Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 31 – Her Highness Glory Hole

―― ‘Your Highness, please leave this to me’
―― ‘You must not be defeated’
―― ‘Hateful tomb raider!’

The curses flashed back inside his mind as images.
It contained all the curses of the beastmen.

He laughed at them, but what stopped him from laughing was that―― he realized their unity was more formidable than what he had expected. These brave men were reckless. They were so annoying that it crushed his frivolous feeling.

Shouji felt he had fallen completely in a terrible nightmare where he could hear groans, and woke up to his owns groan.

He open his eyes in the dim darkness. His blurred vision is becoming focused. His throat is parched. He swallowed a gravel covered with saliva. His joints hurt. He has a headache like it has been stabbed by nails.


Why is he sleeping with his face down?

This is the first thing that came to his mind, but he had to put the pain away and stand up to fight. Even though that should have been the case, he cannot detect the sign of anyone. He urges his staggering body and release his arm that had become pale after being pressed by the weight of his head.

Then he suddenly realized.
His claws and fangs had disappeared completely.
The protective fur that covered his flesh was gone, exposing his bare skin.

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「Eblal yx… R… Bdvkz y obkzl yts…」

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Rv kp yd ldnzsple rzynl okvb zkvvzl hkpkckzkvu.

Rock walls covers all four sides of the room.
The ceiling could barely stand. The surface of the walls were not man-made, but natural sculptured. There was no uniformity, it is just rough packed rock surface. The bedrock is piled up, sharpened and it sticks out.


Well, worst of all―― he seem to be in the gap of rubble.

What happened… to the battle?

The radiance that has becomes drops―― The Flash-Rock―― The stone wall on the treasure house was scattering on the ground. He approaches the bright spot.

The rock surface is illuminated in its own way. It truly makes for a saving light though.

As the light’s intensity increased, his mind calmed down and he slowly realized―― he was being buried alive.

Why? How did this happen?

「What’s going on? I can’t remember anything」

He got up and shook his head.
He should have finished Chateausea―― but, he cannot remember what happened afterwards. Is it because he hit his head?

And yet, only the bad memories of the past are burning clearly on his mind.

Maybe it was the signs of grave-robbing.

After raiding the tomb of the previous Beast King, devouring his corpse and invoking the magical beast’s mutation.

It brought back an unpleasant memory when he went to kill the Beast King, Hall Totnakun.


He thought he could kill him with one more step. He was a short distance away from glory. He thought it was possible to restart his life. He foolishly thought that he would be able to return to the royal capital if he have the achievement of defeating the Beast King. He even thought that he would not mind dying.

However, the guards who rushed to his aid disturbed him.

It was because he foolishly challenge the Beast King inside the palace.

Even though it was impossible to defeat the Demon King of Error Knife alone, he was conceited.

He could only retreat from the predicament. Finally, after cursing and killing several people, he turned tail and escaped. It was funny how he was spoken of as a disaster and how the beastmen came to fear him, but he felt defeated.

It seems like he made the same stupid mistake this time. Indeed, Was it Lox? That bastard suddenly bites him from the side, and just at the right time, a collapsing rock fell.

It was most likely Leschia’s fault for hitting the dungeon with『Karma Legs』. That brat called Kielnir or something is also the cause. These stupid muscle-brained bastards do not know something called restrains. What a bunch of idiots. It seems he is the only one among the heroes that values low power consumption.


He was caught in the sudden collapse.

―― Lox!
―― Our King must not be defeated.

This memory brought the scene back to him. He was finally about to catch Chateausea’s nape.

Just as he was about to slam her into the rock walls and break her neck flashily, the wolf bit him even though he was on the verge of death.


The resolution of putting his life on the line could be seen gloriously in his brilliant vertical eyes―― damn faithful dog!

When he recalled it, he felt a sharp pain on his torso where the bite wound remained. There are blackish holes of various sizes caused by the beast fangs.

「Ugh… Damn it! What an idiot!」

He looked down at his waist and saw that the ammunition belt around his waist had no stock.

