by the resident of the underground guild.

When Shouji opened the double door leading to the bar, two men were quarreling.

Both of them were drunk from liquor, and dye their cheeks red from excitement. The already cut fruits and boiled fish dishes that were carried on the table slipped down from the top of the plate, they are holding their fingers at each others in a heated argument.

It is Doldo and Bando, from the sounds. Although Shouji was aware of that, he immediately asked the bartender for beer.

Morning work――In his personal work, he did an interview with the smuggler.

He have hired several people, but in this kind of work he cannot expect too much for capable person. Not to mention they put their hands on the goods, but there are also fools who falsify the sales.

He felt tired for today, and he felt like he wanted to moistens his throat with strong liquor as soon as possible.

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Bando claimed that something was over the age of ten. And he can say it certainly, but he is seriously angry.

He have serious looks, and saliva fly off lividly, he do not have any intention to lose in argument if you look at the situation, it seems that he will not take a single step back.

It is also the same for Doldo. Surely, the subject is the problem.

Of course, it was because both of them were drunk and Shouji know that their sense are not working.

Even so, it is decided that it is a hard to touch subject.

「Quik! I believe in your good sense. Girls are from the age of 16, right?」
「Ah… Is it that kind of talk?」

He decided that there is no potions for today and he was just about to go drink alcohol.

It is not a topic that you can talk with a sober face.

Shouji drank the beer. Bubbles stick in his mouth, and cold liquid flows into his stomach. However, alcohol does not turn well. He still have a clear sense of consciousness.

Even though he felt awkward, he still carefully examined the face of the two.

Both of them say「Which one will you choose?」while putting their arms together. Indeed, Shouji will have to choose either one of them.

Girls―― are over 10 years old or over 16 years old?

It seems shallow and it may be a deep conversation.

Suddenly, Shouji’s consciousness went back to the past. It was a campsite at the time when he was in the army. Someone was blowing a flute around the fire.

Too young, a village girl came to sell herself. It is a timid little girl. He heard later that the village has been hit by hunger and has no money, and was in a hopeless situation.

The village girl came to a place where the torches burns in the camp silently presented a ridiculous high price while being scared.

The fellow soldiers was surprised at the amount, make fun of her and said a vulgar joke.

The village girl pretends to be brave and tried to negotiate while being flustered.

Without realizing that it was a failure, the time to haggle started.

When the price was much lower than the market price, someone made a bid with a loud voice.

Shouji was only watching the whole situation while drinking a bottle of potions, but catch a glimpse of the village girl frustrated expression of understanding that she made the wrong choice when she was on the verge of going to grassy place.

The sake turned into a bitter taste when he saw something bad in his chest.

「Bando. Let’s talk about ethics of outlaws today」

Bando slammed the table frustratingly, and Doldo lump his fists together and bring it into his chest.

With the mug on the table, Shouji sat in front of Bando.

He set both hands in a tone like selecting a word.

「We ignore the law, but there are some rules. It’s a simple thing that everyone can understand」
「I know」

Bando answered with an unhappy expression. Shouji continued patiently.

He knew that it was not his character to preach ethics, but he have to continue since he started it.

「Don’t kill your friends. Don’t hurt your friends. Don’t steal your friends things. The three great principles.」
「Not at a talk about girls?」
「Calm down. Don’t rush to conclusions. There are also a lot of other things. It’s hard to explain… But, that’s… was it called a tacit understanding or something like light custom, what was it called?」
「Right! it’s manners. There is no sins but there is manners. I understand your desire to embrace a kid. Fortunately, there are also child prostitutes if you look in Error Knife. I will look for a procurer who is in mediation. So, in front of people, that’s… You understand that, right?」
「No, wait Shouji. I don’t mean I want to embrace a kid」
「It isn’t it?」

It was not a topic that he was concerned about, Shouji was relieved a little.

Honestly, he did not want to see the figure of his usually manly friends doing something frenzy to a little girl.

