Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 17 – Connection Power That is Being Tested

Healing magicians appears one after another in a church that worships the creator.

Originally, in the church, it is a custom to go to the field as a『Nameless Healer』for a training journey, but from the society they are being treated as if a handyman had come.

There are also events when expressing their gratitude at the church’s gate on the fixed day, the moment they straighten their back and leave, they may even be forcibly captured by several solicitors waiting in ambush.

There is a wide range of people who perform students hunting from the army and hospital personnel, city doctor assistance, to adventurer’s parties, so even after leaving from the church, they have no problem at work.

The boys and girls who were educated and trained as talented people lived under strict discipline without forgetting their innocence, thus more or less they were able to withstand even the harshest environments, so they were top-notch human resources.


The church at Error Knife Town was no exception and was involved in this year’s talent competition.

The room at the inner right of the chapel―― In the office, a girl was fed up by a bunch of invitations letter sent by Royal-Priests who holds the highest rank.

Her name is Rosariel.
She was a young woman at the age of 35, she wears an over-decorated Shinto-priest robe based on light pink.

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「Fuahhh…… Moisture, I do not have enough moistureee」


Despite she have healing magic―― Even if she have the healer’s sacred magic, it cannot prevent aging.

Rosariel’s worries were that she could not give up her personnel to the solicitee who have received a large donation.

The church is made up of donations, the official is an offering to God―― But naturally, the destination is assigned for operating expenses and living expenses.

「What should I do, Aramie? Everyone lacks training, there is not enough love for me, and recently Gunnel announced a new bag, so I want to buy it」

Rosariel complained with a sticky face on her desk.

She is a Royal-Priest who is the highest priest among the healers, but she has no dignity.

「Please calm down, Rosariel-sama. Let’s pick up another talented child from the orphanage」
「It takes 10 years to fully become an an adult. Even if I bring one under my personal care and raise him into a handsome man with great pains, I will only be told rubbish things like『I can only see Rosariel-sama as a mother』, at least call me Onee-san, okay?」
「It is not good. Besides, all the boys in the church say they like me, a young elf with eternal beauty」

Both of them glare at each other with a look that will cool even centennial love.
The mutual prey is slightly covered.

However, even if they glared at each other, the the problem was not solved, they turned their face away and cleared their throat.

They pull theirselves together and continue the discussion.

「Let’s send Alistia to 『Ghost’s Trial Road(Ghost・Road』」
「That girl, eh. Isn’t it a bit problematic?」

Alistia is excellent among the『HealerHelaer』, but her personality is a bit―― No, there is something very strange with her, she is a girl who could not go out in church.


Aramiel had already thought every possible things she could think of to get rid of the trouble, but it would still be insufficient to put it to test.

「It is fine if she could defeat about 30 wraiths. Raise the spirit medium, and when she come back, it means she is graduating」
「Just she alone? She is going to die…… They will surrounded her in no time, you know」

It is a terrible story for one person to go against something that usually take a party of five to take on.

Although it is an important test for a priest to be tested for their ability and to be regarded as a full-pledged person, no one have ever heard of doing it solo.

「Then, it means we worked hard for the believers, right? Besides I was trying to make a full-pledged person, okay」
「Yes, indeed, right. Then, let’s do it like that……」

The priest-apprentice who is about to get killed by these two heartless old woman rarely appears, but Aramiel arranges it inside her mind that it is also the God’s calling.

She have no strength or support to defy the God.

The poorer the child is, the more God wants to put it on its knees.

 △ ▼ △

The Adventurer’s Guild is expected to serve as a work place.

Although demon beast’s extermination is a main, but if asked, they could also do bodyguards-like job such as acting as a substitute for transport guards.

Parties that mainly intrude into ancient ruins to look for treasures are secretive, and they do not openly talk about it.


In general, ways to make a living as a professional is to extract fur, hard scales, edible meat, oil, blood, internal organs etc and distributes them to the market to make money.

Some materials can be sold at high prices, and in order to extract them fresh processing skill is also required, so there are few parties that have tanners.

When Shouji visited the Adventurer’s Guild for the first time in a while, the air in the room was clouded by the smells of those who had been drinking since daytime and the smoke of cigarettes flutters on the ceiling.

Long tables are lined up, and peoples talk with their friends as they pleases. Their attires are leather and metal but some are from scales. There is no unity in their appearances, which gives an impression of a mercenary group that gathered together.

Some veteran dressed in old-fashioned armor, and there are some fools who hangs treasured swords that will never be used to show off.

