Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 27 – The End of Aerial Battle

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「So, you’re saying that drinking zombie potions will turns you into a living corpse?」

Lorelei brushed the top of the coffin off with her hand, sat down and crossed her legs, while carefully try not to get her long skirt dirty.

If the thing that sleep beneath her buttocks are the dead, then it should be impolite, but Shouji did not pay attention and rubbed his own right shoulder, while recalling the past as he continued his explanation.

「It was originally designed for surgery. It makes you lose your senses and puts you in a coma. The transformation compound is nerve paralysis. During the war, the people who has fatal wound took it and passed away painlessly and peacefully. Even those who were screaming in pain when awake would sleep. It had to be administered at regular intervals, and was named “zombie” for its gruesome, life-killing appearance. I think there was another name for it, but I forgot」
「Wait, isn’t it fine to just drink recovery-potion normally?」
「Listen, Ojou-chan. If you want to heal a fatal wound, you need a high-potion. It’s not something that can be rationed to disposable soldiers. The price of this stuff is cheap. It’s like a liquid mixture of sleeping pills and nutrients that can be used as rations for the wounded soldiers. In addition, it can be mixed with other matters. It’s often used for suicide by poisoning」

Bando, who had casually picked the rose, also felt nostalgic, then squints his eyes as he pressed his fingers against the thorns in the stem.

「Hmmm…… So, what are you going to do with these guys?」

It was fine until they enter the empty house.
Unexpectedly, Shouji who had smelled the conspiracy put his thumb on his cheek and contemplated for a while, but the answer was clear.

「We should consider that there must be a reason for all of this, but…… We are bandits, to hell with the landlord’s situation. A young woman is a great asset. Of course. we’re going to steal it」
「Ehhh, a large kidnapping and sex slave route? I don;t like that kind of thing」
「…… It’s a way to make money. Let’s see. I’ll let them off with about a million dollars a head. If they can’t pay, I’ll get them to borrow money from the loan shark, or I’ll get them into the nightlife business…… But, if they really don’t like it, then I will push them down to the bottom of this 『Ghost Road』and return them」

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A phenomenon similar to that scene was unfolding in front of her. A group of wraiths formed a dot in the air, became a torrent and squirms around into a black shadow.

With the sound of bones clattering and creaking, the group dancing in the air became a swarm and turned into a huge tsunami. They made a buzzing sound of insect wings and tried to swallow her up. If she touch them, she will probably die. Her vitality will be sucked out and she will become a dried up corpse.

「Get out of my way!」

She rotated her hips and shot a double barrage kicks―― Crushing the muddy streams of death with the power of her『Karma Leg』. Many skeletons that had taken the human forms were crushed by the pressure of the air layer that has been distorted and shot out. It was Leschia’s special skills to manipulate gravity, but somehow she was able to put the power on both legs and send them flying in the designated direction.

So, strictly speaking it was repulsion―― But, she kind of thought it was a manifestation of her personality that she must live freely.

Anyway, it was no problem to smash the enemies.

Freed from the weight’s restriction, she was as quick as a gale.
She can put violent pressure on her opponents and kick them to death.

「『Heat Out!』」

The extreme flame magic that the magician Sheila’s chanted, exploded.
The raging fires rushed through the gaps between the houses. The ghost magicians chants in unison and formed a shining magical light’s barrier. In the fierce battle of colliding force fields, the low-grade undead were burned to a crisp

In the Haunted Land just a few meters below her feet, the number of the dead being supplied continues to increase one after another. The members of 『Torch The Blade』who have rushed to the scene are fighting back, but the troublesome things are the heroic spirits.

There are several tough guys.

They might be weaker than when they were alive, but there are some magicians and Guardian Bravers who have reached the depths of their own secrets.

It was still too much for Kielnir to bear, so she had to deal with them herself.


A ghost knight on horseback―― No, perhaps a centaurus.

She barely dodged a gust-like blow from the two long spears. It is as tall as the knight’s riding on horseback. Around three meters. It also has wings to fly in the air, but since ghost is able to levitate by nature, it was meaningless.

It is a heavy knight with armor albeit only on the upper-half, but it’s lower-half is a majestic warhorse.