「It’s about business. The age for selling potions. A woman will give birth to a child one day, Doldo says that it’snot good if the age is too young.」
「That’s right」
「Okay, please explain it from the start」

The beginning of things was inside the territory―― Shouji’s territory was mainly in western twilight area, but the problem was that Saint Felices Girl’s School have a sharp nose.

The school that educates girls from the nobles daughters, wealthy merchants, the local wealthy farmers and exchange students from other countries until a lady from a wide range of rich daughters, stands on top of a small hill that is surrounded by natural forests on the edge of the city.

It is a talk to asses how far the purchasing power of the students can be used as the potions market channel, It was about whether it could be a young girl food or not.

「It’s not uncommon for Ferises’s girls to work at a high-class drinker inn, or work at a prostitute inn. They also do horse racing, buys jewels, and buys male prostitute. It’s a story about there is a girl who bought a slave man and kill it after a while for the first time. They look like pretty girls, but the insides are animals. Don’t hesitate」
「Quik. I’m not expecting much. I’ve never been to school, but I’m sure everyone is definitely studying hard」
「I understand. I can’t make a conclusion right away… Let me think about it」

Should he gives a perfect potion to a schoolgirl or not.

It is a large amount of money, unlike taking a small amount of money from the back alley’s hermits.

On the other hand, there are risks too as a matter of fact. There are also a lot of influential persons as the girls parents. He have to consider the possibility of being deceived and being crushed.

It will not be successful if they did not make the route secured.

First of all, should he look for the starting point?

 △ ▼ △

「I see… A high wall, thick ware bricks, a surveillance tower, and armored guard at the front. What a good security system」

Shouji who went to the site was investigating while walking along the outer wall.

The school, that was constructed like a military camp is being protected by a strong wall so as not to let any outsiders get close.

Destroying the stone wall is not easy, and sentries are walking around the watchtower periodically.

He will be discovered if there is a disturbance, and both the main gate and the back gate are cautiously on alert.

It is not difficult to climb over the wall and sneak in. It is possible if he want to do it.

However, if he enter the premises as a man rather than a seller, he will stand out too much. The security guard will come to him in no time.

He wonder whether it is possible or not to guise as a relative, and then he was warned coldly to leave immediately when he talked to the gatekeeper kindly.

He was not even asked to show his identification card.

「Is my appearance unpleasant? a poor quality and rough shirt, and a pale brown horseman-like trouser… Should I buy a fine dress?」

Shouji thought while looking down at his appearance.

In the first place, even if he manage to invades and contact a student, it is not hard to tell whether she will not buy a suspicious potions and the like.

Being suspected and then being reported is not a funny joke.

Certain trust is required to complete a dealing.

There is a title that makes the students less alert and loosens their purse strings.

When it comes it that, he should sell it to those who have trust.
The best choice is a teacher who is greedy for money, and a bad boss is a matter of course.

Either way, it is a position that is easy to lose.
He do not think it will go smoothly, but it is not necessary to strengthen the connection just by wholesale.

First of all, should he gather information?

「Should I go with the usual style?」

Fifteen meters from the back gate, there is a gently-sloping hill, Shouji was lying there while looking at the sky.

The temperature is low, but the sun is located right overhead, and the bright clear sky is pleasant.

He surrender himself to a light sleep.
Five hours passed in silence on the grassplot.

He could hear young girls shrill voices.
Chatting silly with friends with merry voice.
Exaggerating trivial things with a loud shouts in a high spirit.

A hoof sound rang, the carriages for transportation started to gather up, and the coachman formed a line and began to wait for the arrival of his master’s daughter.

Shouji waited for the target to come at the back gate, while being careful not to bump into the crowd because there were many female students who go home on foot.

At that time, the wheels of the carriage that started to run splashed into a mud pool, probably because it watched over the back gate and wet the hem of Shouji’s trouser.

「I’m sorry」

The coachman gave a short apology as he left, but he looked as if he look down on Shouji.

The female student on the passenger seat also got a glimpse of the situation, but showed no concern.
The carriage follow the road as it is.

The muddy water was firmly stuck when he plucked the hem of the trouser.
Even the inside of his shoes is getting wet.