He search through the lining of his ragged jacket. He took the emergency Perfect-Potion hidden on his pocket.

The recovery effect ran through his entire body.
A pale, faint luminescent flashes, and the blessing gives him physical strength and healing.

He wiped his wet mouth with his arm. His anger was burning. He want to tear Chateausea to pieces as soon as he found her, but it is hard to have a revenge match now that his fighting style had been found out. It would be dangerous to fight her directly.

「Damn! … It’s not effective… It still hurts… Ngh」

Enduring the headache, he turns his head and grasp the situation.

He held the Flash-Rock and investigated the space.
It is narrow, both vertically and horizontally. Shouji who examined closely, blinked his eyes in surprise. It was because there was something strange in the corner of his eyes.

It was because only that part of the rock wall was white.

A human body―― he found the lower-half of a body, sticking out from the wall, it sent shivers down to his spine.


He had seen the knee-length bottoms before.
There is also a black tail sprouting out, so it is definitely Chateausea’s buttocks.

Should he killed her while she has not realized yet?


He approached nervously, the soft skin above the socks wrapping her ankles.
When he looked at the exposed area, the complexion was good.

The flesh was soft when he held and pulled it. He do not know how much time has passed since then, but it does not look like rigor mortis has happened yet.

Looking through the slits in the cracked rocks, her body from the belly button seems to be on the other side.

The Zero Force that usually envelopes her has disappeared, but she is not dead.

When he touch her body, it is slight, but there is a reflex reaction. She is just stuck in the rubble.

「How terrible… This is just too dumb, right? I wonder if I can take a picture?」

For the time being, Shouji clenched his fist tightly.
The buttocks that sticks out so carelessly seems easy to be hit.
He thought about punching it and sending her flying towards the sun, but he stopped.

It was such a stupid scene, that he lost his fighting spirit.

It is a pose that lacks dignity and grace―― A kind of elegance that only she had once.

Something like this made him sigh deeply and even feel pity for her.

Feeling exhausted mentally, Shouji dropped his shoulders.
He shakes his head pitifully, and grab Chateausea’s hips and shake it.

「Oi, Are… Are you alright?」

After saying that, he felt something different about himself―― There is no need to worry about the enemy.
Even so, Shouji called her out fearfully.
Chateausea herself, does not respond to his call and does not react at all.

She was unconscious. Her legs were limp and relaxed.

After Chateausea wake up, if he confront her, his chance of winning are thin.

If he want3e to use the『Beastmen Fighting Method』to defeat the Beast King again, now is his chance to steal her flesh and blood.

「… If it’s going to be that way, then should I eat her in a different meaning?」

 ※ ※

Shouji puts his hands around Chateausea’s hips from behind and undressed her bottoms. It had holes for the tail. He is being careful so as to not pull the glossy black fur, he slid it down to her toes.

With his fingers, he hooks the white porcelain shiny silk high-class satin underwear that cover her buttock―― and pull it down as well.

Her smooth, round little buttocks were exposed to the air and inevitably drew his eyes.

Her thighs, while it is voluptuous as a female, are well-shaped and slender.

Her flexible lower body is well trained and her smooth white skin is pure white like fresh snow. When he gently stroke it with his fingers, it feels wonderful to touch. The texture and purity of her skin gave him a sense of immorality, as if he were touching an innocent woman’s body that no one had ever touched before.

Her fleshy crevice is hairless and smooth.
He wondered whether she shaved, but there was no such trace.
She was probably around 18 years old, but her sweet genital has the cuteness of a young girl.

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that a tail was growing out from the top of the tailbone.
If he considers it as an accessory, it does not look that bad.

「Just seeing her ass make me horny…」

For the time being,he suppress his desire to insert it.

Shouji opened his jacket and pulled out another bottle of Perfect-Potion from the lining.

There is only one bottle left, but it cannot be helped.
He hold the cork with his mouth and remove it.

With one hand, he spread it all over her buttocks.
The tightly closed secret hole full of wrinkles―― he carefully approached the bottle’s mouth toward her butthole―― Then insert it.

