Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 19 – Azazel’s Atonement Sheep

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Hey, darling. How is the adventurer’s business going these days?」
「I’ve been getting some requests…… You, are you trying to take over my apartment?」

Lorelei’s personal belongings gradually increased as she visited the apartment frequently, the curtains changes from plain to fancy floral patterns, and an unfamiliar box of clothes sits in the corner of the room.

With his living quarters encroached upon, Shouji felt a sense of crisis as he put on his reddish-brown jacket.

It is a place where he stays once every two days because he use it as a hiding place.

She is becoming the master of this place, as she visits it every day.

Seeing the stuffed horse on the washbasin, Shouji, who was brushing his teeth, felt as if he were the one who was freeloading here.

「Even if I quit the potions business, I think I will stay here」

While in her pajamas, she bent her knees and assumed a girl-sitting posture.

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But it was still safe. It is not out.

He forced himself to swallow down the turmoil in his heart and convinced himself that he was not out.

He could not drink alcohol in the middle of the day because he had work to do, so he settled with orange juice.

「So tiresome…… I do not want to go to school」

After stretching out one hand, Lorelei went limp from the sudden creaking of her whole body.

She begins to stretch her arms and legs nervously to loosen them, and rubs her own swollen breasts.

She rubbed her calves vigorously, as if she was suffering from growing pains.

It was time for her to grow taller and also around the time for her to change as a woman.

Shouji turned his head away, his eyes almost drawn to her limbs.

「You should go to school….. I made a lot of friends too. And I learned how to live」
「You seem to be enjoying life, darling…… You seems like a wayward type. While I am all about the edgy girls」
「You are friends with Micellus, right?」

When Shouji mentioned the name of Lorelei’s friend from the brothel, her cheeks puffed up.

「She is my friend, but I have not been able to hang out with her much since I got involved with my darling’s business」
「I will hire her for you. You can take a holiday in exchange. I am sure you have saved quite a bit of pocket money」

Surprisingly, Lorelei had become the biggest earner in the group.

Shouji was getting a lot of money, but he was not at peace with the fact that he was being pimped out by a girl.

The girl was so adorable that he felt as if he had a pet.

He was afraid that he would eventually develop a dependence on her, similar to affection.

「I am saving up for the marriage funds. I want a house in the suburbs area with a pool…… It is still not enough」
「Lorelei, you are still a kid. You should get absorbed in cute clothes at your age」
「Eeeehー Then, buy me clothes that suits me according to your taste」

She lazily approached him on all fours like a cat and begged right next to him

Shouji was defeated by her sweet voice and sloppy face came before his eyes.

「I will give it to you as a reward for your work」
「It is okay even if it is lewd! I will even wear things like bright red underwear that wedges into my ass!」

She put her hand on her head as she rushed in with a carefree smile.

Perhaps she was happy about it, she draw closer to Shouji and rubs her cheeks against his.

Her serene blonde hair is getting groomed well. Her hair was becoming smooth and soft, and he could suddenly smell her citrus perfume mixed with her sweet body odor.

Her lips are red, her cheeks are smooth, and her eyelashes are curled―― She is getting more seductive.

「Do not dress like a prostitute on the street. It will invites unnecessary danger」
「Yess! But, I heard there has been a lot of lascivious women in town lately. Darling, do not go with them just because you are horny」
「Is there such a thing as a daredevil in Error Knife?」
「Apparently. I do not want you to have sex with other women too often. But I am really looking forward to the underwear」

 I am buying clothes not underwear―― Shouji was shocked by the brain-transformed purchase list, but he pulled Lorelei off and started preparing to go out.

 △ ▼ △

They move through the complicated alleys of the slums.
It was filled with vacant housing complexes and street childrens.
There are peddlers on the street who can hardly be called vendors.
Stray dogs and cats crawling around in search of a little food.

When he asked about the second-hand shop near the industrial waste dump, they were greeted by Bodhi, the owner with stiff face that is covered with plasters and bandages.

This is the same shop that Shouji had unreasonably beaten up and sent to the hospital when he tried to sell off『Percibell’s Atelier』before.