A red four-wheeled carriage is sprinting.

「Farewell, Sensei
「Have a good day. Be careful on going home」

A gentle man with square glasses wearing a blue tunic and a dark brown vest.
While carrying a bunch of document in his armpit, he was exchanging greeting with female students.

There is no doubt that he is a teacher.
He then walks toward the southern residential area.

A good looking man with curly hair that keeps smiling, he looks like a stupid good man no matter who sees it.

「Should I go with that…」

Shouji followed his aim.

He hides himself in buildings or large barrels while keeping a certain distance.

The man do not think he will be followed. It is as expected.
Even if the students’ guards are tough, no one including the teaching staff will protect him.

He chase the teacher’s back while holding his breath. There is no change in his gait. He do not even look at his back.

Without disappearing into the crowd, the man just stopped by a second hand bookstore then entered one of the houses.

It was a two-storied brick and timber general house.
The left and right buildings had the same similar triangular roof, It seems that it was a public housing built by the administration of Error Knife.

After seeing the nameplate on the right, Shouji knocked on the door in a natural manner.

「Excuse me, I’m an acquaintance of Erald of next door. I have something to talk」
「Yes, can I help you?」
「The roof brick of your house has collapsed and is falling here」
「Oh, y-yes. I’m sorry for that 」

The door lock opened, and an old woman appeared. It might be the man’s mother. She reveals concerns about fault without even crumbling her face.

Shouji send a blow to her defenseless abdomaen.
A loud crashing sound like a heavy object falling was heard.

The old woman opens her mouth in a flash at the surprise attack, she opens her eyes widely then collapses.

He carried her faint body a little, but in the end he threw it into the hallway and carefully locked the door.

The teacher showed his face in the hallway where he heard the noise.

「Mom? what happened?」
「Wha- who are you ?!」

He dashed towards the teacher. The teacher’s face is dyed with fright.
Shouji gather his strength then slammed his face and struck it against the wall.

When he was about to fall, Shouji grabbed his collar and threatened him.

「The master is angry. This fucking bastard」
「W-what do you mean? I, I don’t understand」
「The person you put your hands on is a high-class noble. How dare you a mere teacher did something like that. I’m the spokesman for the angry master」
「W, w-wait a moment… I-I’m not doing anything」
「What a liar. I despise you」
「P-please… I’m not doing anything. Nothing. It’s true. Please believe me. I’ve never touched my students」

The teacher pleading with tears, he denied it while he bleeds from his lips as he did not really remember.

―― Shouji intended to use him if he had a weakness, but it seems that he really is just a honest clergyman.

He do not seems to have nerve even if Shouji makes him into a seller. He is a type of person that will confess his sin from feeling guilty.

「Please… This must be some kind of misunderstanding」

There is no misunderstanding, Shouji has not received request from anyone, the “master” does not exist either.

He merely disguised the status as a thug that was sent to deal with him.

Information can be extracted by maintaining the position that justice is on his side persistently.

「I need you to prove it. Do you understand?」
「U-understood. Please ask me anything. I-I’m innocent… It’s true」
「Let’s talk in a comfortable place. You don’t want anyone to hear us for our sake, right?」
「All right… Please come to the living room. Is my mother alright?」
「She just fainted. She is still breathing. The master ordered me to hurt and kill you. But, if you could convinced me that you were innocent, then I can go to persuade the master.」
「Is it true? I’m saved. Thank you. Contrary to your appearance, you’re a good person」
「I don’t know about it」

Shouji continued to the living room while being thanked.

A red brick fireplace burns brightly, an exotic spots pattern spreads on it.

A tastefully crafted and a cylindrical dining table are placed in the living room, it become a flower which makes the living room more colorful.

The teacher makes a consent when Shouji sits in his chair.

「I’ll go to prepare the tea… *cough**cough*」
「No, it’s fine. Sit down」

The teacher sat down face-to-face while rubbing the cheek that was beaten by Shouji.

He looks around to find an escape. There is no doubt that he is scared. The threat is working effectively.