「Oh, so you were awake」

The scream that penetrated the rock walls and could be heard burst out.

Shouji nodded with a pleasure in a carefree mood.

Her black haired tail stands upside down in surprise, her soft buttocks shakes violently.
The small bottle that was still inserted was being shaken and the liquid inside continue to decrease.
The liquid flows into her butthole.

It is the Perfect-Potion intestinal absorption.
It is considered to be more effective than beverages in general.
Just like alcohol, it is a dangerous way of ingestion.

「T-That, voice…. Bastard! Where are you!? I see, so you’re hiding! My eyes are can’t be dece… Fwaaaaaah!?」

This girl, she is stupid―― Shouji thought as he squatted down and dipped his tongue into her secret hole. His hands were stained with dirt, so it is difficult to caress her sensitive place.

He wiped it using the hem of his jacket, but it is still dirty. There is no way he can touch the girl’s secret place with this hands. It is a weird limit but, even though the might rape her, he does not want to cause her any physical discomfort.

He gently peels the thin skin with his tongue and tickle the small clitoris.

It was faint, but it tasted salty because she sweated.

「Fwaa, w-wait, wait! W-What are… Fuwaaa…」

The freely moving tongue technique caused her to let out a listless moan. Chateausea’s knees bent and weakened.
Shouji got excited and continued to move his tongue skillfully.

He plays around with her clitoris, pushing, mashing and shaking it.
Chateausea moves her legs shakingly and tries to kick him, but there is no strength in her hips. Obviously. The intoxication effect of the Perfect-Potion makes her collapse.

He will have the princess fall into pleasure as a maiden.
This is also a kind of battle, Shouji thought carefreely.

「Wha… Ahh… What is this… No way. A-Are you licking it? Why? Are you ridiculing me!?」

He did not answer her because it is a pain, he just stimulated her sexual feeling.
He put his tongue into her crevice and trace the vulva’s surrounding. He spread and knead her squishy, elastic buttocks while investigating her sensitive spots.

Not to mention the clitoris―― When he grasps the annoying tail that hits him, her buttocks rose up suddenly.

It seems to be effective at the unexpected part.

「Stop it.. Ngh… Not the tail… Really!」

When he rubs it, Chateausea stood on her toes.
Looking from the side, it could be seen that her buttocks were stretched and tense. Her butthole tighten, her vagina quivers gradually, and the spasm in her secret place grows.

He did not forget to lick the secret place and it tasted like a girl’s nectar.
The secretion was lukewarm and shiny. Love juices, which is the evidence of picking up pleasure slowly spreads out.

「Hng, I said you can’t… M-My place there… is forbidden… Hyaan!」

While enjoying the touch of the fur, he squeezed it tightly and press it in turns from the base to the tip of the tail.

Chateausea struggles, but it is funny each time her hips react. It is a strange sight, but he can understand her emotions from her shaking condition. Right now, her stiff buttocks is raging.

But still, is she getting used to the stimulation?
He can hear her gasping and rough breathing sound.

Seeking oxygen, her white abdomen stretches and contracts, repeating her sensual breath.

If he does not continue to torture her, the Zero Force will appear. When he escape, he will get drunk from the Perfect-Potion’s effect, and he will not be able to move properly.

「Uhh… Ah.. I, will, kill… Hng… You… Ahhh!」

Her curses are meek.
Even when he caresses her tail―― Deliberately making a sound, he slithers his tongue as he traces the vulva in clockwise.
Her sad moan and the splashing sound echo inside the cavern.

As a test, he grips the tail a bit stronger, and Chateausea screamed.

「Hyaa… Ah, no, oooo!」

A clear liquid spurted out from the flesh. A line of water droplets splashed out and her beautiful buttocks trembles remarkably. The obscure and narrow hole, the vulva closed and opened, her buttocks tightened. Her inside contracts strongly.

After a while―― her thigh’s relaxed, and her buttocks soften as well.

Shouji turned his face away quickly, so he was able to avoid her squirt.