When the baby-faced receptionist, Lyril , who had been around for a long time saw Shouji’s face, she immediately understand that he is an uninvited guest, and was secretly pushing the emergency bell.

「Good morning. Today is a good day, right」
Hidaruma Yarou-san(Jumping Fire), you are banned here, you know. Did you mistaken it for an underground guild?」
「I thought it was about to get cold soon」

Although the registration was deleted because of bad behavior, but the grave sin of killing an aristocrat was stuck like a permanent stain.

Two years have passed since then. Somewhere he thought that many people had forgotten about it, but it did not work that way.

「No, please do not worry. You are banned forever. We do not accept troublemakers」

Shouji sank down at the receptionist who drove her hand away as if chasing out a stray dog.

「The situation is different today. I’d like to explain nvertheless」
「Hey, security guard, it is hereee」


The receptionist called in two guild knights wearing armor.
They appeared from the back room by the call bell.

The knights with no facial expressions, was wrapped completely in magical silver armor including the head.
A noisy clattering noise comes from the joint and is getting closer.

Shouji shrugged his shoulders and greeted them.

「Yo, Toy Soldier-san. Don’t tell me you want to chase the polite me out?」
「Please leave」
「Do not make us use the rough way」

The business-like words are relentless and does not let you say anything.

It is a correct way to deal with the sly fox adventurers.

「Well, I’m in trouble now. Please look at my chest for a moment. I wonder if you, illiterate and uneducated people, understand something?」

As the public gathered, Shouji showed off the silver badge shamelessly

The guild knights in white silver armor seemed to find the correct answer in their knowledge and shuddered.

The receptionist has a doubtful face, and the adventurers who decide to act as the spectators only watch over from the distance.

Shouji caresses his chin as if he were stepping on just like an arrogant officer.

「To be rude to His Majesty’s servant means is…… It is a complete rebellion, right. It seems I have to report it to the ministries」
「Please excuse us」
「We will talk to the top」
「I need rum to heal this broken heart. Ah, don’t just walk around. Run!」

The guild knights who was walking sluggishly, disappeared to the inside with its fake rugged appearance.

The receptionist Lyril stared blankly at guild’s gold signboard and the disappearing fearful enforcers.

「Be obedient. I’m a great officer, you know. Look at this badge」
「I-it’s a lie! The history worst Street (Street)Corner Hero(Braver)es was being appointed again!」
「But it’s not a lie. Rest assured. I will give you a lot of appreciation for oppressing me. I can at least make you dance naked, you know?」
「I-if that being the case…… I-I will quit」
「Are you sure? Is that truly all right? Do you know the unemployment rates of Error Knife?」
「Damn! What a garbage bastard you are!」
「You guys too, don’t think about going against me. If I am willing to, I can even deregister you as an unsuitable explorer」

The men who tried to stand up for the weak maiden’s predicament driven by chivalrous spirit turned their face away all at once.

Nobody wants to endanger their now peaceful life with trivial things. They do not want to be involved in unnecessary troubles at workplace.

Shouji nodded with satisfaction at their lambs-like attitude.

The truth is he is nothing more than consignor for Holly, an end official, but the title of an official was more effective than he expected.

When it comes to the actual story.
The feasible things Shouji can do as the『Archeologist’s Assistant』is that he can ban a part of the dungeon by protecting cultural properties or finding fault with them, but he is free to mix truths with lies.

From the Guild’s standpoint, in the unlikely event of real harm, it will incurs a large amount of loss.

The dungeons and ruins that the adventurers go to are the property of the nation, and are extremely weak to public authority because of the intermediate exploitation position they have to obtained the search license.

「Here’s your rum」

One of the guild knight brought a tray then bent his back and presented a glass cup with courtesy.

Shouji received the amber glass and drank it while being delighted.

「It tastes pretty good…… I’d be happy if you could serve me a drink every day when I come」
「It feels great. Until now, I used to be treated like a louse, but now I want to come here every day. I may preach with something I don’t understand well, but please excuse me」
「What happened to your inside? Isn’t it embarrassing to wear white armor that is like a scallop? If it were me, I will commit suicide because of shame」
「From today I will call you Cream Stew Knights. Are you happy? Say that you are happy」
「I am happy」

Shouji hit the shoulder of a robotic guild knight who fulfills its duty, he looked around in good mood, and looked at the receptionist who was sitting while grinding her teeth.