「First, let’s affirm the name. The teacher of Saint Felices… umm」
「It’s Flute. Flute Lewis」
「Lewis. Let me tell you, I can’t tell you my situation. Even if that you were innocent, knew that the Young Miss was hurt, once you know her name, you know what will happen」
「I know. I will not pry. I swear. I have self-awareness that I work in a special school」
「That’s good. What I want to know is… Right. Tell me about others suspicious teachers. It doesn’t matter it if it is a man or a woman. The guy who seems to touch the students, the one that who is in debt, and the one who seems to have shady circumstances.」
「……Let me see. There is a rumor that Mouton, who teaches geography has kissed a female student. Jock, who teaches ecophysiology is a geek so he have a hard time living because of the specimen. Ms. Millie the vice principal spent money on male prostitute in the red light district」
「Do you know their address ?」
「I know」

After showing hesitation, Shouji put his hands in front of him and put in a foreword.

「Don’t worry. I won’t disclose that the source is from you. Write it down in a memo. Unlike the students, no one will make a fuss even if the teacher list leaks」
「Yeah… I wonder if this is alright」

Lewis wrote down the address on the handed paper.
His memory seems to be good enough to write down the address of a colleague. Shouji put the memo away in his back pocket.

「It’s sufficient. Also… that’s right, I want to know about the problematic students」
「Isn’t it a talk about the teachers that put their hands on the students?」
「Information is the more you have, the better. Even little things can be useful. I’m desperate too because I will be hanged if I don’t find the criminal」
「It must be tough… I can’t forgive the guy who messed up with the students. I’ll cooperate」

Lewis seems to be a good-natured person, Shouji deeply nooded. He was amazed at Lewis innermost thoughts.

「And then, how about it?」
「There are many of them. They hide it while feign friendliness」
「Tell me several people who are especially bad」
「Hmm…… The one who has terrible reception about the teacher is Illya. She will immediately complain to Lady’s Association when something happens. Ah, it’s an organization governed by the students. She will yell loudly when the teacher missed just one spelling as if a cat had been beheaded in front on her. Next is Marce. She has an extreme persecution complex, she believes that a man can rape herself with just his eyes. She could do anything if I could get fired. Then there is the problem child Lorelei. She will destroys things quickly and often do violent fights. She also often to skips school」

It is only about personal information that is not very helpful.

There are only reckless girls everywhere, and Shouji do not want to hear about the problems within the teacher.

Shouji ask calmly while crossing his hands.

「Do you know where the gathering place for the students with bad behavior?」
「They usually have a party in their mansion with their friends. Using their parents money greatly to let the cook line up luxurious dishes more than they can eat, they invited poets and musicians who had beautiful appearance, drinking strong liquors while making merry, having sex in the lawn that were carefully prepared by the gardener and use potions for stronger pleasure」
「What a great style they have」
「They need to cause trouble for others. That being the case we have no choice but to tolerate」

There is likely some soil to handle the potions.

The question is where they will buy it.

If he get rid the supplying gang and replace them, the market will belong to Shouji thoroughly. If he can get an existing route, then Doldo will not complain about anything and will not feel guilty to drop the students into hell.

His ambition was burning up. He will definitely plunder it away.

「What about the outside? Is there any popular liquor store or gambling den?」
「They reserve club with their friends. It’s because they think that low class citizen are cockroaches. Some went to a restaurant, a bar or a brothel」
「Brothel? A woman is?」
「Within the students there are also those who are poor…… Some people sell their bodies to pay tuition. Their value increase after graduating from Saint Felices. A woman who has acquired solid education and dignity will not have any problem with marriage partner. That’s what happens when you go to a school with stupidly high tuition fee without being aware that your good family have been ruined and became poor」
「Hence for that reason they become a prostitute, truly putting the cart before the horse」
「I think so too. The world is full of weird things」

Lewis’s grief was real, he was dismayed by dropping his shoulders as he did not seem to want to work at school, only resignation was felt.