The store is lined with dubious folk art, carriage component parts, daily necessities made from lumber and bamboo, and crappy inventions created by a magician.

He was surprised to see that the thief’s favorite peddlers were openly selling their wares, but they were supposed to be selling accidental or discarded goods that had been leaked out of circulation.

Whether it is junk or legitimate goods, if you order it, they will get most of it from somewhere.

「Y-Yo, Shouji. How are you?」

The trauma had taken root in his voice.

He was frightened while trying to get a good look at Shouji.

Shouji stopped in front of the store and checked his order.

「Bodhi, give me twenty sets of empty bottles of Middle-Potions. And then I want some of that bankrupt alchemist’s lab equipment or whatever. Sell me everything you have」

Bodhi disappeared into the store.

He was relieved to see that he had gotten what he had ordered.

The small bottles of Perfect-Potions that they were distributing were cheaply made by amateur glass craftsman, but now that they were using genuine bottles, albeit in disguise, they were more popular with customers and less likely to break in transportation accidents.

It may have been right to write it off as an expense.

The sales of Perfect-Potions are remarkable these days.

The sales channels for adventurers on the street are expanding.

The supply of Perfect-Potions has caught up with Percibell’s supply, and the inventory has been emptied.

Smelting after smelting has caused cracks in the cauldron, and he is unhappy with the lack of care in cleaning and repairing the equipment, and the person in question wanted a vacation not money.

One of the concerns is that rumor after rumor has created a scarcity value, which has led to a center margin, driving up the price.

They need manpower―― In the first place, It is impossible to let a girl who is physically weak to refine more than 100 liters.

Maybe he should get her an assistant or something.

Perhaps he should send Lorelei, who is close to her age to do it.
That girl, despite her crude behavior, is very good with her hands.

It is also a good idea to hire a part-timer from somewhere completely unrelated.

If he can get the Underground-Guild to mediate, it will be shady, but their identities will be guaranteed for the time being.

By the time the inventory is replenished, the winter season will be over. They do not have to worry about the preservation of the potions for now, but eventually they will need a large cold storage facility.

It is not the best time, but perhaps now is a good time to buy processed fabricated rectangular cooling stones at low prices.

No, it is better to have a builder make it than to do the carpentry himself.

To make more money, he need investments. And he have enough funds for it.
If he use the money properly, he can expand the scale of his business for sure.
Once he build a system to make money, the rest is a comfortable life that awaits him.

「Shouji, please confirm the contents」

Bodhi and his men came back and called out to him as they put the crates on the carriage.

A set in a long box contains twelve pieces.
The contents are carved with fine partition plates and have a square shape, Shouji tried to pulled one and gave it a shake, but the glass is free of stains and cloudiness.

「Alright, this is good」
「I will give you the odd amount of 100,000 Idols. I heard you have been doing well lately. It seems you have been diving the labyrinths」
「It is just business. I have never been good at jigsaw puzzles. I’m not playful enough to go off on a tangent. I am not playful enough to step into a place I do not know the way」
「I see. I’ve got a lot of goods for that. Would you like to take a look?」
「Yeah, sure」

When Shouji heard the words “goods for that” he thought of boots that looked like mountain climbing boots and stab-proof shirts made of woven steel wire, but it look suspicious.

Bodhi led him to a storage area behind the store, separated from the rest of the store by a wire fence.

The gravel lot may have been a large vacant land, but three armed wagons lying in disarray stood out.

Rusty spiked rollers and steel wheels were disassembled into parts and placed on a sheet, with parts of sewage pipes and pumps lying beside them, and unkempt swords and armor in one place at the back.

There were three house’s worth of household goods lying around, piled up uselessly and ready to fall if shaken.

「What do think of this? This is『The Great Wings of Curcas the Avian』」

Bodhi spreads out a light brown bird feather and shows it to Shouji.
It is small, about two meters wide, but the fur is luster.

The back of its body is covered with fur, and a looped shoulder strap hangs down to the wingtips, so that he could wear it like a sleeve.

The avian, Curcas, is one of the poorest of the bird races, but it is a master of the bow, so much so that bards sing of it.