「Oi oi, our guild receptionist Lyril-chan isn’t smiling at all. Does she not have any professional sense? She is not educated at all. Oi, smile quickly!」
「Ha, hahihi…… hihii」

She was angry but made a smile effortlessly, she distorted her face and showed a fierce look.

Her facial muscles move in various ways that he suspect there is a caterpillar under her skin.

Seeing the ugly face where the beauty is shattered, even Shouji regretted it for going too far, so he put the glass on the tray.

「Yosh, I will stop making fun of you, so please write my registration certificate」

An adventurer’s guild registration certificate is also a permit to accept request.

Also, when buying and selling goods in the town market, it is possible to go through official distribution channels, and also take part in managing the number of demonic beasts and rare animals.

In addition to these, there are also the rights to enter the property of another person and also to take out property insurance specified by the guild.

Medical insurance is huge in famous places.

Usually, you pay stupidly expensive money to the『Healer』to heal your body, and a small amount can be covered by insurance.

Even for Shouji, he was happy because there are privilege of being able to purchase the potions at the official town market at a discounted price.

Normally, the rank starts from the lowest E-rank, but he forcibly squeezed into the highest S-rank.

Shouji, who has not made any achievements and has done nothing at all, has become a leading figure in the Adventurer’s Guild which is a special meal that is granted only to upper rankers―― he was eating free meals elegantly.

「This…… Is really good」

Shouji kneaded the silver badge on his left chest and thanked Holly for her political power.

She probably would not like this form of gratitude, but nonetheless he was grateful.

He never thought that he could reverse his position so far.

The connection power of a noble lineage is a great thing.

Shouji who was eating food and drinking alcohol with a frantic look, felt completely better and was forgetting what he should doing by coming here.

While carelessly thrusting the meat balls with a fork, he watch the people around him.

It’s the same as the liveliness of the Underground Guild, but there is no dark shadow peculiar to the rogue.

From the bottom of his heart, he enjoy drinking with each other.
It is comforting while leaving tension behind, and he do not have to be afraid of being caught by a group of guards.

He opened the handed leather adventurer certificate.
The large S character, affiliation and name are written, and it can also be used as a substitute for identification.

「In the past, I only made it up to B and was forced to quit……」

He was in the Adventurer’s Guild for a short period of 2 to 3 months after he was released from prison.

He did not want to be an adventurer so much that he was craving for it, but he is disappointed by the fact that it is returned to his hand easily. Also, there is a possibility that it will be rejected, but this time it has been authorized by the the government.

If he do not overdo it too much, it might be turn out well.

That being said, he no longer want the everyday life of walking the bloody roads and smashing monsters deep in the cave while being in scratches.

He love fighting, but no matter how wonderful a hero is, he might fall from the stairs, hit his head, and die.

It is a given that it is easier to eat and sell expensive potions.

Even so, it is not bad to know the current state of the organization called the Adventurer’s Guild by relying on old connections.

When he walks up to Liryl and asks for permission to view the register lists, she put herself on guard and puts a huge amount of register books on the reception desk with a bam.

She pointed out to look it up himself with her eyes, but Shouji pointed at the badge on his chest.

Lyril who succumbs to the pressure, bites her lips frustratingly.

「I want to know what is going on with Uruud The Skinner and the Melody Sword Desmond」
「Yes yes…… Let me see, both of them are members of 『Jupiter Rock』. Desmond-san died a year ago while diving into an undersea dungeon. Urood-san is still active」

Lyril, who turned the faded pages over and read the explanations with a sticky note, responded practically.

The death of an acquaintance, even if only used to business gave Shouji a light shock.

He decided to visit the grave and go for a drink if he have a chance later.

「Tell me about the color scheme of the communication stone at Uruud’s House. I want to contact him」
「I cannot tell you because it is personal information, but we have message service. Although there is a charge」
「……All right. The message is like this : Uruud. It is Quikk. I want to talk about mutually beneficial business. If you are interested, let’s meet at the guild on the weekend」
「It is received. It is none of my business, but『Jupiter Rock』is a union with a stronghold and the master is a noble person. I do not think it is good to make them be your opponents」
Ojou-chan, listen to me. The people who gather under the saint are not saints. Anyone can cast a shadow if exposed to the sun」
「Uwaaa, that’s stink」

Lyril, who pinched her nose, made a gesture to shake off the smell.
Shouji stretches his upper body gently while keeping calm.

「I will rape you someday」
「I will bite off you dick, okay」

Lyril’s mental strength was about twice that of ordinary people.

She deliberately ring both of her chattering teeth, Shouji felt horrified at her courage and remembered the fear of being a man, then turned his heels around quickly.