「Wait a minute. Even if the students sell their bodies, it’s not a reason to hire a prostitute」
「I’m lost for words. Amongst the noble daughters there are those who have a hobby to buy and play with the classmates who sell their bodies」
「Is it something like bullying?」
「It’s a pay-to-bully. They eat caviar canapes and drinking high class katila-wine while watching a show where their favorite male prostitute raping their classmate」
「A 15 or 16 years old girl do something like that?」
「It’s not surprising. Who decided that a woman in a corset and dressed in silk has elegant disposition?」
「……Thanks. Last question, can you tell me the location of the brothel?」
「You’re gonna buy a student?」

Shouji shows tired face rather than blame. Although he was deeply saddened, he replied quietly.

「Knowing that, what will you do?」
「Ah, that’s right…… But, if you’re going to buy, don’t treat them roughly. All of those girls are good kids doing their best」

Leaving his seat, Shouji went to leave but stopped his legs halfway.

「Lewis. I’m going to report that you’re innocent. Sleep in peace. And about today…」
「I know. I will forget it. I’m good at turning a blind eye. I’m tired of myself」

 △ ▼ △

Sunset was over, and dark night was coming.

Around the rich house, white light from the light source stone was illuminated and street lamps started to ignite one after another.

There are still a lot of people going through the dark night. Craftsmen demanding alcohol, workers return to their homes and many merchants moving with their baggages.

The brothel 『Angel Wing』was located near the town’s hot spring inn in the western part of Error Knife. Wooden windows can be seen in the square building, but none of the windows have been closed and released.

There is a staircase leading to the basement at the entrance, the pink light source stone is emitting poisonous light.

It is close from the head bay, and has a magnificent store in a crowded area.

It is hard to understand because there is a mineral spring so it mixes with the hot spring inns, the site is also on bay coast street where the space is large enough to holds a carriage.

「Now then…… It’s also convenient to buy a woman」

It isit not such a bad idea to tempts the students working as a prostitute to smuggles potions.

If they are having trouble with money, they will be more likely to be attracted by something that smells like gold.

The general enrollments at Saint Felice Girl’s School is a clever girl.

There is a good chance that it will be successful―― They can also talk to multiple people. The risk can be dispersed.

「Don’t touch me!」

Shouji turned his gaze at where the sudden cry of a woman was heard.

Three thugs were surrounding a girl.

The ruffians does not care about the short girl’s anger, they put their hands on her thin shoulder while grinning they grab her hands and about to take the girl to the back of the alley.

「It’s fine isn’t it? We will make you fell good」
「We will pay. That is if you can satisfied us」

The trio’s arm are thick and their bodies are large. They wears thick leather armor covered with patches.

The girl was angry but she could not escape. Eventually she was pushed and staggered. She is aware of their difference in power so she starts grinding her teeth. There is only a few minutes left before she gets raped.

Shouji was about to ignore the fun daily life in Error Knife, but he turned his feet when he realized the red scarf wrapped around the girl’s neck was one of Saint Felices’s winter clothes.


Shouji called out to the ruffians and hit the first one.

It was only a casual blow, but the lower jaw was dislocated greatly from its original location, it broke and bent unnaturally.

The gruesome shattering sound made the remaining two people tremble and stiff.

Shouji put his hand into his pocket and spit.

「Get lost」
「U-u-uwaaa …… Let’s escape!」
「A-aaa I’m not doing it anymore!」

The two men ran away without trying to help their companion.

He felt it was too good, but when he turned around the girl was scared when looking at him.


The frightened girl leaked out her voice which sounds younger than Percibell.

Her fading blonde hair stretched up to her waist. Her chest is rich as it pushes up her V-neck blouse. She wears a no button woman’s jacket. She wears boots made from sheepskin underneath her long skirt.

Her cheeky slant eyes hides ferocious glare.

Shouji helped her, but he hesitated to say something since the other person was a sensitive girl.

He did not have any sensible lines, so he was at a lost how to responded to her.

If it were a street whore, he might have made a dirty greeting―― but in that respect, Shouji leaves a naive part.