「You can fly by using this thing. The only problem is that you can only fly for three minutes, and you will get so tired that you will lose your footing. The last guy who used it before crash into the ground passively and died, but if it is you, I am sure you can handle it」
「I admit it is a great product, but it is not to my liking」
「I see…… Then what about this one? It is the strongest armor『Shout of Red(シャウトオブレッド)』. Wearing this armor, you can receive the blessing of the Dark God and shoot a red destructive ray that can wipe out a mountain. The only problem is that the user dies after firing it, but it is perfect for when you want to kill yourself」

Bodhi tapped the shoulder of the jet-black full-body armor, which was old but imposing and engraved with magical patterns.

Shorty nodded and shook his head.

「Surprisingly enough I want one, but I do not like its design as a coffin」
「Hmmm…… It is hard to find another recommendation. How about this one? It is a tube embedded with a spirit stone that seals ghosts」

Bodhi held something that looked like a vacuum cleaner in his hands, but Shouji ignored him and looked around at the pile of junk parts.

Some were covered in rain and dew, others were carefully wrapped in cloth.

He could not bring himself to touch any of the dusty or dirty ones, but he did notice a large object sitting against a wire fence far away from the stores.

It was too big to be the cabin of a carriage.

As he looked at it with interest, Bodhi came up to him happily and tore off the cloth in front of Shouji’s eyes.

「I specially reserves it for you, you know」

When the cloth was pulled off, Shouji could see the bright yellow surface.

A smooth, painted steel plate. An angular frame. The heavy weight of the steel was overwhelmingly large, perhaps twice as heavy as a five-seated carriage.

The part of the vehicle that came in contact with the ground was a caterpillar, with small wheels inlaids finely.

It was so heavy that it could crush anything that moved..

Overhead, there was a single driver’s seat, and the roof was simple, with several bent levers can be seen.

The whole thing was convex and angular, but the tip was unusually sharp.
The rotary drill spiraled sharply, glinting in the sunlight.

「It is a rock drill made by the Darklight Brothers, the magic engineers」
「Holy shit! It’s cool!」

He clenched his fists and began to frolic like a child, perhaps tugging at his heartstrings, and imagined himself riding it around town.

Crushing and tramples down the oncoming cabs and carriages with passenger seats and turns the crew, gentlemen in silk hats and ladies in dresses, into minced meat.

Just thinking about it is awesome.

「It is perfect for navigating the labyrinth, but it is hard to fuel. You will need earth attribute magical power」
「…… Only magicians can drive this thing?」

Disappointment was evident in his voice.

He have been dreaming about handling the clattering levers, and when Shouji looked at Bodhi grievously, he shrugged his shoulders and slurred his words.

「It is not like that, but you will need the help of an earth magician. I have heard that if you do not have a magician who specializes in touching the earth on a regular basis, the magic won’t circulate properly. The fresher the magic that is granted, the better it is」
「In short, the quickest way to do this is to kidnap an earth magician from the Magician Church and throw him into a mixer and dump him in a fuel tank」
「Yeah, that would work」

Bodhi nodded, while his mouth mumbles at the insane idea.

「Good, I know how to make it work now. I will buy it. How much is it?」
「It is 30.000.000 Idols」
「Does it come with fuel?」
「No, it is empty. It is not impossible to get the fuel」
「Then,it is 10.000.000」
「Oi, oi, Shouji, you really do not know about the value of this thing」
「Alright. It is 5.000.000. If not, you will be the fuel」

He leaned in with a fierce look and put his hand on Bodhi’s shoulder.

The price has gone down.
The unblinking, emotionless eyes told Bodhi that there was no hesitation in doing so.

With a cold sweat trickling down his cheeks, Bodhi gulped.

「Ugh…… Damn it, I agree with 5.000.000」
「As long as you understand. Keep this 『Let’s go Quikk』with you. I will use it when I want to」
「Ehh, this, it is taking up a lot of space……」
「All right. Then, see you again Shouji, please die early for the sake of the world」

 △ ▼ △

He spent it for fun, but he still have 10.000.000 Idols left.