Because she had a flawed pair of protruding tooth, so sometimes he imagined of being stuck.

When he returned to the chair like a loser, someone was sitting next to his seat.

Even though it was a table seat that no one had come to until a while ago.

「Hellooo, Shouji」

The soft greeting was pleasant to the ear.

Her age is about 20 years old.
She wears a golden shining bellows instep, but her upper body is a man’s jacket. From her hard appearance, it can be seen that the blade-proof fiber is woven.

Her shoes had wheels and were decorated with feathers, but the tip was sharp and the bottom was reinforced with metal.

Her hair is blond but brighter than Percibell, and it leans towar the side tail.

「So it’s Leschia」
「It’s been a while, eh. So you come back here」

The smiling young woman’s true identity is『Karma Leg Hero』Leschia.

She is one of the Street Corner Heroes.
A living non-human demon with sacred power that runs through rugged alleys.

Although she has a slightly tight and dignified look, she is an adventurer with a reputation for being easy and friendly.

They do not usually have any interaction, so they are only acquaintance.

Shouji hear that she lives by running through dungeons to find treasures.

As expected, she is a difficult partner for Shouji.
Even though she is a chosen person, she has a disposition of not choosing glory, she is charming, but Shouji got nervous at her fearless and familiar attitude.

「How have you been? It is unusual for you to be here」
「The situation has changed」
「Should I treat you?」
「…… No, it’s fine」

He refused, but she called the waitress and ordered the sake for two people.
She only gives a wink that says do not be shy.

As far as he know, Leschia was popular.

Other adventurers, was like ants swarming with sugar, they were eager to get the beautiful mighty warrior.

Shouji was a little jealous of that scene, and his jealousy was a bitter memory like a smoldering fire.

He thought that even the same 『HeroBraver)』 would have different fortune.

In the end, as a person who was hurt in the past, he have no choice but to be expelled and disappear from the Adventurer’s Guild.

She is known as a well-known explorer.

「Sit down here. Do you have any job?」
「I have a job」
「Really? but please accompany me for a drink, okay. I am off today」
「Even if it’s not me, anyone will sit beside you if you ask」
「I want to drink with you」

An invitation to gently lift the glass.
It is not that bad if it only about to drink a glass. Not to mention that if it is a beautiful woman’s invitation, then all the more so.

Shouji mutters shortly that it was only a glass, he sat down and asked about Leschia’s current situations.

The only common topic is about adventure.

She simply talked about how she conquested some dungeons, defeated some legendary monsters, and save some towns. It is not an exaggerated story. Rather, the scene when she had a hard time was emphasized.

The tone when narrating the battle history was light and easy to hear.

If she think that she is exaggerating or making an exaggerated gesture, she will demonstrate the methods to track down monsters professionally, and the methods to mix drugs to drive away monsters.

Knowledge that Shouji did not have will spurred the conversation.

When he asked a question, she was still good to teach him carefully. He can get as much information as he want for free.

From the places for skinning raw materials, until the tools shops popular with adventurers.

When listening to her, he intend to only have a glass, but it become two or three.

When it is finished, Leschia picked the glass from the top and she gave Shouji her elbow.

「Let’s play together next time. I want to go to a proper dungeon and see you bare-handed against a Minotaur which is five times as big as yourself in a one on one again」
「Go defeat it yourself. Because you have a lot of experience fighting monsters, you must be stronger than me」
「Eeeehh, what is that. I am a cute girl, okay?」

He put the glass with a little bird. It is about time for the tide.

For potion business, Leschia is a difficult opponent to curry favour.

He know that she is a serious woman with a strong sense of justice, and is a sensible woman from the society.

In the unlikely event that the talk turned sour and becomes a battle, she will become the most difficult enemy.

He is not that much of a battle maniac that he want to fight someone of the same rank, and there is no need to. It is frightening to fight with an opponent that need to be half-dead and half-alive to be defeated.

As she have questionable position, he should keep a good distance from her.

It cannot be helped that the noble hero is her, it is good enough keep an eye out for bad things.

「Sorry, but I have work to do」
「Yeah. It is a promise to play, okay」
「Soon, okay. Next time I will treat you」
「Yeah, thank you. See you」

Her hands are fluttering. She thought it was funny and threw a kiss.

Perhaps she thought that it was too cold to just wave her hands. When he laughed out in a loud voice at her childish behaviors, Leschia was angry and perks up her shoulders.

Shouji holds his stomach and left the Adventurer’s Guild while laughing.

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