「……. Do you know Flute Lewis? I’m his acquaintance」

In the end, he decided to relied on his miserable intermediary.
The girl was perplexed when the name of someone she knew came out from the frightening hoodlum.

「Y-yes…… He is the teacher that teaches sociology, right? Thank you for saving me. I want to thank you for saving me, but I don’t have any money」

The girl seems to be relieved at knowing a part of his identity.
She was about to put her hands into her skirt pocket, but stopped.

「I don’t need any reward. Do you work here too?」
「My name is Lorelei. At the brothel? No way. I am not that cheap」

It is a familiar name. It is the problem child Lorelei. Shouji never thought he would come across with a name he heard a few hours ago.

He acknowledge that she is about to get raped in front of a brothel at late hour. She really lacks of wisdom.

「Then hurry and go back to your parents house. It’s already late. They might be worried about you」
「No. I cannot do that」
「…… Do as you please then.」

He should not interfere any further.
It is her freedom to be taken to the back alley and become someone’s prey.

Shouji turned his back and was about to head towards 『Angel Wing』 but.

「Please wait! I have something to talk」
「…… What?」

Shouji stopped and turned his back.

When he turned to face Lorelei, he look down with serious eyes thinking that she want him to send her home.

She clench her small fist and quiver lightly.

「T-that’s, you’re going to buy a woman right?」
「I recognize that there is only one thing that can be done at a brothel」
「I-I-I-I will be your partner. But I want you to hear my request」
「I want you to help my friend. She is being treated like a toy by a bad guy…… You’re strong, please help me」
「Do you want to kill someone?」
「No…… That’s, yeah, that’s exactly right! I want Laurier to die! After all, because of her everyone is ruined!」

The emotional screams were annoying at first, but it expressed her murderous intent with a firm determination.

Her lips trembled and squeezed tightly.
Her slant eyes lifted up even more, it emits dangerous look.

Although it did not go through the underground guild, it is not uncommon to request for assassination.

It is a common story in Error Knife.

It is fine to accept the request.
Even young girls will be treated fairly as long as they pay the rewards.

「…… Fine by me. No matter who it is, I will take care of it. But, I’m dissatisfied with the rewards」
「I-is my body no good? I don’t have any experience…… There must be some worth, right?」

The perplexed Lorelei asks with a hurt face while putting her hand on her chest.

Shouji shrugged his shoulders.

「No, it’s difference. Because you’re a kid who hasn’t grown yet. So it’s not enough to entertain me. But I’m precisely looking for capable person at Saint Felices Girl School. I will listen to your request if you can help me with my work」

The word kid made Percibell’s face came to mind, but Shouji felt a sense of crisis and decided not to think about it.

There is no doubt that Percibell must be older than the girl in front of him, but with the same childlike level. On the contrary, Lorelei who has an unusually mature appearance may look older.

「I am not a kid…… But, what about the work?」

After striking her chest, she pouts while blushing then she glances at Shouji with her upper eyes and asks him with interest.

「I want you to sell potions that are not allowed by the Alchemist Association」
「……It’s underground potions, huh. It is something that a dangerous adventurer or someone who wants to get high drink right? That means you’re a gangster?」
「Yeah, the choice is yours. Whether you will be my seller or not」
「If I refuse? What will happen to me? Will I be taken to the back alley and raped or killed? 」

Shouji scratched his cheek.

He is an outlaw and does something illogical.
He commit crimes calmly, and he do not even think about good virtue.

But he do not want to do something he dislike.

「Nothing in particular」
「Yosh! I like your attitude. The negotiation have been concluded. If you kill Laurier and help Micellus safely, I will be your woman. I always wanted a boyfriend who was strong and cool」
「You don’t have to be my woman」
「There is a backdoor to creep in. Now then, let’s go darling. If it goes well, we will have sex as it is」
「Lorelei, you need to listen to me seriously!」

Just as he bounced off, Lorelei who had a light foot caught his arm, Shouji was dragged to the backdoor.

On the way, he could see a carriage shed.
He discover a familiar carriage and squint his eyes quickly.

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