The number of retail dealers is steadily increasing, and to his delight, the money is accumulating.

Stark, who works with fisherman as a side business, is good at dealing with the rough stuff thanks to his guts and physical strength.

Thank to his specialty, Bando becomes the newcomer manager’s, and said that he wanted an office.

Doldo dedicated himself to be a dealer. Perhaps it was because his quiet nature, but he was reluctant to take on more responsibility than necessary. If he rises through the ranks of the organization, he will be paid even when he sleeps and need to be stimulated gently.

Even if he is Shouji’s buddy, he needs to show him a little positive attitude to be able to lead.

He sometimes gets into a skirmish-like turf wars with other potions syndicates, but the Underground Guild still has not made a scene yet.

He do not know what will emerge from the darkness, but if they expand the scale, they will eventually cross paths.

At present, he need to expand『Percibell’s Atelier』and establish a production system as soon as possible.


Shouji stopped halfway when crossing the brick bridge.

The waterway is surrounded by yellow bricks, and muddy water mixed with sewage is flows slowly.

The scene of vagrant dwellings spread out on the cramped riverbed is still the same, and the smoke rising from everywhere is also a familiar thing.

「Everyone, please take a look at this. Ah…… I am being watched, I am being watched!」

Shouji saw a young girl standing with the hem of her beige trench coat spread wide with her hands and her legs cramped.

She is posing in a round rolled hat with her long pale pink disheveled hair swinging in the air.

Even from a distance Shouji can see her skin tone, and from the sidelines he can see that she only wears a coat and shoes, not even socks.

A crowd of vagrants were sitting on the floor, worshipping her.

The young and the old filled the front-row seats.
They put their face close to the naked as if to devour and sniffed it roughly.

Skewered by their gaze, the aroused girl was salivating with a charmed look.

「…… There are all kinds of people in this world, aren’t there?」

Chilled by the encounter with a type of person he did not want to get too close to, Shouji quickened his pace to leave, but made a U-turn when he spotted a familiar face among the onlookers.

「Oi, Doldo! What the hell are you doing!?」
「Ah, Quikk」

From the crowd of vagrants, Doldo raised one hand in greeting.
He stood up, while being puzzled.

Onii-chan, please be quite」
「Shut up! I am talking right now!」

He punched the vagrant, who rebuked him for his shouting in annoyance, and flipped him off and send him diving into the muddy water. The vagrant floats on surface of the water, motionless and drifts away.

Doldo stood up from his seat, with a suspicious look on his face.
The violence was familiar, but the look on his face said he could not understand why Shouji was agitated.

Shouji turned his head away, puts a hand on his chin as he thought about his choice of words.

「Doldo…… in most case, woman ain’t free. In this case, the woman is sick and will pay a high price. You are a smart guy, so you should know that, right? Let’s go buy a high class prostitute right away. If you are embarrassed, let’s buy ten of them at once. They will start talking on their own, and the service will be easy and they will pamper you for it. I will treat you. Come on, let’s go」

「Quikk. I appreciate that, but I like happening porn, it does not mean I am looking for prostitutes」

Doldo shook his head while showing his deep sadness.

Faced with his friend’s hard fetish, Shouji was speechless while struggling to keep his mouth shut.

Shouji who does not have particular taste as long as the girl is a beauty, have nice figure and young, waved his hands in the air if he were slapping them in desperation offered an alternative plan.

「Then, let’s order that kind of play. You can do whatever you want」
「There is no truth in that. It is impossible for me」
「You do not understand! You are gonna be sick, Doldo!」
「It is a trivial thing. We all get sick as long as we live」

Doldo’s die-hard belief was evident as he declared with a serious face.

Having lost his way in persuasion, Shouji realized that he should not say anything more.
No matter how much he tried to convince the seeker of a way to another path, it was pointless.

He was left with an unsettled feeling, but he had to put an end to his needless concern.

There are certain areas that are off-limits to everyone.

「Ummmー, I am not sick, and I do not intend to have sexual intercourse with so many men……」

The lascivious woman who had been exposing herself called out to him in a reserved manner.