Chateausea seems to have cummed.
Even though her ass and legs hanged powerlessly, just the twitching of her pussy was enough evidence.

The clear water droplets dropping like drool from the her meaty secret place aroused his lust.

「Fwaah… Ahh…」
「I think it’s about time」
「Fuhe… W-Wha… Ah, uh, What is it? Uh… A hard… R-Rod?」

He pulled down her underwear and rubbed his erected rod against her buttocks. When reaching the center, it makes a sound of water splashing. It is dripping wet nicely. He held his rod with his fingers to sink the glans in. The tip shakes and her secret place opens up. Her vulva had become hot and ready to welcome a man.

Her hips was stuck in the rock walls, and being fixed, it seems easy to penetrate her.

「What? Mnm… Something, that…Fwaaaah!?」

He inserted his hard rod into her hole.
After he had buried the tip, he noticed that there was a strong resistance. He pushes through the obstruction that rejects the foreign object with all the strength of lower body in one go.

He slams his hard waist at Chateausea’s soft crotch. There was the dry sound of their crotches hitting each other.

A thin muffled voice was heard.

「Hyaaa… Uwaa… Ahhh… Did you… Insert a rod… Into… My stomach…? Hyaa… Ahhhhhh」
「You could say that it’s a rod」

After finishing penetrating her deeply in one go, Shouji muttered languidly.

Fresh blood is slowly oozing out from the vagina that entwined his penis and joint.

He had expected this, but she was an inexperienced person.
Being buried in a landslide and not being able to see a thing.

Perhaps, she does not even know what is happening to her body.

「I’m violating you」
「Fuwa, uhh… Eh? No way? D-Don’t tell me… We are mating? W-Why? Hyaaa, uh, uhhh, don’t move!」

It seems that she understands. Otherwise, it would not be interesting.

He has a plan to pin down, satisfy and drive this woman he hates crazy. Like love, hatred is also a strong emotion. When directed            , it becomes the essence of pleasure and enjoyment.

「Hyaaa! Ah, ah, ahh――!」

However, the first thing to do is to familiarize her with the pleasure. Shouji thrust deeply to break her hymen, but decided to torment her vulva where the nerves were most concentrated. He pull her secret place with the angle of his jaw, thrusting in and out the slimy and shallow area closely while being careful to not let his glans slip out.

「Fuwaaa… Ahh… S-Somehow, you, are so stupidly good… Really, stop!」
「Well, I will torment you carefully, so enjoy it」
「Stupid! As if…. I can enjoy when being raped! Fwaa, stop, somehow, it feels strangely good, hyaaa, so, please stooop… Haaa, fuwaaa!」

She is being honest, perhaps because she is stupid. She has charm.
When the woman he embraces responds well, it arise his motivation. He carefully rubs the mucous membrane of her vagina. It is boring if the pattern is the same, so he thrust at different angles under her butthole, at the bottom of her stomach, and on her left and right.

Apparently, Chateausea likes to be thrust deeply.

She gasp and moan when he rubs her deep womb.
He aim and focus on tormenting it. When he gouged out the inner wall with his penis, Chateausea shouted with emotions and tried to move her buttocks to the side. He grabbed her hips to keep her from escaping.

「Fuwaah… It’s good, what is it, is this… That?… No, p-please forgive me, it’s really, a-a dangerous feeling… Because I feel like I’m going crazy…!」

Since he started it, there is no way he can stop now.
It feels so good that it burns his brain. The hot and steamy shameful meat is so wet, he likes to see the love juice leaks out in response when he thrust her.

Chateausea lewd hole is worth pounding.
The potion effect doubles the sensitivity, so even a single thrust will cause her sensitive vaginal to tighten.

Visually, all he can see is a woman’s lower body, but her bare buttocks are as shiny as an orb.
It is not glamorous, but a delicate girlish body of her age.

When he think that he is raping a noble woman, it is a wondrous thing of it’s own.