「Beelzeboard, the『Unity』」
「Hmm, yeah…… Leschia, the『Karma Leg』」

She did not expect it to introduced itself , so when she introduced herself back, she heard the sound of hooves stomping the ground. Perhaps it was because her awareness of the dead had increased. Or was it because they were getting closer to the real world? It’s figure was transparent, and it’s voice was still faint, but it was the voice of an old and austere man.

The crest of the knight was engraved on his chest.

It looked familiar. It was not something that should not be seen at this place. The Order of Holy War awarded only to Guardian Bravers or Holy Knight.

The were no fingers on both of his arms―― They were integrated into the long spears.

He has the appearance of an inhuman demon, but he is probably a human. He does not have the ominous feeling of a ghost.

From below, she could hear the roaring sound of violent magic and the sound of sword fights.

She turned to see if she could find an opening to go help, but the struggling group members understood the hard fight then forms a defensive line and retreats slowly. They are at a disadvantage. In any case, there is no way to stop the endless stream of enemies that will spring up no matter how many they defeat. They cannot even find Alistia, the caster, because she’s been swallowed by the dead.

The demi-human knight who confronted her was also an existence she could not afford to lose her focus.

There’s a lot of leeway in his appearance, and even though he is translucent, he have style.

「Can I ask you a question? I don’t think this amount of dead people can be resurrected…… What do you think about that?」
「This is the Haunted Land. The structure was planned in order to open the door to nirvana. The bereaved may have made it easy for us to pass on, but we became the vengeful flower. We can call our subordinates on the other side」

She did not expect him to answer, but his voice was unexpectedly intelligent.

He even made a gesture as if to check the other ghosts, perhaps to bring them into a one-on-one situation.
In fact, the demi-human knight had shot some of the ghosts during his rush. Perhaps he was just indifferent.

「So, it means there are legions that follow the heroic spirit’s charisma」
「Yes, there are」

If their revival is a faint hope, then there might be those who wish to revive the hero when they were alive.
It is not a surprising story.

「Then, Do you really want to come back? You used to be a Guardian Bravers too, right? Don’t you have any pride?」
「I was just observing the situation. Moreover, the situation have changed since a moment ago. You don’t have to worry about it, soon enough, those who have poor judgement will return to the darkness」
「The treasure has been stolen and the Demon Lord is approaching. I’m just warming up with you conveniently. It’s been a long time since I have been able to appear in person…… Just one more time, I want to challenge the King while there is still time left…… Therefore, please forgive me」

It is a nasty poltergeist.

She do not know what he is saying, but it seems he is trying to challenge her to a fight even though she have nothing to do with him. Even the onlooker’s spirits were appearing too, so she felt the chaos deepening even more.


The demi-human knight, who raised a shrieking cry, turned to the side and ran in a floating manner.
For a moment, she thought he was trying to escape, but she was wrong. This is because they are in the air, mixing high and low, while circling with turbulence, then closes the distance.

This is a run-up.
He was planning to increase his speed and unleash a blow that would increase his momentum.

Leschia, sensing this, could not help but move.

She could not just stand still and receive the literally a man and a horse, lance attack. She search for contact point mutually while rushing in the same way.

Just one match could decide the junction between life and death. While keeping an eye on her opponent, Leschia ran as she prepare the flying kick technique. When she direct the pressure of the『Karma Leg』that has become a single mass―― The hard spear was swung with a bang, and the hero’s strength was pierced.

A jelly-like object was created at the tip of the spear, but the spear was turned down and dropped to the ground.

The place where it fell was a house, and it crumpled and collapsed.
It had not lost its power. It was just taken in and then thrown away.

「So that’s the『Unity』!」

This mean he can attach anything he want as he please.

If that is the case, those hands and lower body―― She cannot even imagine it. The other side is an enemy. Killing her emotions, Leschia faced the large figure head-on. The difference in height was twice as great. Just the miasma and the tyranny of the monster struck her skin. The momentary meeting did not even last a second in the real world.

Two pairs of spears wrapped in a storm were thrust out diagonally from above. A trinity instant death attack formed with charging power, strong arm and horse physical strength. It pierced Leschia’s light armor and pressing hard in order to kill her. The woman’s soft bosom is about to be breached by the exquisite, unhindered spear movement.