At first, the onlookers screamed and ran away as Shouji beat up the vagrant, leaving her behind.

「Anybody who is sick will tell you they are not sick」
「I am sorry, young lady. Quikk is a good guy at heart, but he is basically a demon」
「I see. By the way, what do you think of my salmon-pink vagina?」

The two men lowered their gaze naturally as her legs opened up.

Her love juices flowed down her inner thigh sloppily, wetting her muscles and forming lines that extended all the way to her toes.

Her pubic mound is smooth and well-groomed, with no hair growing on it.
The visible outer lips shadow were closed, but the central crevice was twitching and quivering.

「I do not know what it is, but why are you doing this?」

Shouji asked a cold question while trying to keep his composure and ignoring all the erotic situations.

It was too chaotic for him to react, but Doldo stared, with mouth half opened, as if trying to burn it into his memory.

The woman was bewildered, and her body shuddered, then smiled as she bloomed.

「It is the God’s will」
「I do not think it is good to blame God for everything. I think you should accept the fact that you are a pervert and live with it」
「I am not a pervert. There is a reason for this. It is a journey of atonement to wipe away the sins of the church I was born and raised in. Fifty years ago, Bishop Marx began a horrific ritual of sacred magic that makes your hair’s stands」
「Quikk. I think it will be a long talk, there is a fruit vendor there, do you want me to get you some juice?」
「Yeah, please」

Doldo ran toward an old vendor with a shoulder carrying pole who was passing by the bridge and bought three mixed fruit juices.

It was nice of him to be so thoughtful. The freshly squeezed juice mixed with the pulp of red berries was fresh and not hard to swallow.

The lascivious woman gulped it down and sat down on a chair that the vagrants must have provided.

Shouji sat cross-legged, and Doldo sat on his knees, ready to listen like a child watching a storytelling.

「In public, they called it healing magician, but it was originally thought that sacred magic, was based on the grace of the Holy God, required a purification of the soul. It took the form of a terrible trial――」

In Error Knife there is a pit dungeon called 『The Ghost Road(ゴースト・ロード)』.

The place has a long history and is said to have originated in the early days of the current dynasty when it fell into ruins.

Originally, it was a huge hole at the foot of the Myurun Mountains, and its use as a deathtrap came about due to the cruelty of the rulers who wanted to be more impactful and merciless than the guillotine.

The sacrifices were noblemen and officials who had lost the battle for supremacy at the time.

They were thrust into the pitch-black cliffs alive and were never buried by their surviving families, an ending that was far from a requiem.

It was not unreasonable for resentments to be born and to appear in the form of an apparition.

When the wraiths infested the area as monsters, attacking people and stealing their vitality, their history as a deathtrap seemed to be over.

The problem started here.

The surviving families of the condemned made a request to the adventurers.
They wanted the adventurers to recover a family heirloom, a jewel that had apparently been hidden by the prisoners.

A nobleman, no matter what the situation, always has something that can be used for money hidden in his body.

It was retrieved, but the adventurer was drained of life and died of exhaustion.

He died just outside the entrance with a large sapphire clutched in his hand.

The cave that had caused so many deaths had become a treasure trove of corpses and gold and silver treasures―― And rumors spread, whether it is true or false.

Moreover, they were not gathered in one place, and there were even traces of people who had been pushed down but were still alive wandering around looking for a way out. You don’t have to go all the way to the deepest part to get the treasure.

Thieves who heard about it also had their sights set on it.

The unpurified wraiths brought in their friends and formed the City of the DeadHaunted Land, but they attracted not only adventurers and thieves seeking gold and silver treasures, but also another organization.

 ――It was the Holy Church.

The priests, who were originally charged with the task of mourning the dead, did not like the idea of grave robbing, however, they did not want to help the people just for the sake of publicity when there were no requests.

In the end, though, they saw the value in it as a training ground for immature priests.

No one could have predicted that this would turn out to be an unexpected mistake. 

「The Wraith with the Holy Attribute was born」

It is a common sense that wraiths is a ghost attributes.