「Noo… Something, weird, is coming again, so please stoop… Nooo! My head is going crazy… P-Please forgive me!」

The merciless piston movement is gouging Chateausea’s vaginal inside. She probably feels her innocent mind is being tainted by being thrust violently and climax. For Shouji, she is so girly that even flower are put to shame and only feel pleasant.

「Then, I will come too」
「Fuwaa!? Uwaaa, the thrust… has become stronger, hwaa… Hya, I concede, please stop with the seed! A-Are you stupid! Stop, don’t thrust so rough! What do you think of my stomach?N-No, stooo―― I w-will definitely kill you!」

After he scares her, he then slams his hips hard.
He plays with her hot and wet vagina, stopping to stimulate pleasure into her and wanting to spit out his desires. That is how much he was drowned in Chateausea’s beautiful body.

Come to think of it, she is an enemy, but she is not a target of his hatred.
He was hurt, but he can pretend it never happened after this sex.

「Hiiu…Uh! Ah! Ahh… Ah, ah, ahhh…!」

His penis that keeps coming back and forth continues to gouge and pound her soft vaginal meat. His breath gradually becomes faster. Intercourse wastes his stamina. Even though he knows that, he could not stop.

His hips itched as he moved it mindlessly. He is about to ejaculate.

Chateausea was in tears, from her tone, she had lost her strength, and maybe she had reached orgasm several times during this time. Her protruding buttocks are also loose, drooping listlessly.

When he slapped her buttocks with his palm. her vagina contracted tightly. She is still alive.

It is about time he spill his load.

He puts on a spurt. Accelerates the movement of his hips. Perhaps, she sensed the man seed about to pour into her, Chateausea’s buttock bounces, her thighs leans inside and she tries to escape somewhere, but it is a waste of effort since she had become a glory hole.

「Here I come」
「Ah, ah, ah.. Ahhh――!」

White juice gushed vigorously from the glans of his meat rod.
Of course, while he thrusts deep into her vaginal wall. Semen splattered inside her vagina.
The man’s liquid flowed through her small cervix into Chateausea’s innocent place, then to her unspoiled womb.

He poured a lump of desires into her and gave her one last thrust.

This is to tightly pour the remaining semen in his urethra into the her womb.
When it hit her hips, Chateausea seems to felt the release, then screamed.

「Hiya… Ah. no way… In my stomach… Uh, it’s warm… A-Are you planning to make me pregnant?… Uhh, it’s still trembling… It’s coming out… Y-You idiot!… W-what are you going to do i-if I pregnant…?」
「It’s not like I’m the one that give birth」
「Hiik, you demon…!」

After he let everything out, the ruthless Shouji pull his hips and pulled out his penis.

He take out a handkerchief from the back pocket of his trouser to clean his penis that get wet with the body fluids.

After holding it in his hand, he hesitated for a moment―― but then, he wipes Chateausea’s wet lips first, as he always did with the women he held in his arms. Remains of virgin’s blood and semen spurted out of her vagina.

He then wiped himself and sat down a little further away from the spot.

He leaned back against the rock wall and rested. he played too much even though he had just fought.

It was about ten minutes later. Just as he thought the girl’s sobbing voice had vanished, the rock wall crushed with a thud. A cloud of dense brown smoke rose up from the ground. Chateausea, who was in a state of shock, seemed to have finally remembered her Zero Force.

The potion effect that made her lustful also disappeared.
Her Majesty, the noble Beast King was back to normal.

Her back straightened, and her cold golden eyes shines with vitality. Her lower body, with her private exposed was not hidden and unbalanced.

She swung her hand diagonally and a trail of divine energy formed in the air. The aura blade that could even cut divine armor and iron could cut Shouji easily.

「Now then, do you have any explanation?」
「We are being buried alive. We are stuck, so fighting is meaningless. I think it would be better to work together to get out of here first」

Chateausea stood imposingly and put a thorny, angry look on her face.

Shouji, who raised his exhausted face, explains the situations plainly and calmly persuading her to work together.

It was not something he should have said after he raped her though.

 ※ ※

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