Leschia slipped downward smoothly.
It is not like he was weakening. And it’s not like she had reserve defensive body movement too. Her muscles did not even move, but Leschia slid under the horse’s legs to get behind the demi-human knight.

Pressure manipulation―― A special skill that moves her body with almost no movement.

The secret technique true form is nothing special.
It was just a matter of applying pressure to the golden legs shell and pulling the body.


She kicked the defenseless back and slammed the demi-human knight against the rock wall. The demi-human knight was thrown away like a rubber ball and buried inside the rocks, he moved his helmet creakily in his final moment and looked at the floating Leschia, but then his head snapped off.

「I’m sorry. I’m really good at aerial combat…… I was called Earth Deva too. Well, I’m sure that uncle was caught off guard by the fact that I’m just a young girl. By the way, if you lose your focus, You will float while you’re asleep, and if you’re not feeling well, you’ll have to sleep with weights on, so it’s tough」
「Yes, yes!」

She thought the call was a call for help, so she raised her voice and when she looked down, the stone city had almost completely collapsed. In the burning field, the group members were waving their hands and calling her out. The large number of wraiths that should have been there was dwindling, and the ghosts were returning to their own whirling gates.

It was like a lie that the place had been swarmed by them.

Leschia turned on her legs and landed with a thump.

Ahead, the three vanguards, including Ludophine, were still fighting the skeletal soldiers, but they were in a lull. A sobbing Sheila came crying from the side. The pointy-hat magician complains with teary eyes,

「I though I was going to die, you know, for real…… My master’s master was there, too. I burnt them all to a crisp…… I’m so damned, I can’t visit their graves anymore」
「Yeah, right. I defeated about three of my seniors too, so we are in the same boat. Well, the number has decreased greatly, why?」
「I don’t know. They suddenly disappeared like a receding tide」

Kielnir, who was sweating, took a rough breath and held the neck of the ghost that had been killed, but suddenly raised his voice. The decapitated head he was holding had disappeared. He dropped his shoulders in disappointment. He is still a child. He was probably trying to show off his loot.

「…… Commander, Priest-san, was shaken」

The party’s collector, a girl in a jumpsuit named Zooey, points a dagger at her.
There was Alistia, still surrounded by the ghost, with her hands on her face and her eyes wide open. Her mouth was trembling, she stared at Leschia and the others with doubt and suspicious eyes, but then she lightly flew towards the crypt with ten wraiths still around.

「Chase her!」
「Commander, you’re too fast!」

Ignoring the screams of the group members, only Leschia ran like a bullet.
She can fly as well. It is a little faster than running, but she did not walks down the stone stairs, but glides down.

She should have defeated Alistia at all costs.

Failed to do so would result in tragedy.

The magnificent crypt’s door opened up. Colored stained glass and a vaulted hall. Faded but detailed ornamental pillars and a list of praying saints statues.

The iron doors leading to the back of the hall were opened. It is a large door, wide enough for a group to move through.

As Leschia, who was running through the air, finally caught up with Alistia’s back, they were both taken aback by the inappropriate scene and stood there, forgetting the situation.

It is because three man and a girl were covered in mud for some reason pushing a magic machine with all their might.

「Not good, Stark! We’ve been found out! Hurry up!」
「The thing we dragged is heavy! Push it! Push it! Yeaaaaaah! Once we climb up, it’s all ours!」

The sound of motor resound sharply.

The caterpillars track that had been chewing on the rocks began to rotate―― dozens of coffins, bound with ropes and arranged in vertical rows, disappeared one after another beyond the hole in the ground. A number of human arms protruded from the edges of the coffins, probably because people had been packed up inside.

「Y-You guys! What are you doing!? Ha, y-you are…… Street Braver Quikk-sama…… Ah, I see. It seems you knew my plan from the beginning…… That’s why you came from behind like this! 」

Alistia, whose eyes had been wide open at the very-unusual scene, remembered her anger. She shouted angrily, and the man in the leather jacket―― The sickly-eyed Shouji turned around, found Leschia standing there, he groaned「Ugh」and pulled his chin back, then tried to reply confidently while rising his voice.

「Hmm, ah, eh? wh, wha-…… O-Of course. I’ve known everything from the beginning, you know?」

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