It is similar to the demon attribute, but it is in that category because it does not have a true form.

「It is not a sexual attribute. Ghosts have vagina, but sadly, ghosts do not get wet. It’s a wraith, from a dead, innocent priest」
「I did not want to hear any of that. What do you mean by holy attribute? Isn’t it because it cannot be exterminated?」
「Do not just said “yes”! It is a monster without substance that can only be defeated by using sacred magic or a weapon soaked with holy water, right? I have nothing to do with it, but it is a big problem, isn’t it?」
「Yes. the church has made a terrible mistake. It has become unfit as a place of training, and it is only a matter of time before the souls of thieves and adventurers accumulate even more and flood the city」

The lascivious woman dropped her shoulders in depression.
The dark expression on her face was evidence that she was taking the problem personally.

As the conversation died down, the woman’s eyes began to flicker with contemplation.
Before long, a dignified will dawned on her, and she lifted her face.

「I, Alistia am the God’s most favored gifted child even within the church. Up until now, I have been working on the streets to encourage life for the requiem of my brothers and sisters who have passed away by challenging the 『Ghost Road(ゴースト・ロード)』 on my behalf, but it is about time for the end to come」

The story finally connected with the act of exposure, but Shouji twisted his head, not quite understanding the meaning of showing her naked body to the vagrants.

「Why you have to strip naked in public to hold a memorial service for your brothers and sisters?」
「I will use my beautiful body to stimulate their libido and make them procreate and leave a descendant. The best way to save a lost life is to bring back a new one. This is my cause as a total sexuality care list」
「I think it is a great cause」
「Doldo, you are complicating things, so shut up. I do not understand your logic, but I understand your reason」
「I am glad that you understand. Now please take your time and enjoy licking my plump breasts and erect niples. My vagina is also flooding」

She shook her upper body, swaying her large breasts, and she spread her legs wide open, revealing her private parts once again.

Her thighs were soaked with liquids as she sloppily drained her transparent love juice.

Her face is resolute and composed, but she does not seem to have a single ounce of chastity left in her.

「It is a simple question, but, are you not ashamed?」
「I was embarrassed at first, but then my gaze gradually turned to pleasure. I used to dance my ass off while naked at construction sites and government offices before, and it felt even better than I expected」
「I see. I am glad you are enjoying yourself. I will be going now. May you have a good day」

Shouji, who has a normal sexual disposition, did not want to get involved with the exhibitionist pervert, so he tried to run away quickly, but Alistia grabbed his sleeve.

「From your overflowing divine energy, I assume you are the street corner hero. Would you be willing to help me in exchange for my vagina?」

Only her face exuded the integrity of a priest on a mission, but her lower body was shaking like a newborn deer.

I want to go home―― Shouji thought from the bottom of his heart. It was a feeling he could not deceive.

The girl who can say indecent words without hesitation is definitely more psychopathic than he is, and has broken all sorts of common sense limiters.

「Ah, those scornful eyes…… No, no, ahh, ahhhh!」

It seems that her reason has broken, and while holding Shouji’s sleeve, she begins to hold her finger in her mouth as if she were doing a fellatio. As her eyes changes into a pensive look, her crotch squirted, and she reached the climax with a thump, even Shouji who was called a demon by the Underground Guild was frightened.

「No,Wai― What the hell is wrong with this girl? She is scaring me!」

 As Alistia who was masturbating, teasing her mound with her fingers and pushing them in, she crouched down after being overwhelmed by the stimulation, she let out a distressed “mmmm”, as she rubs both of her thighs, then she writhed while letting out a troubled breath as she enjoys the after taste.

The liquids leaking from her genitals was a mixture of urine and love juice that formed a line and flowed toward the river.

「Quikk. Come to think of it, I want to give you some of my earnings from my work, so come over to my place」

Doldo said calmly, apparently less interested in being too lascivious. It seems that the happening time in his mind is over.

「Y-yeah….. You are right. Let’s go」
Yuusha-sama, you must not, no way, neglected play is too advanced from the beginninnng」
「Quikk. why don’t we stop at yakitori restaurant?」
「Sounds good」

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